Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Power, The Night Of, UnReal Finale and 30 Minutes of Olympics


Trivia Answer: Cuba Gooding Jr. played OJ Simpson in The People vs. OJ

First Fives: Ed Ziskind, Karen Feldman, Stephanie Catino, Mike O'Dea & Bobby Aguilera

Honorable Mention: Michele Mullings

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony-NBC 7.7/27.2
20/20-ABC .6/3.3
Shark Tank-ABC .6/2.9
What Would You Do?-ABC .6/2.6
Blue Bloods-CBS .5/4.1

Friday's Cable Top 5
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .5/1.3
Big Bang Theory-TBS .5/1.5
Rap Game-Lifetime .4/1.1
Bring It-Lifetime .4/1.1 

Friday's Social Media Top 5
Kitten Summer Games-Hallmark 32,000 Tweets
Hannity-FOX News 21,000 Tweets
Bring It-Lifetime 14,000 Tweets
Real Time with Bill Maher-HBO 12,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 12,000 Tweets 

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics-NBC 9.0/29.6
Big Brother-CBS 1.5/5.2
60 Minutes-CBS .6/5.5
Celebrity Family Feud-ABC .6/3.6
100,000 Pyramid-ABC .6/3.4

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
Summer Olympics - All Nets 6,669,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 176,000 Tweets
Power-Starz 116,000 Tweets
The Night Of-HBO 23,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 22,000 Tweets 

Not sure what was going on yesterday but between the Orlando Bloom photos, the Justin Bieber photos and just about everything I watched last night, it was oddly a penis themed evening for me. Strange...but true.

The Night Of
Monday's have become my Sunday catch up night. Everything I couldn't get to on Sunday, I now watch on Monday. There's just TOO MUCH on Sunday, I don't know why programmers do it to us, but they do. So first I watched The Night Of. Naz is becoming a prison thug in order to survive. Shaved his head, started working out, kicked the sh*t out of the guy that burned him to prove himself to his prison crew, swallowed blow balloons and pooped them out in front of all of us and yet, we still feel for the guy. Gotta admit though, I started to think after he kicked the crap out of the guy on the floor that maybe he could have killed the girl. Maybe he does have a dark side. We found out he does have a secret Adderall habit, but we also now have another suspect, the guy from the street whose name is actually Duane Reade. There was more foot stuff and the cat was back but with alllllll of that going on, it was a dead guys penis that really caught my attention. Anyone catch it? When the DA went to ask her coroner buddy about the cut on Naz's hand, she laid the picture on the dead body and every time the camera went to the photo, we saw the dead guys penis. Necessary...no, funny nonetheless and that wasn't the only quick shot of a penis I caught during my Monday night viewing.

Fifty Cent's penis made a surprise guest appearance in Sunday nights episode of Power. It was really quick but thanks to the rewind button on my TiVo remote, I was able to confirm that Fifty's penis was in fact present and accounted for. So was his butt for their matter. We also got a very long shot of Tommy's butt. Sure made Monday-night-catch-up-night more fun than usual. Angie and Ghost, thankfully, are beginning to crumble. Honestly, it can't come soon enough for me. Once we get rid of her we still have a huge Holly problem. She's preggers, she's trouble and she's put a hit out on Ghost even though Ghost JUST saved Tommy from the Koreans. The old Ghost came out of the club and into the street for a quick shooting to save his old pal. As much as I love Tommy, watching him drool while f*ing his pregnant girlfriend was a bit disturbing.   

I watched 30 Minutes of synchronized diving last night. There were no naked penis's to speak of, but those bathing suits were SUPER tiny which did, of course, make me wonder what was going on with all of the divers packages. How could they possibly fit under so little fabric?  Then I remembered the George Costanza shrinkage episode of Seinfeld and realized that this must be how everything fits. SHRINKAGE!  The Chinese, Great Britain and American pairs were all reallly impressive in a sport that is totally bizarre. Why is synchronized anything a sport? Other than the Olympics, where do these competitions take place? The penis theme continued when watching Steele Johnson and David Boudia take the silver medal. YES THAT IS HIS REAL NAME, Steele Johnson. Could be the most perfect porn name ever, but no, it's the name of an Olympic diver.  Did you catch the post win interview with Steele and David? A few take-aways:
1) There was a LOT of hugging
2) The hugs between Steele and David lasted an uncomfortably LONG amount of time
3) There were way too many tears 
4) Totally thought they were a couple
5) Shocked to see David had a poolside wife and daughter
5) David and Steele's "identity is with Christ"  Hmmmmmm, I honestly don't think so, but okay.
6) I think Caitlyn Jenner needs to take a meeting with these two and it needs to be on camera for me to watch
7) Bob Costa needs a better tailor...did you catch his pants? Did he not have time to get them shortened?  

UnReal Season 2 Finale
This is where the penis theme ended, but I didn't care at all. GREAT finale except for Jeremy's beard. So net/net, Quinn came up with the perfect idea for a final episode. 2 brides for Darius to choose from. One white and one black. Jay didn't love that idea at all. He wanted a happy ending and Rachel gave it to him. Ruby showed up, Darius proposed and Ruby said no...for now. Quinn didn't love that love won in the end because for her, this season, love didn't win at all, but for Rachel, I think it might have. Jeremy and his beard came back to prove he'd kill for Rachel, his true love. Coleman and hot Rachel were headed to the press to blow the lid off everything that went on behind-the-scenes at Everlasting but they never made it. Pretty sure they both died in that gagillion dollar car crash. Now who's crazier? Jeremy or Rachel? Guess they were made for each other after all. Another great season. If Constance Zimmer doesn't win the Emmy this year, I'm going to freak out. She was INCREDIBLE and deserves it big time. Can't wait to see what happens next season. Can't much crazier or can it? 

-I could SWEAR that the Simpsons Halloween specials were always an hour but since I've never watched one episode, I guess I'm wrong. For some reason, it was HUGE news yesterday that the first hour long episode of the Simpsons is in the works for next season.  I'm not sure why an extra 30 minutes is such big news  these days especially when none of us have the attention span, but it really got so much press that I felt like I just had to include it today. As you know if you're a longtime reader of WWTM...I don't do animation of any kind. 

-Mariah Carey's going to show up on Empire next season. I'm much more excited about her reality show than anything else, but I'm sure she'll be great and more divalike than ever on Empire. Let's hope she shows up on time to film her scenes, she has a pretty well known time management issue. 

-Sort of bummed to hear Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam won't be returning to SNL next season. Taran's in almost every skit. Lorne's gonna have to leave the Hamptons and start hitting the clubs to find replacements in time for the Season Premiere. Bet he's gotta call Mick and Paul and cancel their tequila tasting date.

-Bye bye to a free Hulu experience. Now, you'll have to pay for it. If Amazon and Netflix can do it, apparently Hulu can too. I really have to start adding up just how much I pay at this point for all of my content. I think I don't do it because I don't want to know the final number at this point. I know I'm gonna have to pay for CBS All Access too once Big Brother premieres. It's getting crazy and yet, people don't seem to be complaining at all. I guess if we're paying because we WANT to and not because we HAVE to we're all okay with it. 

-Good news/bad news for Mark Consuelos. Amazon cancelled Alpha House. That's the bad news. The Pitch is the buzzed about show for the Fall and Mark's in it so that's the good news.  Of course he's got Ripa dough, so either way, he won't have to worry about paying for college or their new upper east side brownstown

Tuesday's Trivia Question ( A little bit harder than yesterday's) Name the soap opera Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa starred in.


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