Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kelly & Michael, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the GROSSEST Deadliest Catch in a While

April 27, 2016

Trivia Answer:  The design firm on Designing Women was called Sugarbakers
First Fives: No idea...yesterday was a WWTM cluster!! I'm just giving everyone a point to celebrate the reinstatement of the blog!!!

Honorable Mention: ANDREW KANDEL for being the best and getting this thing up and running again. LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC 1.2/4.9
Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.2/3.8

The Simpson-FOX 1.2/2.7

Little Big Shots-NBC 1.1/6.8

Bob's Burgers-FOX 1.1/2.3

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Game of Thrones-HBO 4.0/7.9

Fear the Walking Dead-AMC 2.1/4.7

NBA Playoffs –TNT 1.9/4.4

NBA Playoffs TNT 1.2/3.0

Silicon Valley-HBO 1.0/1.8

Sunday's Social Media Top 5

Game of Thrones-HBO 376,000 Tweets

Nuestra Belleza Latina-Univision 58,000 Tweets

Fear the Walking Dead-AMC 34,000 Tweets

Once Upon a Time-ABC 30,000 Tweets

United Shades of America-CNN 15,000 Tweets  

Monday’s Broadcast Top 5

The Voice-NBC 2.1/9.5

Dancing with the Stars-ABC 1.8/11.6

Scorpion-CBS 1.6/8.8

Blindspot-NBC 1.4/5.7

Mike & Molly-CBS 1.3/6.9 (Why are they cancelling it?)
Monday’s Cable Top 5

Love & Hip Atlanta-VH1 1.5/2.6

NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.4/2.9

Black Ink Crew-VH1 1.3/2.2

WWE-USA 1.1/3.1

NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.0/2.5

Monday’s Twitter Top 5

WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 152,000 Tweets

Clinton Town Hall-MSNBC 88,000 Tweets

Love & Hip Hop-VH1 87,000 Tweets

Sanders Town Hall-MSNBC 83,000 Tweets

The Voice-NBC 59,000 Tweets 

Top 5 Shareable Social TV Ratings for the Week of 4/18/16-4/22/16
Game of Thrones
Today Show 
Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion-Part 2
Again, so many tears not sure my tear count is accurate, but I'm going with 11 tear "incidents" and only 1 walk out. Not counting Yolanda's exit stage left because it actually occurred last week. Kim Richards got way too much camera time and attention. I started feeling bad for Kyle but then I see her super shiny hair and nice rack and remember she spent the Summer on a yacht somewhere and I get over it. I'm pretty sure that Rinna is certifiable. I don't know if she's Bipolar, or crazy or trying to keep the ratings up, but I'm thinking it's time for Andy to dump her. Lisa Vanderpump seems like she's just had enough and I really, really enjoy LVP, Ken, mini horses, dogs, swans, teatime in the bathroom, and all of her pinkness, so Rinna needs to go. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I am. I could live without Kathrine and Eileen also. They bore me. Is Eileen deaf in one ear or not? Who forgets their hearing aid? I love Erica, Yolanda, LVP & Kyle, they must have some other friends they can suggest. Or, bring Camille and Adrienne Maloof back. One more week of this insanity left before we get a break

Deadliest Catch
Even without the new cute young Captain Sean and Captain Sig Hansen this show is still awesome. Last night everyone was on the crab except Edgar. Jake Anderson had some major engine problems but he's become an expert at handling stress, keeping us all informed and never letting the cigarette out of his mouth. How does it stay in there with all that talking and with the boat rocking above huge waves? Those are some mad skills dude! Grossest thing I've seen in a while...Captain Casey had to lance a huge zit on one of the deckhands. It was vile and yet the cameraman and I couldn't turn away. The thing had to be at least an inch above the sking and was located behind the dudes ear. We saw all the blood and puss explode out of that thing. Some of it hit Captain Casey in the face. It was nassssty! Betting ratings were up. Just know you can't turn away from a good zit squeezing! 
I'm Still Not Proud of Myself, but I Still Need to Gossip About Kelly & Michael Section
So much Kelly and Michael stuff on my mind. I know that I'm obsessed with it and it's not normal to be this obsessed, but I am who I am. I'm hoping my issues with Google get resolved soon. In the mean time. I've watched Kelly's return 3x times so far and I'm happy with every syllable that came out of her mouth. They've now released the news that Michael is leaving the show on 5/13 and not in mid-Summer as originally planned. I'm sure there's a lot more to this part of the story but it's all we know at this point. I don't know if it was a coincidence or just ironic that the first guest on today's show was from SCANDAL and the second was from BLINDSPOT and I haven't seen anyone write about this fact which leads me to believe I'm the only person who noticed. I don't know Kelly Ripa personally, but the one time I went to the show, I did meet her and she was wearing the same red shoes she was wearing today. Whether you like Kelly or not, whether you watch the show or not, you have to agree that today she did handle herself beautifully. I continue to think that if Kelly was a man the entire situation would have been handled very differently. I continue to think that Michael Strahan SHOULD have gone to Kelly's apartment and as a human, a co-worker and partner, regardless of whether they like each other off camera or not, he should have given her a heads up regardless of what the bosses said. We've ALL been there at one time or another and I'm sure that most of us have given our co-workers the respect they deserved. If you haven't, I hope this incident did raise your awareness of what communication, consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace means for you and your co-workers. I wish I could say this is the last I have to say on this matter, but knowing me…it isn't.

-On Monday, the James Corden YouTube Channel passed the 1 BILLION views mark. 1 BILLION views! I'm taking credit for some of those. Not just my views but all of yours, all of my Facebook friends, their friends, my son's friends...I gotta be good for a 126K or so. Adele alone is at 98 million, Bieber 73 million, all 16 Car Karaoke's are over the 10 mil mark and 10 of those are over the 20 mil mark. Congrats James Corden. Hope to see you at the Upfronts and get your thank you personally!!!

-Another show getting an after show...BBC's new Matt LeBlanc Top Gear, but those Brits are clever...very clever. Instead of calling the show AFTER Gear or even AFTER Friends...they're going with EXTRA Gear get it? Instead of 5th speed...there's 6th. My husband's a car guy, he'll appreciate this. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: From the cards again...Rules of Engagement & Nashville. Who's son starred in both of them? What is the actors name?

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