Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Everyone's On the Crab!

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: William Devane played Greg Sumner on Knots Landing 
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Dan Realson, Phyllis DiCesare, Neil Moffatt & Kathy Connelly


Sunday's Cable Top 5
Game of Thrones-HBO 3.8/7.0
Keeping up with the Kardashians-E! 1.1/2.1
FX Prime Movie-FS 1.0/2.0
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo .9/2.1
Finding Nemo-Disney .7/2.8

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
MasterChef-FOX 1.8/5.0
The Bachelorette-ABC 1.6/6.1
American Ninja Warrior-1.6/4.5
24-FOX 1.5/5.6
Mike & Molly-CBS 1.5/5.6

Monday's Cable Top 5 
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 2.0/3.8
WWE-USA 1.3/4.1
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/2.8
Hit the Floor 2-VH1 1.1/2.3
Family Guy-Adult Swim 1.2/2.4

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta 649,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 208,000 Tweets
The Fosters-ABC Family 123,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-63,000 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel-Live 4,000 Tweets


Only thing on worth watching for me last night was The Deadliest Catch. I hate this time of the year. There's gotta be something I've missed...give me some ideas guys!

Deadliest Catch
This show never gets old...sure there's crab but there's always drama and last night definitely didn't disappoint. Wild Bill was on the crab but he's still having greenhorn trouble. I'm not sure why ANYONE would want a greenhorn. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be a greenhorn, but I guess if fishing's your thing, you gotta start somewhere. Myles, the Cape Caution's greenhorn got hit in the face with a giant pot and broke his nose. He wasn't looking good when the credits rolled.  Captain Keith wanted to take a risk and went right outside the Russian border for crab. The weather was crazy, the ice was dangerous and it took a REALLY long time to get there but...there were LOTS of crab so I guess it was worth it. Personally, risk is overrated sometimes Captain Keith! Over on the Northwestern, the fishing was great, it seems to always be great for Captain Sig, but they were having more electrical problems. Edgar is amazing. Nothing freaks him out ever. He just shut the boat down, fixed the wires and got back to fishing. Sig should have been able to breathe easy but then...the wife called.  Mandy wants to fish. Sig thought for sure his wife wouldn't allow that, but she did (probably for money/ratings purposes) and Mandy's supposedly heading up to Dutch. I cannot wait to see her on the boat. Doesn't she watch this show? IT'S CRAZY ON THAT BOAT!  

Wednesday's EASY Trivia Question: Name Ray's wife on Everybody Loves Raymond

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