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Date 7/11/6

Trivia Answer:  Jack Bauer starred in 24. I won't watch Hairspray Live because I hate Harvey Fierstein and the theme of the week was shows with numbers in their titles.
First Fives: Elke Raskob, Karen Heniger, Karen Feldman, Adam Cohen & Michele Mullings

Honorable Mention: Janet Cerrato

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.8/6.0
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.4/7.2
Life in Pieces-CBS 1.1/5.2
Battlebots-ABC .9/3.5
Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge-NBC .9/3.2

Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
WWE Smackdown-USA .7/2.2
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/2.1
Flip or Flop-HGTV .6/2.4
Bob's Burgers-Adult Swim .5/1.1

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 50,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown- USA 42,000 Tweets
CNN Tonight-CNN 25,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 10,000 Tweets
Wendy Williams Show-BET 9,000 Tweets   

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 6/27/16- 7/1/16
Colbert .4/2.1
Seth .3/1.3
Trevor .3/.8
James Corden .2/1.1
Carson .2/.7
Larry .2/.6
Conan .2/.4
The Night Of
I watched the sneak peek of The Night Of on Saturday morning and it freaked me the F out! Last year all everyone could talk about was True Detective. I had major FOMO and went to watch the second season which, as we all know, sucked ass. I know that this Summer everyone's going to be talking about this show. I know it's not my genre, but I can't live with another year of FOMO so I not only planned on watching, I watched the first episode in advance. It was super disturbing and uncomfortable. I kept turning it off and turning it back on again until I got through the whole thing. It gnawed at me all day. I begged my girlfriend to watch it and she and her BF felt the same way. We are all in for the next 8 weeks which means that Sunday's continue to be the most competitive and most difficult viewing night of the week. Suggestion to all Sunday shows...SNEAK PEAK THEM ON SATURDAYS!!!!! Anyway, this is the premise: Naz, a young Pakistani student and all around good kid, finds himself in the craziest of situations. Covered in blood, has DNA all over him, and the girl he had sex with is dead but he has no idea what happened. Neither do we. WATCH THIS SHOW. PLEASE! 

I forced myself to finish this one over the weekend. Mainly because I'm getting together with friends on Wednesday night and they've already finished. Luckily the weather wasn't great on Saturday after my spin class, so...binge-a-thon. It wasn't one of those super enjoyable binge fests. This show draggggggged out big time. It also sort of made no sense at all to me that John Rayburn would want the Sheriff's job THAT bad when he knew he had the big dead brother skeleton in his closet. The entire thing with Meg going to work in NYC was stupid, and as much as I love Beau Bridges, his character came out of left field and for a family that's supposedly so well respected it makes no sense that they'd get in bed with this guy. I did like that even though Danny was dead, he appeared in almost every episode. Ben Mendelsohn just had to be back in Season 2 since he was the breakout star from Season 1, so the talking dead guy and flashbacks thing totally worked for me. I hate hating Kyle Chandler. I can't deal with Coach Taylor as a bad guy or a troubled guy. He's Coach Taylor!!! I'm not the only one that felt this way about Season 2. Netflix had already renewed the show for a 3rd season, but it doesn't look like that's happening. Note to Ted Sarandos...DON'T GIVE US A 3RD SEASON!!!! Just end this one. Thanks
Pretty sure, the season finale of Outlander was one of the best episodes of TV all year. As a person who's never read any of the books, I have no idea what's going to happen in this show at all. No idea Claire and Jamie's daughter and her pal Roger (guessing they become more than pals) become such a huge part of the story. No idea that Jamie and Claire kill Uncle Dougal together. No idea Claire would look so much like Jackie O in 1968, no idea how Jamie and Claire could get through all those clothes and have a goodbye forever quickie at the stones. No idea if Jamie wears underwear,  and definitely no idea at all that Jamie LIVES through the Battle of Colladnum. HOLY COW! I didn't know how the story would continue but then when I heard that Jamie lived my giant lightbulb went on. Those stones need an air traffic controller with all the action back and forth. I don't know how I'll be able to wait until next Spring to see Jamie and Clair together again. Seriously guys, if you haven't listened to me yet, you realllllly need to watch this freaking show! It's sooooo damn good!  I was crying my eyes out and then screaming with joy when I realized Jamie wasn't dead. 

Big Brother
  • Bridgette's Game Strategy is friendship...Has she ever watched this show?
  • Does the girl have any thoughts at all? Empty head. No worries, Frank's running things anyway. Loved the BB empty head sound effects for Bridge
  • Zakiyah fake tears alert. Does fanning yourself with a headband stop tears from falling? Need to try that next time. 
  • I hated DaVonne so much last time, now, I'm really enjoying her. 
  • All of the Spy Girls voices are horrific. Was the casting director deaf?
  • Loved the #IMean montage. Would have been better with Justin Bieber's song as the soundtrack. 
  • Why would one have a wooden spoon in the bedroom?
  • Cuddling sizes discussed...that's a new one
  • Snoutlet thinks Cory's the hottest dude ever, I guess she hasn't noticed the crazy eyes
  • Frank's getting hammered on the live feeds and on social media for his chauvinistic and disrespectful comments. It's a lot worse than the editors depicted. Was he like this last time? Considering I still don't remember him, I couldn't tell you.
  • HOH room thing is getting sooooo old, nobody cares. It would be fun if someone changed it up and said "I really don't want anyone coming to the HOH rooooom"  
  • Frank really doesn't know he's a doosh
  • The guy pinches his Mom and Nanna's butts? WTF goes on in that dudes house?
  • Bridgette ( I mean Frank)  nominated Tiffnessa and Paul. Slop Muffins and Hot Cheetos should make them both feel so much better. Guessing it won't. I'm good with her...I mean Frank's choices,  but more importantly Frank is happy with her, I mean his choices. 
  • Sooooo nice to see people fake talking on telephones...the good old days.
  • James & Natalie sitting in a tree, W...A...Xing. First comes tickling, than comes glitter then comes James with pranks and Twitter (hey...I tried!)
  • Snoutlet choking on her own water made me laugh, sorry, I know it wasn't funny know it was
  • I would have SUCKED at that BB Roadkill comp
  • Cory's just an odd dude. The more and more I see him, the odder I think he is
  • How old is Natalie that she still performs cheerleading moves for everything
  • Can't believe Frank won the Roadkill again...UGH
  • Brori Spelling added to the block. I'm good with that
  • Wait til Bridgette finds out Frank put Brori up on the block!    
Real Housewives of NJ
I am a moron, I know I am I only had time for one show after BB and I chose Real Housewives of NJ over Ray Donovan. I know, I know...I'm a total loser. Even reading this now I'm saying "ARE YOU A MORON CARRUBA?" There's a woman from my town in the show now and Teresa was getting out of prison and I was reallly tired from staying up til 3am Saturday night so I blame my poor decision on delirium. Of course Andy and Bravo dragged out Teresa's prison release until the last 5 minutes of the show. What I want to know is where did she stop to get her hair and makeup done? Paparazzi was filming her the entire time but when she walked in the garage (and didn't let the dog out of the crate which totally pissed me off) she looked like a glam squad had their way with her. So how did that happen? Pretty sure after the 11 months with his 4 daughters, prison wasn't looking too bad to him. They're all nuts in that house. Gotta give Gia some credit, looks to me like she took over most of her Mom's duties. Jaqueline's back in the mix this season. Not sure I understand how she's able to afford all the plastic surgery when she has to sell her house for financial reasons, but who am I to judge? All of her friends seem to be plastic surgery addicts. The chick from my town, who I have never seen or heard of before, showed up in disguise because she had JUST had plastic surgery but she went on national TV. HUH? Is that her idea of making an entrance? I really wish I had the willpower to give this show up, but I still love Melissa and Joe and let's be honest, Teresa and her trainwreck situation is definitely why I still tune in. Can't believe Joe was fine being naked on camera, loved everyone's Teresa impressions, and that she still can't let the sprinkle cookie incident go. I'm Ray Donovan gets first priority next week, but I'm still in with both feet on this mess.  

 -Have to share some of the fun findings of this TV study I read about. Before I get to it, how do I get some dough to do my own TV study? I'm sure someone gives money to all these companies to fund this crap and I want in. Check this out... someone paid money to know this stuff: 1935 Adults 25-49 were surveyed about TV
  • 1/2 of the adults 25-49 admitted to "TV Cheating" (watching a show without their partners)
  • 66% of couples said watching TV together has strengthened their relationship
  • 75% of Millennial couples said the same thing
  • 55% of parents put their kids to bed earlier or later so they can watch their favorite TV shows together
  • 30% of couples have canceled social engagements in order to watch their favorite TV shows
  • 28% of single millennials have chosen NOT to date someone based off of their TV viewing preferences
  • 43% of millennials have judged people based on the TV shows they like 
  • Couples who watch TV together for more than 5 hours a week cuddle more than those who don't
  • 74% of couples have inside jokes about the shows they watch
  • 50% of couples prefer to stay home and watch their favorite shows than go out
-Gotta say, as a Verizon employee, I'm a little jealous that we didn't come up with this fun little webseries. I don't know how I found it, but if you have 18 minutes, check out Glued on YouTube. It's definitely a Comcast/Xfinity original and I don't care who knows that I think it's a brilliant way to feature the Xfinity product. Check this out...

-Love that we already know that the new show, Vice Principals, will only be 18 episodes. 2 seasons, 1 story, done. There won't be any additional eps, even if HBO begs, 2 seasons, 18 eps. THAT'S IT GUYS! Love knowing going in.  

-Syfy cancelled Hunters after just one season. Could care less but I'm sure you guys do. 

-Finally someone's getting a tiny bit creative with the after show titles. Mr. Robot's now getting their own after show but their's is going to be called...wait for it...HACKING Robot! Good one, right? 

Monday's Trivia Question: Name as many TV Shows that Rob Lowe has been in. 1 point for every correct answer.

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