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Survivor, The Goldbergs, Black-ish & Nashville

February 4,2016

Trivia Answer: Rory and Amber were both of Lauren Graham's TV daughters.

First Fives: Elke Raskob, Mike O'Dea, Jim Carter, Dani Jackel & Karen Feldman
Honorable Mention: Kelly Rogers


Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 2.4/10.5
NCIS-CBS 2.0/15.5
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 1.8/13.1
Heartbeat-NBC 1.4/6.3
Limitless-CBS 1.3/6.7 

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
People vs. OJ-FX 1.2/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim-.9/1.8
Fixer Upper-HGTV .9/3.5
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/2.4
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .7/2.4

Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
The Flash-CW 41,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 31,000 Tweets
People vs. OJ-X 29,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD-ABC 18,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 13,000 Tweets  

For the entire episode, and probably now, for the rest of the Season, every time Jeff or anyone refers to the Chan Loh tribe, I hear CHAD LOWE. Betting now that I mention it, you'll think that's what the tribe is called too. CHAD LOWE! Okay, moving on. Debbie claimed that in addition to being in the military, being a brainiac, being the first skeleton to climb Mt. Everest blah blah blah, she was ALSO a model? A model? Really? For what? The man that makes bones for science kids to study? I can't wait for Jeff to put a clip together for the finale of all the things Debbie's claimed she's done. Very rarely do I scream foul or unfair about anything, much less Survivor game play, but I think having an NBA player as the ONLY person competing in a foul shot immunity challenge is pretty unfair. YES, I'll admit, it was close between Scott and Nick the "greek god" but still, Scott ultimately won and Gandol was sent to tribal. I hated Peter the ER doctor so I'm glad he's gone but again, a great Tribal and a great blindside. I'm telling ya people, this show never gets old! 

Second Lowe brother reference for today, Adam was trying to style his hair like Chad Lowe's hotter brother, Rob in this weeks episode of The Goldbergs. Of course he was unsuccessful, but that was the least of his awkward problems. He was bummin big time after his big break-up with Dana so did he turn to drugs, or drinking, or Rom-Com's? Nope...Adam turned to magic. Of course Bev got involved and of course she went overboard and of course she ultimately saved the day but that is Goldberg table stakes at this point. Barry's my personal favorite at this point. This week he should have been studying with his friends for the PSAT but he really just wanted to continue pursuit of his dreams to become a rapper, a ninja or my favorite a Sucesskimo (succesful eskimo). This time it was Murray who stepped in, got Barry's head on straight and saved the day. I thought Robyn Leach and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was long gone by 1980 whenever,  but in checking with Google,  I was wrong. The show was on all throughout my favorite decade. Bonus points for the song. If my friend Jonathan Karron is reading this and saw the show last night, he's a happy camper. His favorite band of all time. (I think) 

I noticed something very interesting last night during the "Black Nanny" episode of Black-ish. No matter what hairstyle Rainbow tries, she never looks GOOD. Sure there are some better than others but net/net the hair/eye combo is just a problem. I guess the horrible acting adds to it but here's the interesting part. No matter what hairstyle Zoey tries, she ALWAYS looks good. Last night they gave her pigtail pom-poms and glasses and the girl was still stunning. I know, I know I'm too critical and too superficial and judgemental. Yeah, yeah, yeah but that's how I felt. The whole Black Nanny thing irked me. I didn't like Vivian and I don't care how close anyone becomes with their Nanny, it's NEVER appropriate to get naked and take a bath in front of her. Also, add bad naked another thing I don't need to see Rainbow do again. Pretty sure the Nanny is sticking around. Not sure why we need her but maybe with Dre's parents showing up less and less the writers need another adult in the house for some reason? I say more co-worker convo. I'm still missing Charlie, but the co-worker convo is always the highlight for me. 

I thought we might get some Deacon & Rayna honeymoon action but they just went right back to work after the wedding. BORING! How does Jonathan Jackson cry so easily? Pretty sure he's cried non-stop now for 2 seasons, no? Impressive skills but it's time to move on. Unfortunately it looks like he's going to end up with Layla and I can't stand her. Finally Will Lexington got some b@lls and stood up as a somewhat proud gay man. Now if only Kenny Chesney could do the same. So here's my prediction. Nashville's going to get cancelled. Rayna and Deacon and the girls will all be just fine. Luke will reconnect with his kids, Will will find love, Gunner and Scarlett will get married, Juliette will come out of rehab and break up Leila and Avery and put her family back together and all of the stars will go out on a Nashville Music Tour this Summer before they all go their separate ways and find new projects to work on. Thoughts? I'd really like Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler in a new drama together. I still miss Coach Taylor and Tammy. I know, I know, something's wrong with me. 

-Love that Nielsen's got some competition. After the big ComScore/Adobe announcement the other day, Nielsen needed to get some big news out there. While the cross platform measurement isn't quite ready yet, they will have some interesting brand-level TV info for it's clients. We'll be able to know where consumers are viewing content. Which devices, and how long. It's a start in the right direction especially when big decisions on WHERE to spend need to be made.

-I'm a binge-er. You know it, I don't hide it. I just never realized there were so many of us. 
  • 70% of all Americans admit to binge watching TV shows
  • Binge-ers average 5 episodes at a clip
  • 46% of us subscribe to at least one streaming video service
  • 14-25 year olds spend more time streaming shows than watching them live. 
  • 53% of binge-ers stream dramas over comedies
  • 90% of viewers multi-task while watching TV
  • 19-25 year old are apparently the master multi-taskers as they usually are doing 4 things at once 
  • Only 25% of the multi-tasking has anything to do with the show they are actually watching.  

Thursday's Trivia Question: The White Shadow and SAG President, Ken Howard died yesterday at the age of 71. Ken most recently appeared in this NBC sitcom as the owner of a cable company. Name the show. RIP Ken. 

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