Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Brother and Suits


Trivia Answer: Dr. Joel Fleischman was the Cicely Alaska doctor on Northern Exposure

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Michelle Katz/Beck, Chuck Chiocco, James Gabriele & Karen Feldman

Honorable Mention:Monica Caraffa


Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics-NBC 10.0/33.4
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 1.1/3.8
NCIS-CBS .7/5.8
Zoo-CBS .6/3.6
NCIS New Orleans-CBS .5/3.5

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Haves and Have Nots-OWN .8/2.8
WWE Smackdown-USA .8/2.4
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.6
Prime Olympics-NBC Sports .7/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .6/1.7
Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Summer Olympics-14,942,000 Interactions
Pretty Little Liars-372,000 Interactions
WWE Smackdown-154,000 Interactions
Haves and Have Nots-59,000 Interactions
Bachelor in Paradise-58,000 Interactions 

Bigggggg Brother
  • Anddddd we started the show with Michelle in tears...of course we do! 
  • Forgot about Natalie being a Fruit Loop Dingus last go around
  • MEECH STOP CRYING, STOP WHINING and next time, purchase waterproof mascara
  • Paulie's not that great at cats cradle 
  • New chess board or multiple chess boards in the house?
  • The girls of Big Brother are such idiots. They have the numbers and James to flip the house but they're letting cute guys run the show
  • Paulie looked like Sleepy or Doc Dwarf with the hoodie on over his head, didn't he?
  • How big were Zakyah's sweater sleeves? 
  • Paul's beard is WORSE THAN EVER
  • Meech cries and pukes, Z doesn' Meech has to GO! Sound reasoning Paul.
  • What was up with Paul's Orange boobs? 
  • VETOOOOOO time 
  • SNOUTLET's hair looks like she put her finger in the actual snoutlet and electrocuted herself
  • James was VERY HAPPY to be play in the veto. It was almost as if he knew it would be the Hide and Go Veto competition
  • Captain Camo was hilarious...James went nuts flinging those eggs around. Who WILL clean that house?
  • Snoutlet tripped in the safari room...why does tripping make me laugh so much?
  • Cory slept through the entire veto competition, something's wrong with that dude
  • Everyone in the house sure can sleep really well. Maybe I need to go in the BB house to catch up on my Zzzz's
  • That was a crazy long comp: 4 hours and 47 minutes and the winner is...Paulie
  • Will he save Z or send her packing?
  • #PPTalk #PPTime
  • I like Paulie and James together way more than #PP
  • Of course Paulie decided NOT to use his POV
Okay...I'm totally confused again. 
How does Louis have money for a Hamptons house?
Where did all those people walking the hallways come from? Are there new clients we don't know about? Why is Harvey not making fun of William Sutter for looking way too much like Albert Einstein? Is Kevin lying? Has Jessica worn that white puffy blouse before? How does Harvey got to and from Mike's prison so fast all the time? He never seems to deal with traffic, does he? Shouldn't we just cut to the chase...Rachel and Jessica will totally get Bailey off, which will get them a bunch of new clients and all will be right in the world of Pearson Spector Litt.

-Julie will continue to be out of Les's hair a couple nights a week for 2 more Summers. He can keep taking his shvitz with the gang at the club. No worries there, Les. Thanks for giving us all 2 more BB Summers. 

-Les also gave the greenlight for a 3rd Season of Zoo. Are there animals in that show? I've never seen it. 

-Britney Spears will be the next passenger in James Corden's Range Rover. Carpool Karaoke with Brit takes place on 8/25...OOPS SHE'LL DO IT AGAIN! 

-Netflix launched a Mobile version of their FAST speed App. Download it to find out if you have enough juice on your cellphone to watch all of The Get Down tomorrow night. Totalllllly looking forward to this one, aren't you? 

-Free Olympic Idea for NBC: When we see an athlete with earbuds or headphones on...find out what they're listening to. Keep an ongoing Spotify playlist going throughout the games and make those tunes available everywhere! Just a thought to pull in those Millenials

-Cable, satellite and telco lost 700,000 subscribers in total in the 2nd quarter. Cable lost 242,000 connections and telco lost 529,000 

-Thomas Gibson was suspended from Criminal Minds for some sort of altercation with a producer. The dude lost it big time and kicked his producer in the leg! What happened to good old Greg from Dharma and Greg? Now he's kicking people and causing bodily harm? Namaste, Tommy, Namasteeeeee 

Thursday's Trivia Question: What apartment number does Jerry live in on Seinfeld?  (See they are getting harder)

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