Monday, June 20, 2016

I chose Game 7 over Game of Thrones. What'd you do?

Happy Belated Father's Day to all the WWTM Dad's out there. Hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday! 


Trivia Answer: Patrick Dempsey starred in Gray's Anatomy & Can't Buy Me Love & Enchanted among others.

First Fives: Elke Raskob, Monica Caraffa, Chuck Chiocco, Caryn Vitolo & Rachel Snyder
Honorable Mention: Andrea Jody

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
NBA Finals Game 6-ABC 6.3/16.8
NBA Countdown-ABC 3.5/10.2
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 2.7/9.0
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.4/6.8
Life in Pieces-CBS 1.1/5.1

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Copa-FS1 .9/1.8
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.5
Big Bang Theory-TBS .6/1.8
WWE Smackdown-USA .6/2.0
Flip or Flop-USA .6/2.0

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
WWE Smackdown-USA 39,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central-21,000 Tweets
Orphan Black-BBC America 19,000 Tweets
Hannity-FOX News 8,000 Tweets
Beauty and the Beast-CW 7,000 Tweets  

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 6/6/16- 6/10/16
Colbert .3/2.0
Seth .4/1.4
James Corden .2/1.0
Carson .2/.8
Larry .2/.5
Conan .2/.4
OJ: Made in America
20 years ago, we all got sucked in to the OJ/Nicole drama. We got sucked in BIG TIME! The entire country was riveted by every nugget of information fed to us. We literally couldn't get enough. We all watched the trial, took her side or his, and found ourselves arguing the case with friends, family and co-workers. I remember exactly where I was when that verdict was read.  We were all so psyched for the FX mini-series, weren't we? 20 years later and we're still as obsessed with the story of OJ and Nicole as we ever were. How many hours was the FX series? 6? We loved it, though, didn't we? We all watched and talked about it all over again. You'd think we'd had enough of it right? WRONG! If you want more OJ, than I have a docuseries for you. ESPN's OJ: Made in America is amazing. This one has all the real footage, OJ's trial notes, allllll the photos from the murder scene and everyone from the trial (except Chris Darden.) It has a much more attractive Marcia Clarke and includes a very interesting racial history of Los Angeles and the LAPD and I couldn't get enough. I watched it all and I honestly think, that if I didn't have SO much on my "To Do" list, I would watch the entire series again with my husband and son. It's THAT good!

Okay, after the HUGE disappointment of HBO's Vinyl, I was really hoping that Showtime's Roadies would give me the show about the music business I was looking for. Did it? Not really. Was it as horrible as Vinyl? No. It's actually not bad, it's very watchable, but there's just something missing and I can't put my finger on it. I think what I wanted was something in between Vinyl and Roadies. I want the music biz, I want the inside scoop on the pseudo family created by being on the road, but I also want the music. The magic of the music and what that does to us all is missing. Roadies did it better than Vinyl. Granted, I only watched the pilot episode, so it's hard to make a serious judgement at this point. Remember, everyone said we had to wait until episode 4 of Vinyl for it to really get good. Problem was, none of us were willing to wait. There's just tooo much else to watch! Keep that in mind writers. We can't wait for things to "get good" we need good right away. Yes...I'm sticking with this one for now, but the verdict is definitely still out. 

Still the King 
I think this might shock you, it shocked me...I really liked Still the King. This is the new CMT show starring Billy Ray Cyrus aka Miley's dad. He's really pretty good in it. The story's a bit nutty, but it's supposed to be. Basically, Billy plays an, ex-con, musician, who's not such a good guy. He gets out of the slammer and finds out he has a 15 year old daughter and owes her Mom a ton of child support. He's burned every bridge and can't get a gig playing music anywhere. What does he do? He gets a job as a fake preacher in a church. There's way more too it though. I watched the first 2 eps and gave this one a Season Pass. Billy Ray's still got great hair and Darius Rucker had an awesome cameo as Jesus. That's all it really took. Darius Rucker as Jesus. I'm rooting for CMT. They saved Nashville and now their giving Miley's dad the spotlight again. I'm in for now. 

NBA Game 7
I'm hoping that most of you guys who were torn between Game 7 and Game of Thrones did what I did and chose Game 7. Normally, I would have been able to do both, but I went on a massive Father's Day Hike with my husband and our dogs, shopped and prepped for an awesome dinner (Rich did have to BBQ it) AND went to a Pilates class so my body just couldn't stay awake for GOT. I promise to watch today, but in the mean time, I'm in a Game of Thrones media blackout. NO SPOILERS please! 

Game 7 was awesome. As you know I was rooting for LeBron and the Cavs and it was one of the most stressful games I've watched in a long time. Aloe Blacc started us off beautifully, the arena was crazy loud, and the game really came down to the final seconds. I'll never understand how athletes are able to remain so calm and in the moment under so much pressure. They do it all the time but it's these HUGE moments with seconds to spare, the world watching, the deafening sounds they can't possibly ignore that boggle my mind. I was never a big time athlete at any point in my life so it's a feeling I've never known or understood but one I wish could be bottled up and sold. Congrats to LeBron, the Cavs and Cleveland. Fun ride last night, thanks for the anxiety without the Xanax chaser! 


-For the family doesn't read my blog. Of course I assumed they did. They tell me they do, but on Friday, I caught them all. First My Mom texted me to tell me that Curb Your Enthusiasm's coming back and I told her...I KNOW! I wrote about it in the blog. "You did? When?" Then my husband asked me if I knew Curb Your Enthusiasm was coming back"I KNOW! I WROTE ABOUT IT IN MY BLOG!!!! "You did? When?" OMG, really people??? Then, my son said, "Hey, Mom, that Larry David show's coming back, did you know that?" "OF COURSE I KNOW! I WROTE ABOUT IT ALLLLL IN MY BLOG. "I never read your blog tell me everything that's in it" At least he's honest. Nice family, I have, huh? 

Monday's Trivia Question: This week, I'll give you the catchphrase, you give me the show: "That's what she said" Name the show and an extra point for who's know for saying it.

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