Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Don't even bother...I got NOTHING today

Trivia Answer: United States of Tara starred John Corbett and Toni Colette

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Michelle Katz, Joe Stella & Monica Caraffa

Honorable Mention: Caryn Vitolo

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 
100,000 Pyramid-ABC 1.7/7.9
Celebrity Family Feud-ABC 1.5/7.7
Match Game-ABC 1.5/6.6
Big Brother-CBS 1.5/5.3
Gymnastics-NBC 1.4/5.3 

Sunday's Cable Top 5
Game of Thrones-HBO 4.3/8/8
BET Awards-BET 1.9/4.5
Copa America-FS1 1.1/2.5
Silicon Valley-HBO 1.1/2.0
Isle of Jaws-Discovery .9/2.1  

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
BET Awards-BET 3,447,000 Tweets
Game of Thrones-HBO 635,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 39,000 Tweets
Tiger Beach-Discovery 22,000 Tweets
Ride with Norman Reedus-AMC 21,000 Tweets   

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Bachelorette-ABC 1.9/6.8
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.9/6.5
Olympic Trials-NBC 1.2/5.2
Mom-CBS .9/4.9
2 Broke Girls-CBS .9/4.9

Monday's Cable Top 5
WWE-USA 1.1/3.0
Bob's Burgers-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Family Guy-Adulst Swim .7/1.5
Jaws of the Deep-Discovery .7/1.6
Sharks Among Us-Discovery .7/1.5 

Monday's Social Media Top 5
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 146,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 141,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 87,000 Tweets
The Fosters-Freeform 28,000 Tweets
Black Ink Crew-VH1 22,000 Tweets  

Another horrible commute but this time I didn't miss my son's awesome game. Arrived in the 3rd inning and still got to see him get the win. We didn't get home til late. I stuck with the Yankees as long as I could and then started watching Feed the Beast but fell asleep. Not much TV at all for me. At least we have BIGGGGGG BROTHER tonight. 

-Other than Top Gear USA being cancelled, which isn't a major shocker, there really wasn't much TV news to report today either. All in all today's blog is probably my worst one in 5+ years. It happens...

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Name the award given out to movies that don't go through major studios and tend to be made with smaller budgets.  Yes, this is a theme week and yes some people have already gotten it. For those of you that have...extra points.

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