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Big Brother, Ray Donovan & Real Housewives


Trivia Answer:  This one was tough. I thought of Prison Break, Rectify, Life and Feed the Beast on my own.
First Two: Mike O'Dea & Karen Feldman

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.3/6.5
Life in Pieces-CBS 1.1/4.9
Republican Convention-NBC 4.0
Spartan Challenge-NBC .9/3.2

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Republican Convention-FOX News 1.6/9.7
Republican Convention-CNN 1.3/5.7
The Kelly File-FOX News .9/6.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .6/1.5
Flip or Flop-HGTV .6/2.4

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Republican Convention-All 2,008,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 52,000 Tweets
Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Jon Stewart) 23,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 11,000 Tweets
Bones-FOX 10,000 Tweets  

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 7/11/16 - 7/15/16
Colbert .4/2.0
Seth .3/1.3
James Corden .2/.9
Carson .2/.7
Conan .2/.5
Andy Cohen .1/.5
Trevor .1/.4
Larry .1/.3
Big Brother
  • Friday Night Julie was back with a jumpsuit and THE BATTLE BACK competition
  • Jozea beat Glenn, then Victor beat Jozea, Bronte & Tiffnessa and went BACK in the house! 
  • Before he went in, Tiffnessa told Victor to TRUST Frank of all people...WHAT?
  • Didn't waste much time got in the house, shirt off, fun hat on and the pouncing began
  • Frank moved in super fast
  • Starting to be a Paul fan. If he would shave that beard, I'd be a superfan. He's hilarious
  • Frank's described Cory and Bridget as smart. Does the think ANYONE would by that?
  • Paul and Paulie look alike with their matching beards and mohawks
  • Loved the light up sneakers during the HOH competition 
  • Can't believe James, Day and Bridget held one arm up and stepped over a rope for 6 hours
  • The deal making was crazy, but good for Day.
  • What do you call a FISH with no eye? a FSHHHHH
  • Do they normally have the HOH competitions at 3am? The sun was coming up during the competition
  • Love how Paul got the Frank/Day deal out on the table, but can't believe he completely sold out Snou
  • Along with the HOH, James won his #FIRSTKISS from Natalie. Shall we just declare them Jatalie for the rest of the Summer?
  • How many times has Snoutlet said "this is the last straw"
  • Natalie and Bridgett are idiots
  • I have issues with a grown man doing the unicorn's just wrong
  • James nominated Frank AND Bridgette. Lets see how Natalie responds to that one.       
Ray Donovan
Just another day in the life of Ray Donovan. Dad and Ray heading to the desert to steal back the stolen $4MM bucks Ray needs to get the Russian dude out of prison. This errand was MUCH more important than going with Abby for her 2nd opinion. Only Mickey Donovan would go to a donut shop and NOT pee. The pee jar was the preferred container of choice instead of an actual bathroom. No way Ray would have let that go down in the Mercedes, but the minivan, I guess was okay. OF COURSE the heist didn't go as planned because NOTHING in Ray's life can ever be easy. Ray and Mick stole the money from Pinky and the Indian but then the Vegas dude and the cops caught up with them and took the money back to the casino. Oh welllllll. Now Mickey decided to turn himself in. Why couldn't he have just done that before all the running around in the desert? Connor's turned in to quite a doosh between seasons, huh? You know it's not going to go well now that he's cracked the code to the gun safe. Bridget broke up with her teacher and Terry convinced her to head back home where things are SO much better. Dad's in deep with the Russian mob, Mom's got breast cancer and killing people in the kitchen and her baby bro's got himself a gun. Maybe the teacher's place was the better option? How funny is it to see Bunchy wearing a Baby Bjorn. No guy can pull that thing off...EVER! Theresa's got Post Partum and can't deal with the baby so she just pulled a ring and run and left baby Maria alone at the gym with her Daddy and a bunch of fighters. She'll be back, just when Bunchy's got the Dad thing down, a new woman in his life and all things are going great, she'll be back to get her daughter. We've seen this storyline before. 

Real Housewives of NJ
Watching these reality shows has changed for me ever since I started watching UnReal. Of course the producers got Jaqueline to just show up at Teresa's house uninvited. It made for super awkward aka "good" TV. Teresa without makeup, vacuuming and ding dong...hi! It's your ex-bff!! Yeah right! No idea why Jaqueline even wants Teresa back.She can barely get through a SECOND of conversation that isn't about her. All this time apart and the best she can do is show off her yoga moves and talk about how to make sex toys in prison? Jaqueline's an idiot and her friends are idiots too. Such screamers. So loud. Glad I haven't bumped into Siggy in town. She's an acquired taste. Definitely not my type. So loud and bossy and a bit of a oneupper too. "I have that same EXACT bag...only bigger" (Then it's not EXACTLY the same bag, now Siggy, is it?) Okay a few questions about how the ankle bracelet thing rules go. Teresa CAN'T leave the house to walk up the driveway and put the kids on the schoolbus, but she CAN go to the orthodontist, lunch at Rails, and a birthday party? Huh? Wayyyyy tooooo much leopard for me at Dolores's bday party, and I do love an animal print but it was a bit over the top. Impressed that Siggy was able to get personalized leopard gift bags and table settings so fast. Pretty smart to have Ugg slippers in your big designer handbag. Doesn't say much for Louboutin comfort when you need to rip them off your feet and replace them with Ugg slippers but a good idea nonetheless. Dolores's family seems too good to be true, don't they? The kids, the ex-husband, the parents, the brother, the 102 year old grandma...they were just all too perfect. Love how Teresa called prison "camp." Maybe instead of perfecting her downward dog at "camp" she should have worked on the vocabulary a bit. It's whirlwind, not WORLDwin and Seratonin not Saratogin.  How does Melissa Gorga not know who Lucille Ball is? Where did she find her business partner, Jackie? Nothing like a 60 year old platinum blond in a tutu. Mark my words, their partnership is going to be disastrous.  


-You Walking Dead peeps will need to wait a bit longer for the zombies to head back into your lives. Season 7's not premiering until 10/23. You'll get the first  8 episodes then a break until Feb for the next 8 

-Netflix was busy over the weekend. They renewed Daredevil and decided to revive Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I've never seen one episode of either show. I honestly have no idea what MST3K is. All I know is that the public must really want it back because they all kicked in $5.7 million bucks via Kickstarter and Netflix paid attention. This broke Veronica Mars's fundraising record. Soooo it's coming back with Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt hosting plus most of the original cast members. Dan Harmon and Joel McHale will be in the writers room along with Elliot Kalan who was the head writer of The Daily Show. MST3K spent 7 Seasons on Comedy Central and 3 Seasons on Syfy. 10 Seasons and I know nothing about it.  

-I'll probably watch the final episode of the Vampire Diaries whenever it airs this season. As expected, Season 8 will be the final season. Wish Nina Dobrev stuck around and finished the series. What's she been doing since she bagged Damon and Stefan and left Mystic Falls? Nada that I'm aware of. 

-Bates Motel will end with its upcoming Season 5, but they're going out with a bang.  Rihanna's taking a page from Lady Gaga's playbook and will star in the final season as Marion Crane. What's with pop singers and scary TV roles? 

-When America's Next Top Model returns to VH1, Rita Ora will take Tyra's Banks place. Did we need ANTM to return at all? Has anyone missed it? Is Rita Ora that big of deal?

-James Corden's "Take a Break" segment is always hilarious, but this one for Lens Crafters had me laughing outloud. Too freaking funny. Lens Crafters defintely got their money's worth big time on this one. 

Monday's Trivia Question: Richard, Carol, Judy, Emily, Gunther & Janice. They all were side characters of what famous sitcom

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