Monday, August 25, 2014

You didn't think I could stay away for The Emmy's did you? It's MY SUPERBOWL!!!


For some reason, E! on my TV here at the beach had no sound last night. No idea why, every other channel had sound, just not E!. Soooo I had to watch all of the Red Carpet coverage on my iPad via the E! App. I started watching at 6:30 so not sure what I missed.

  • Ewwwww Giuliana as a blond!  Terrible. How in the world can someone who has a stylist, a show about style, Joan Rivers to answer to and a hot husband to answer to, go on national TV and look that bad? HOW?
  • Ross Matthews. He's one of those people that you can only take once in a while and in small doses. If all goes well you enjoy him thoroughly. If all doesn't go well, you find an excuse to go home early and correspond via text for a while
  • Taylor Schilling's dress was beautiful but looked HORRIBLE on her. She's so pale that she could have used a bright color like blue or red. 
  • So happy for Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black. She used to sit and watch and now…the first transgender nominee! She looked gorgeous in white!
  • Christina Hendricks looked horrible in her red dress with horrible hair that magnified the size of her forehead
  • The Clutch Cam was new but surprisingly enjoyable. Of course now that clutches are being showcased, the celebs had no idea who their clutches were designed by. E! should have sent out an email blast to warn the nominees in advance. They all looked like idiots screaming for their clutch designer's names
  • The Mani Cam's a waste 
  • Hate Jon Hamm 
  • The very pregnant Hayden Panatierre looked awesome with her low cut silver gown and accidentally revealed she's having a girl!
  • January Jones HIDEOUS. What happened to her hair?
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus always looks awesome. She had a teeny tiny bit of back fat, but I think the dress was too tight as that woman has zero fat on her body
  • Debra Messing's dress was really cool, she's obviously been dieting  
  • Heidi Klum looked incredible, but she SHOULD right?
  • Lena Dunham's pink tutu dress was hideous BUT I gotta say, I liked the blond bowl hairdo and I liked her make-up, so net/net there's been some overall improvement
  • Sarah Silverman looked amazing. Actually, her boobs looked amazing but she did look really good. Loved Giuliana going through her clutch and finding her pot paraphernalia 
  • Jimmy Fallon, my FBFF, looked very cute in his tux but something was weird with his bow tie. Not sure where Ryan Seacrest was but Jimmy had Ryan's actual hair highlights on his iPhone which was hilarious. 
  • I couldn't make up my mind on Matthew McConaughey's  blue suit. Only he could pull it off. Matthew's wife Camila look insane! Stunningly beautiful
  • Matt Bomer is the HOTTEST man on earth right now. He SO should have been Christian Gray. OMG I love him (Started watching White Collar just to look at him)
  • Aaron Paul's wife looked really pretty in white and Aaron actually rocked the Mani Cam
  • I'd never seen Seth Meyers wife before, way prettier than I thought she'd be
  • Hated Katherine Heigl's dress, but maybe that's because I hate her so much
  • Sofia Vergara's white dress was spectacular, and she decided to leave her hot vampire  at home. Gotta give Giulianna credit, she totally asked all the questions we wanted to know about Sofia and Joe. Finally she earned her paycheck, which she should spend getting her hair back to it's original color. 
  • Claire Danes looked interesting in her red dress. I didn't love it, but I have a feeling in the fashion world they'll say she looked good. 
  • Kristen Wiig really cleaned up nicely. Great chopped hair and beautiful white dress. 
  • Lucy Liu also looked good in white
  • Kerry Washington JUST had a baby 4 months ago and while I am pretty certain she had some serious Spanx going on, she still looked great in orange
  • What was in Julianna Marguiles' hair? Didn't love the hair, didn't love the dress. 
  • Allison Williams dress was HORRIBLE! Hope she didn't use Lena's stylist! 
  • I didn't recognize Gwen Stefani. Didn't love the dress and didn't love Giulianna usin the word dope when describing it
  • Sarah Paulson had to think…"what was I thinking when I chose this dress?"
  • Amy Poehler looked great in her silver dress
  • Two favorite's of the night…Lizzy Caplan who was NOT wearing red like everyone else. She went for black and white and looked STUNNING!  Julia Roberts with the short amazing sparkly dress that showed off those loooongggg gorgeous legs. 
  • Seth's monologue was great, I loved the MTV diss and I love that he loves TV and nailed it
  • Netflix nominated for 33 Emmy's pretty impressive right? 
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY: Ty Burrell/Modern Family-his speech went on a bit too long but the bit was working before I got bored 
  • Zoey Dechanel and Allison Williams both looked horrible
  • BEST WRITING FOR A COMEDY: Louis C.K. DAMN it, I wanted OiTNB to win. I do enjoy Louis the guy…just not his show
  • Bonus Trivia Question: Who gave Louis  C.K. his first job on television? 
  • Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious, but didn't it look like he just did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? His hair was weird. 
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY: Allison Janney…that was a SHOCKER. I think Allison was wearing my grandma's curtains from her apartment in the Bronx
  • Even the Netflix commercial with Ricky Gervais was great
  • BEST GUEST APPEARANCE IN A COMEDY SERIES:: Jimmy Fallon for SNL and Uzo Aduba from OiTNB. I get Jimmy, but Uzo's not a guest star is she? These Emmy rules are nuts. 
  • BEST DIRECTING FOR A COMEDY SERIES: Gail Mancuso/Modern Family - She was  funny and like Jimmy Kimmel, obsessed with Matthew McConaghey
  • Billy Eichner! I love Billy on the Street and that skit was hilarious. 
  • So glad Julia Louis Dreyfus called out Bryan Cranston's Clark Gable look. Totally forgot that Julia dated him and kissed him on Seinfeld. Name his character for more bonus points! 
  • BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY: Jim Parsons/Big Bang Theory. Nice quick speech. Kristy Carruba fact: I have never seen one episode of The Big Bang Theory
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY:Julia Louis Dreyfus/Veep and mannnn did Bryan Cranston plant one on her!  That's how you congratulate someone! 
  • BEST REALITY COMPETITIVE SHOW: The Amazing Race AGAIN! How many people came up to get that one award? I think I counted 16. Who gets to take Emmy home? 
  • I think something got messed up during the Julia Roberts thing. Seat filler was missing, they went to the split screen like they were announcing her award and then…commercial. Heads were rolling somewhere. 
  • Q&A time at the Emmy's bit…enjoyable…very enjoyable 
  • Allison Janney and Octavia Spencer THE HELP PART 2
  • BEST WRITING FOR A MINI SERIES: Steven Moffatt/Sherlock (checked Facebook & Twitter)
  • BEST SUPPPORTING ACTRESS IN A MINI SERIES: Kathy Bates/American Horror Story. COME ON…Julia Roberts should have gotten that one just so she could go up there in the best dress of the night. She better present later. 
  • Stephen Colbert's invisible friend thing was a bit off
  • OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A MINI SERIES: Martin Freeman/Sherlock. No Show (no time for Candy Crush)
  • Kate Walsh's yellow thing was awful but she handled the teleprompter thing well
  • BEST DIRECTOR OF A MINI SERIES: Colin Bucksey/Fargo. Ryan Murphy looked pissed maybe it was because Colin was wearing sneakers to the Emmy's 
  • Amy & Seth's introduction bit for Matty and Woody was good but Amy looked hippy 
  • Woody's impression of Matthew…excellent. Matthew's Woody story…excellent. The two of them together ALMOST made me want to watch True Detective but with all of Seth and Amy's comments before they came out on stage…NOT a chance
  • BEST ACTOR IN A MINI SERIES: Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock -no show
  • Not liking Kerry Washington's hair at all 
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A MINI SERIES: Jessica Lange/American Horror Story
  • Maybe there should be a reality show to find out just who really has the "greatest crew" lets have a challenge to see just how tirelessly they all work and the winner will actually get the Best Crew Emmy Award
  • Weird Al alert. Doosh chills or strangely entertaining? Doosh Chills I think but then the Game of Thrones part came and I swung back to entertaining. Loved the presentation of the typewriter to George R.R. Martin. 
  • Lena Heady is SO unrecognizable in real life. Andy Samberg as Joffrey...funny.  
  • Now that we all have flat screens that hang so beautifully on our walls, WHY do we need a curved TV? WHY? Please explain how this is going to work.  
  • BEST TV MOVIE: The Normal Heart - YEAH finally! Now Ryan Murphy can't be mad about the other guys sneakers. Good to see Larry Kramer.   
  • Ricky Gervais is the only British dude that makes me laugh, but only when he's live rarely in one of his shows. 
  • OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL: Sarah Silverman. Pretty sure she was barefoot, but the boobs still looked good. 
  • Key & Peele proving how good they are in introducing accountants
  • I guess you can say "doosh" on network television. 
  • OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL: Glenn Weiss for the Tony Awards who was directing the Emmy's as he won. Can you say confusing?
  • Adam Levine…perfection, nothing…I got nothing
  • OUTSTANDING VARIETY SERIES: The Colbert Report. Gwen Stefani had NO idea who Colbert was, sooooo my FBFF came up to accept. Funny bit. 
  • Bruce Rosenbloom and Sofia Vergara's stunt…funny, you know you thought so too.
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A DRAMA: Such great performances, but of course…Aaron Paul won and got a well deserved standing "O" I will miss you Jesse Pinkman
  • In Memoriam time…that was Sara Barallelis singing
  • Billy Crystal did his friend proud
  • BEST DIRECTING IN A DRAMA: Cary Joji Fukunaga/True Detective who was sporting some good braids. I wonder if he paid to get his hair done for Emmy night
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA: Anna Gunn/Breaking Bad. Not sure at all about her outfit
  • BEST GUEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS IN A DRAMA: Allison Janney/Masters of Sex and Joe Morton/Scandal
  • BEST WRITER FOR A DRAMA: Moira Walley-Beckett beat out Vince Gilligan for Breaking Bad. Cray Cray
  • Beautiful blue dress for Viola Davis
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA: SHOCKER BUT SOOOOO HAPPY!!! Julianna Marguiles/The Good Wife 
  • BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA: Bryan Cranston/Breaking Bad of COURSE! Standing "O" We all will forever miss you Walter White.
  • NBC did Jay Leno a favor and reminded us not to forget about him again.
  • BEST COMEDY: Modern Family and it SUCKED this year! WTF???
  • All of the Audi spots were great. Just goes to show it can be done people! 
  • BEST DRAMA: Duhhhhhh, Breaking Bad! 
  • So aside from a very enjoyable night, here's what we now all know for SURE. 1) Orange is the New Black is a DRAMA NOT A COMEDY 2) If any network, producer or content distributor is in need of a talk show host, awards show host, or just a truly funny bit, just get ANYONE from Saturday Night Live OR Neil Patrick Harris and we all win. 3) Award shows CAN finish right on time if done well. Loved every minute! Well done Emmy's!
Emmy's Trivia Question: When was the last time the Emmy's aired on a Monday? 


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