Thursday, July 7, 2016

Big Brother on a Wednesday

July 7, 2016

Trivia Answer: The show I was looking for starring Marla Gibbs was 227

First Fives: Ed Ziskind, Monica Caraffa, Chuck Chiocco, Joe Stella & Michele Mullings

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.3/4.7
Celebrity Family Feud-ABC 1.1/6.2
Match Game-ABC 1.1/5.6
Olympic Trials-NBC .8/3.9
American Ninja Warrior-NBC .7/2.8

Sunday's Cable Top 5
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.7
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! .7/1.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .6/1.5
Preacher-AMC .5/1.4
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .5/1.1 

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 28,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 21,000 Tweets
Preacher-AMC 7,000 Tweets
Celebrity Family Feud-ABC 7,000 Tweets
La Voz Kids-Telemundo 5,000 Tweets  

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Macy's Fireworks-NBC 1.5/6.9
Macy's Fireworks RERUN-NBC 1.1/4.5
Boston Pops Fireworks-CBS .8/4.6
2 Broke Girls-CBS .7/3.6
Mom-CBS .6/3.8 

Monday's Cable Top 5
WWE-USA .9/2.6
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 .9/1.8
Family Guy-Adult Swim .8/1.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .6/1.2
FX Movie-FX .6/1.4  

Monday's Social Media Top 5
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 160,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta-VH1 49,000 Tweets
Macy's 4th of July Fireworks-NBC 18,000 Tweets
A Capitol Fourth-PBS 8,000 Tweets
Boston Pops Fireworks-CBS 8,000 Tweets 

Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.6/12.5
Maya & Marty-NBC 1.0/4.4
To Tell the Truth-ABC 1.0/4.3
Uncle Buck-ABC 1.0/3.2
NCIS-CBS .8/6.7 

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Pretty Little Liars-Freeform 65,000 Tweets
Scream-MTV 34,000 Tweets 
America's Got Talent-NBC 26,000 Tweets
The Haves and the Have Nots-OWN 22,000 Tweets 
iMPACT Wrestling-Pop 5,000 Tweets

Bigggggg Brother
  • Tiffnessa's really got to channel her sister if she wants to move further in the game
  • There are a LOT of green apples available to the houseguests at all times
  • Tiffnessa Tears...awwwww, chilllll out
  • SNOUTLETTTTTTT tried to ease Tiffnessa's fears but she just couldn't turn the tears off or chill the f out so Mama "D" was O...U...T
  • Bronte's hair looked super oily and dirty. Some people don't have to wash their hair everyday, but Bronte's not one of those kind of people...wash the hair girl
  •  When did everyone start calling Victor, "Vic?" Did I miss that?
  • Headband Paul is really not a very attractive Paul (The crazy beard doesn't help either)
  • Vetoooooooo time! 
  • Victor didn't get to play.
  • Who knew toe fungus would impact the game
  • Does anyone find it weird that Vic jumped on Frank for a piggyback? 2 guys piggybacking is weird to me if it's for fun and not for reward
  • Where is the Big Brother storage unit? They must have a ton of crazy stuff in it. Now when I need giant toes...I know where to go
  • Paul dissed James right in the middle of the toenail game...Wash Your Dishes, James!
  • DaVonne getting sprayed with the footjuice was naaaasty!
  • Tiffnessa pissed off the 8 pack but since Paulie went crazy and spelled sustainability, everyone was okay with it...except DaVonne she didn't like that Tiffnessa counted her letters. LOOK OUT GIRL!!!
  • Bronte's an idiot thinking anyone cares THAT much about kicking her out of the game
  • James hiding in the garbage can and scaring Snoutlett was pretty funny
  • Fatal Five already making a cut to Fatal Four. You'd think Tiffnessa would have learned from watching her sister play
  • I felt bad for Vic when Paul was trying to prepare him for the big shocker, he really did seem clueless and I like Vic b
  • Anything Bronte says is annoying to my ears
  • #Power of Friendship??? Paulie took off Paul and replaced him with Vic. Lets see what happens tonight. DaVonne's looking to make a big move, but will she do it?

-Vegas has put the odds out on who Kelly Ripa's next co-host will be. I'm still rooting for Fred Savage, but here's the way Vegas sees it: 
Anderson Cooper 3 to 1
Andy Cohen 7 to 2
Fred Savage 7 to 2
Seth Meyers 4 to 1
Josh Groban 4 to 1
Alec Baldwin 4 to 1
Jeff Gordon 13 to 2
Mario Lopez 8 to 1
Erin Andrews 15 to 1 

-ABC already cancelled Uncle Buck.I didn't watch one episode but it was in the Top 5 Tuesday night, so not sure why they made the big decision. 

-Wrecked, Animal Kingdom and Angie Tribeca have all renewed for another season.  

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Where does TGS, SNL, Maya & Marty, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers all film there shows?

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