Thursday, March 3, 2016

Survivor, Suits & The Goldbergs

March 3, 2016

Trivia Answer: Robby the waiter knocked up Penny in Dirty Dancing

First Fives: Priscilla Paez, Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Mark Campinelli & James Gabriele

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Leifer

Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.0/12.3
NCIS-CBS 2.0/15.1
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 1.6/11.4
Super Tuesday-NBC 1.5/5.7
New Girl-FOX 1.1/2.6

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
People vs. OJ-FX 1.1/2.7
Super Tuesday-CNN 1.1/3.8
Super Tuesday-FOX News .9/5.1
Fixer Upper-HGTV .8/2.9
Haves and the Have Nots-OWN .8/2.7

Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Pretty Little Liars 73,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 51,000 Tweets
People vs. OJ-FX 34,000 Tweets
Super Tuesday-CNN 23,000 Tweets
Super Tuesday-NBC 10,000 Tweets    

Image result for tai on survivor crying cutting off head of chickenIt's literally Immunity Idol insanity on that island these days. Harder to find, but everyone still knows they exist and how important they are to get. Now, the new and improved...SUPER IDOL! Yep, that's right. If one Immunity Idol was good, two of course are better. If you find two and use them together, you can use them AFTER the votes are read! Now that is of course a game CHANGER! As Scott the NBA dude said (and I totally appreciated) "Wonder Twin Power...ACTIVATE" anyone other than me know where that was from? Bonus if you do. Poor Tai. He had to kill a chicken. He went from kissing and thanking a tree to holding down a chicken while his bro, the super hot Caleb, cut it's head off. He wept like a baby. This is SURVIVOR! I need to know how the contestants determine the clothing they are going to bring with them and be seen in for 39 days. We know Debbie is a freak but did you catch the leopard button-down? WTF is with that? Liz was voted out, I totally didn't care. I want the ER dude and Debbie gone as soon as possible. I need Caleb to win. He's just perfect in every way. I love Survivor. 

Image result for rachel on suits in wedding dressFinally it is OVER. Sure the team kept trying to find a loophole. Louis spoke to Katrina and Rachel's Dad. Harvey had Donna pull a million boxes of files out of her butt thinking that he'd miraculously pull the first one, the first time, and get the miracle answer he'd need to save Mike from prison. He thought he had an idea but thankfully it didn't work. Gibbs is a beatch. No way she'd let Mike go free. Of course Harvey was able to find the foreman of the jury in 10 seconds flat AND get him to reveal that they had found Mike "Not Guilty" because that's what can be done on this show. So Mike and Rachel were going to get married before orange became his new two-piece suit. Daddy wasn't going to come to the wedding but Jessica and her perfect white dress got him to change his mind. Anyone check out her coat with the mink sleeves? Where do you even buy something like that? When does she have time to find that dress and that coat? She lives at that office, although not for long. The wedding never happened. Mike told Rachel to finish law school, pass the bar and become a lawyer and then he got in Harvey's self driving Lexus and headed to Danbury for some alone time. Yeah...finally, Mike is in prison. Of course, since it was a Season Finale, there had to be some sort of cliffhanger. While all of the partners at Pearson Specter Litt were at the non-wedding, EVERY SINGLE employee left the firm. Just like that...gone. The gang will be back this Summer to start over. I'm guessing, they flash forward in time, Mike gets out of prison after spending the past 2 years figuring out a way that he can still be a lawyer and they all just go right back to work after the real wedding where Rachel doesn't wear THIS dress. Rachel's HOT, she needs a MUCH hotter wedding dress.
Image result for the goldbergs dirty dancing episode
Let's be honest, The Goldbergs hasn't been great for a while. It's been good, chugging a long and still providing us with our 80's references and music, but there hasn't been a great episode for a while. Until last night! They had me at Dirty Dancing but once they added in Footloose and meshed two story lines, the two dances, and gave me a baby-in-the-corner...I was done. They had it all. Adam and Murray practicing "the lift" in the water, the pink dress, the final dance, the confetti cannon and even real scenes from the movie. The best moment though was Barry attempting to recreate Kevin Bacon's angry Footloose dance in the gym. ttps://


-Hopefully the Motion Picture Academy will take notes from the Television Academy and change with the times. The Television Academy is adding an entire new category: Short Form Series. They're also increasing the amount of nominees for writers and directors. I'm not sure what the actual definition of Short Form Series is yet. I'll need to look into that a bit more, but either way it's a good move. The video landscape is changing and the Academy is changing with it. SMART MOVE

-I had to leave my house super early Wednesday morning to make my doctors appointment, so I didn't have time to check all my late night shows. Check out Part 2 of James Corden's MIllion Dollar Listing "Take a Break" segment.  Part 2 is DEFINITELY better than Part 1. If you missed Part 1, check out the blog from Tuesday.

-While it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Captain Sig Hansen, of one of my favorite shows, Deadliest Catch, had a heart attack yesterday, it's still pretty upsetting to all of us who love him. Captain Sig chain smokes and is never without a coffee. He rarely sleeps when he's at sea and to date, I've never seen him eat anything but a fish head. Get well soon Captain! The Northwestern needs you. 

-ANOTHER Dirty Dancing casting decision was announced yesterday. Sarah Hyland from Modern Family will play Baby's older sister. Anyone remember that characters name? I honestly was stuck for a minute.

-OF COURSE Netflix renewed Fuller House! COME ON no brainer! Jodie Sweetin will be pretty busy. Between filming Season 2 of Netflix and learning how to do the Two-Step on Dancing with the Stars she's not going to have much time for anything else. No idea who she'll be dancing against in a couple weeks. She's in which means all of her co-stars will be on hand to cheer her on because that's what Tanners do.

Thursday's Trivia Question: Gotta stick with the Dirty Dancing theme here. What was Baby's real name?

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