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Survivor, The Goldbergs, Black-ish & Nashville

May 12 2016

Trivia Answer: What do Rachel Green, Buffy Summers, Alice Hyatt, Joey Potter, Carla Tortelli, Roseanne Conner, Max Black and Penny all have in common?They were all waitresses!!!
First Four: He Who Shall Not Be Named, Karen Feldman, Monica Caraffa & Rachel Snyder


Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.1/16.0
The Voice-NBC 1.8/9.0
NCIS-CBS 1.7/13.2
Chicago Med-NBC 1.6/8.0
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.6/7.9

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.9/4.6
Inside the NBA-TNT 1.2/2.6
NHL Semi Finals-NBC Sports .8/2.0
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.5
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .7/2.0

Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
The Voice-NBC 582,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 46,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD-ABC 24,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 19,000 Tweets
Chicago Fire- NBC 12,000 Tweets

So much for #getsitdoneat71. (love the Survivor hashtags) Joe did great...for a while. Unfortunately we've all learned an important lesson. Having an enlarged prostate AND eating meat AFTER being malnourished and dehydrated WILL get you pulled out of Survivor. Felt bad for Joe. Getting pulled when you've made it to the final 5 has got to be theeeee worst! Joe seemed to take it pretty well even though Tai had a nervous breakdown. Anyone catch that quick shot of Cydney's crazy armpit hair? It got super long, super fast. Couldn't tell if she shaved and cleaned out that car wash curtain hanging under arms during the "spa" reward. Hope they gave her a razor, those pits must of STUNK! 3 people have been pulled out of the game for medical reasons this season. That's the most in Survivor history. Changes the game big time for Cydney, Aubry, Michelle and Tai. One 2 hour episode left I think, right? OY VEY it's literally anybody's game.

The Goldbergs
I always wondered if there was a reason why Barry always wore that Philadelphia Flyers jersey aka "Big Orange." Now we know it was intentional. I had a shirt like that, mine was the Benetton white and blue rugby. I think I wore it for 4 years straight. I felt Barry's pain when Big Orange was ruined, my Benetton rugby also got ruined. Thought I was using COLOR SAFE bleach and I used regular bleach and my blue and white rugby became just a white rugby. Still hurts. Anyone know the name of the game Pops and Adam were playing? Bonus points for that one. While Barry was saying goodbye to his beloved jersey, Adam and Erica were saying goodbye to their beloved tree house and their Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys/Scooby Doo mysteries. Our Goldberg kids are growing up. Heavy sigh. 

Everyone of the Johnson's except Dre got the flu. Okay sort of a funny premise except everyone hates sick miserable people, but a sick miserable Rainbow Johnson is really crossing the line. Hey producers, pretty sure it's impossible to have 4 different hairstyles in one day especially when there was no possible chance of Rainbow getting to the salon to get the dos done! At least Charlie's still back at work and Wanda Sykes is still gone. Huge huge huge plot twist...Bow is pregnant! Really??? Isn't she a doctor? How does a doctor ACCIDENTALLY get pregnant? Let me does a doctor accidentally get pregnant with her 5th kid? Did we need a pregnancy? The show hasn't even come close to jumping the shark and yet...another baby? UGH not happy with the news guys, sorry. 

Did I call it? I believe I called it. Deacon left his AA meeting and went right for the bottle. Now, his sobriety lies in the hands of the Ben Sherman and the ABC executives. If they renew Nashville, Deacon doesn't take Rayna's call and we have to go through an entire last season for him to hit rock bottom, go back to AA and regain Rayna's trust. If ABC doesn't renew the show, Deacon takes Rayna's call and throws the bottle against the wall, stays sober and reclaims his daughter from the evil Cash. Come on Ben Sherman, just cancel the show and let Maddie see what a horrible person Cash is so she can go home and sing with her entire family on stage in the series/season finale. (and maybe at the Upfront?) We also need a few other things wrapped up. Avery needs to see that Layla's a freak and go home and kick Derek Hough out of his baby mama's bed grab Cadence and keep his cute little family together. Gunnar and Scarlett need to forget the past and move ahead as the X-EXES and Luke needs to win big for standing behind Will and supporting gay rights. It's time guys, let's be honest. Loved Nashville but it's time to say goodbye to this one too. 


-Another big cable merger/buyout whatever you want to call it. This time it's Charter and Time Warner. The FCC gave it the thumbs up. Man they've been busy lately. I guess since Howard Stern moved to Sirius they've needed something else to focus on so cable mergers are always a good diversion. 

-Kurt Sutter's first post Sons of Anarchy project, The Bastard Executioner, was a dud. Hate to say this, but I don't see the next project being much better. FX just gave the green light for a Sons spinoff about the Mayans. If memory serves there were no hot Mayans at all. Without a few hot Mayans not sure the fans will come running back. We need a hot Latino dude who reminds us all of Jax in order to motivate us for this one, right?  I think we all wanted a Sons of Anarchy PREQUEL, not a Mayans spinoff. Not sure why the FX execs couldn't just read Twitter to know what we want and give to us all. We need a hot young John Teller asap! Baby Jax!!! Awww come on guys. The people have spoken! FATHERS of ANARCHY!

-If you have TV One and you haven't caught up on Empire yet, the entire 2nd Season will run this Saturday on the network. It wasn't the greatest season in the world and Saturday is supposed to be beautiful, so I don't think you NEED to make this one a priority, but if you're interested, set your DVR, you can catch up over the Summer on a rainy weekend if we have one  

-CBS really, really should bag the upfront now that we know that Life in Pieces got a 2nd Season. I wasn't sure about this one, I think I might have been wrong. I'll try to go back and catch up on it over the Summer. A lot of you guys liked this one and you were right. It doesn't happen often, but I admit it when it does. 

Thursday's Trivia Question: What do Bobby Donnell, Ally McBeal,  Alicia Florick & Harvey Spector all have in common?

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