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Big Bro, Real Housewives and Masters of Sex

July's Trivia Winner...Jim Carter! Congrats Jim! Okay guys August is a short month as I'm on vacation for 1/2 of it, so get all your answers in! 

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Crockett & Tubbs were our heroes on Miami Vice

FIRST FIVES: Sue MacNamara, Mike O'Dea, Bob Kaplan, Dave DeSocio & Bobby Aguilera 
The Theme for last week was: Shows with cities in their titles


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.2/6.2
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.6/7.2
The Millers-CBS 1.2/5.3
Last Comic Standing-NBC 1.1/3.3
NY Med-ABC 1.0/5.6

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/3.0
Love & Hop Hop Atlanta-VH1 1.1/2.1
Pawn Stars-History .9/3.2
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Beyond Scared Straight-A&E .7/1.6

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 91,000 Tweets
Beyond Scared Straight-A&E 45,000 Tweets
Dating Naked-VH1 14,000 Tweets
Project Runway-Lifetime 11,000 Tweets
Watch What Happens Live-Bravo 1,000 Tweets 

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.2/5.7
20/20-ABC 1.1/4.5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.0/4.5
Anatomy of a Kidnapping-NBC 1.0/4.5
What Would You Do?-ABC

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 31,000 Tweets
Tonight Show- NBC 8,000 Tweets
Girl Meets World-Disney Channel 8,000 Tweets
Fashion Police-E! 1,000 Tweets
Diners Drive-Ins and Dives-Food Network 300 Tweets 

So far this Summer, the Top 5 most watched NETWORK shows against Total Viewers:  
America's Got Talent
Under the Dome
Night Shift

The top 5 least watched shows are:
Famous in 12
Beauty and the Beast


Big Brother
  • I waited and I waited, I didn't cheat and..Nicole and Donny won the HOH's
  • Frankie's hair is what like 4 inches high now? The pink tips are looking good though, the guys got some mad skills
  • I really like Derek
  • I don't think Zac's reverse psychology strategy was a good idea.
  • Three things: 1) Donny without a beard is SO much better looking, not sure why Christine doesn't tell him to keep it off. 2)Christine is pretty cute, why on earth is Donny not married to her? 3) Christine's letter to Donny was steamy no? Massages? Hands? 
  • Nicole got Hayden in his "junk" OUCH
  • Did you notice that there are dirty and clean clothes EVERYWHERE in that house? Between the clothes and the dishes, I'd freak out. 
  • Gotta say, everyone who is playing the game, is really playing the game. I'm happy with the cast this season
  • Most improved player award: Nicole. While I don't want Frankie to go, her idea to backdoor him is good game play 
  • Donny said "tit" (for tat) Hee, Hee, Hee
  • JOcasta is such a clueless player. Maybe God's speaking to her but he sure isn't helping her out much. I wonder if she'll be mad at him when she watches the show
  • What was up with Zac's celebratory intercourse date with Frankie? HE HAS TO BE GAY! (Not that there's anything wrong with it)
  • Did you see Cody's face when he was listening to Zankie? 
  • The father, the son and holy spirit are all in JOcasta's alliance and yet, they've really not served her well at all 
  • All of the punishments in the BOB SUCKED!  Caleb and Victoria  won,  but now they have to eat slop for 2 weeks, shave that beautiful head and wear fig leaf bathing suits and be chained together for 48 hours. Kill me! 
  • Now that the water cleaned Donny's brain I wonder if he'll be any different
  • The phone ringing thing just adds to JOcasta's insanity
  • Did you see Caleb's abs at the end of the competition, did you see them?  How is he maintaining them in the BOB house? 
  • Total tear count: 2 (JOcasta and Donny)

Real Housewives of NJ
Well…at least things are consistent. Whenever there's a party of any kind on Real Housewives of NJ there just HAS to be drama. There has to be, but wait, I went right to the end of the story. Let me back up a bit. Bobby and Nicole/Teresa (I can't keep the twins straight) were throwing a "First Responders" costume party. Interesting theme but okay lets go with it. First, the group had to go all the way to NYC for costumes that they could get right on Route 17 near their homes. Not sure what that was about. Then it was time for the big night. Dina was blindsided by a blind date and then Amber was blindsided by the twins and Melissa. There was real hair pulling and Jimmy kept the hair to throw on the kitchen counter for effect.  For the first time ever, Joe Giudice, just stayed out of  the drama and drank his scotch. I guess when you're facing prison time, it's probably a smart move. Theresa Giudice didn't know if it was First Responses or Responders or the difference between the SWAT team and the SQUAT team. Do the producers think we're all as stupid as the cast and  wouldn't recognize a Turkey Hill Ice Cream container when we see one? Is Melissa out of her mind for spending 100K on REPAIRS for her Bentley in a year or thinking that it's ROCK the cradle, instead of ROB the cradle? What is the Maloyck? If you pass the bar and don't practice law are you a lawyer? If you write 2 books and don't get them published are you an author? Jim may not be a lawyer or a writer but he most definitely is a tool. 

Masters of Sex
Last week we really started to see the good in Bill Masters and this week it continued. When his new boss and co-workers were using his study as their own live porno movie, Bill did the right thing and shoved Chopped Suey down their throats and punched his boss in the mouth. Of course Bill got fired, but no worries, he just went over to the African American hospital in town and got himself and Virginia a new job JUST like that. Good thing too, Virginia got screwed out of her Cervical Cancer gig because Lillian found out from Austin that she's screwing Bill AND... the diet pill thing wasn't going very well at all so if Bill hadn't hooked her up who knows how she'd pay her bills. Big shocker to learn that Gene knew all along that Betty was a hooker but I guess he wasn't such a memorable "client". Gene found out that Betty can't have kids and was PISSED. Loved the term "Baby Batter" for Gene's "swimmers" Never heard that one before. Libby's losing it big time and being a bit too mean to Coral in my opinion. Did we discuss that Bill's secretary is Marie from Breaking Bad? Can't remember. 


-Still no agreement made between CBS and the Big Bang Theory cast members. The season doesn't start til 9/22 so there's still time to make the date, but the clock is ticking.

-I'm actually into this one. Kathie Lee Gifford has written and will be producing at an 18 minute musical called: "Not Today and Tomorrow's Not Looking Good Either" It will star the Today Show anchors and crew and will air live!  Come on that's going to be hilarious right? 

Monday's Trivia Question: Michael J. Fox, Jason Bateman and Tyler Posey. What do they all have in common?

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