Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Now that I'm back, I've got to just perform a brain dump...Here goes


Friday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.9/5.9
Unforgettable-CBS 1.1/6.0
Family Guy-FOX 1.0/2.2
Reckless-CBS .9/4.4
60 Minutes-CBS .7/7.1

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 54,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 37,000
Sunday Best-BET 18,000 Tweets
Ray Donovan-Showtive 4,000 Tweets
MDA Telethon-ABC 4,000 Tweets


First and foremost, let me say that while I did keep up with ALL of my shows, I also read 3 books, watched 4 1/4 movies, played in the family mini golf tournament, rode my bike 15 miles 7 times, ate a lot, drank a lot, hung out at the beach a lot, visited with friends, shopped and slept.  

Sure there were times that I was dying to post something to Twitter, Facebook, or here, but a break is a break and if ever someone needed one, it was ME!  So in no particular order here's everything I'd like to get out of my head:
  • Julie Chen's outfit on Thursday's (8/28) Big Brother was the most repulsive outfit ever. I can't find a photo of it but it was by far the worst thing she's ever worn. Fire the stylist and hire ANYONE else, Julie!  Hell, my 12 year old son could dress her better. 
  • The last HOH competition was brutal but hilarious. The skating back and forth on a sheet of Crisco had me laughing out loud. I LOVE seeing people fall. Nicole and Derrick both had some real doozies!  I didn't like seeing Caleb in so much pain but I was SO happy that he won and with who he nominated. (Nicole & Christine) Also, did I know he was in the Army?
  • Can you believe that Donny got a gig on The Bold and the Beautiful? I wish I watched, I'm sure I could have come up with something witty to say about it if I knew the show better. 
  • CANCELLED WHILE I WAS GONE: Longmire (Don't care), Will Wheaton Project (My husband said it sucked), Sons of Guns (Lots of controversy), Working the Engels (I told you this show was terrible), Emerald City (cancelled before they even started production…that's how bad it was)
  • RENEWED WHILE I WAS GONE: Ray Donovan (Not Surprised), Masters of Sex (Not surprised and VERY happy, this season is awesome), Finding Carter (I really like this show), Rectify (I liked this one but it was soooooo slow that I just had to bag it, I can't believe that it's coming back), The Awesomes (No animation for me), Outlander (I am LOVING this show, so glad it's coming back) 
  • Did you see Jimmy Kimmel's Friends skit/reunion? http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video/featured/VDKA0_k1l20hfc It was funny and all, but I would have loved it if someone had a camera and followed Courtney, Lisa and Jen AFTER they left the fake apartment.  
  • Speaking of Friends, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show (I know…20 YEARS! Can you believe it?) Warner Bros and Eight O'Clock Coffee are opening up a real life Central Perk in NYC. Supposedly, even Gunther will be hangin out in the place serving cups of Joe for old times sake. How old is Gunther now? Can he still get around okay? 
  • We watched a lot of the Little League World Series during our time away. Thanks to Mo'Ne, so did a ton of other people around the country. They were the most watched ever. Up 71% vs. last year. 
  • True Blood finally ended it's run and viewers didn't seem to care that much. I was out after the 2nd season. It just got too weird for me and seemed to lose its way. I guess a lot of viewers agreed since one of HBO's most buzz worthy shows went out with barely a blip.  
  • Bill Geddes got fired from The View. No surprise there. I sort of assumed he'd be hanging out with Barbara Walters having tiny sandwiches with the crusts cut off watching The Talk and going "damn…why didn't WE think of that."
  • For all of you in the industry, Jean Rossi, who I'm pretty sure has been with FOX Broadcasting since Day 1, has chosen NOT to renew her contract after 27 years with the company. Jean is the EVP of Sales and President of 21st Century FOX's integrated sales and marketing group, FOX One. If I were Jean, I'd smash the work cell phone into tiny pieces, head to St Barts, chill out on a yacht, have cocktails for a month or two, catch up on some reading and some much needed SLEEP. Congrats and Good Luck Jean! 
  • Netflix paid 2 million an episode for the first season of The Blacklist. 44 MILLLLLION DOLLARS FOR IT! Sooooo if you've been dying to binge it…it's there RIGHT now for you to get into before the new season starts in a few weeks.  
  • Julianne Hough will be the new 4th judge on Dancing with the Stars. A) Do they NEED a 4th judge?  B) Doesn't her brother dance on the show? Isn't that a bit of a conflict of interest? HOW IS THAT FAIR? 
  • Tori, Kari and Grant all got fired from Mythbusters which is weird because fans really love those guys. Maybe they were smoking too much weed or something?
  • There were all sorts of rumors about Yahoo saving and resurrecting the FOX show Enlisted but it's officially NOT gonna happen. Sorry Enlisted fans. 
  • Why on earth does Taylor Swift want or need to be a mentor on The Voice? I know she has a new pop album coming out, but she really doesn't need the added exposure. I would argue that she is the biggest female artist in the US right now, no? Do you think she just wants to be near Blake, Adam and Pharrell? Pretty sure they are all taken. I don't get it.
  • FOX's Utopia is already available to live stream, and someone already got kicked off the show for violating the confidentiality agreement. I haven't checked it out yet, it's another multi-day commitment and I don't know if I have that kind of time available, but they've definitely peaked my interest. 
  • John Rocker is going to be on Survivor
  • If you have Apple TV, you can now get Showtime on it.
  • Rumors of a revival of Full House with a bunch of the original cast. How big will that house be? Pretty sure only Danny Tanner had a real job hope he saved his dough.
  • Hot in Cleveland just passed the 100 episode mark, not sure why that surprised me, but it did.
  • HBO's show The Knick isn't doing that well, anyone watching?
In addition to all of my shows, I watched a ton of OTHER stuff while on my break:
-GREAT baseball documentary called The Battered Bastards of Baseball on Netflix
-Chef with Jon Favreau (eat BEFORE you watch this one or you'll be starving!)
-Bad Words with Jason Bateman and the cutest kid I've seen in a  LONG time. Funny, underrated/hidden gem type flick
-The Other Woman with Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Jamie Lannister. I know it didn't do well in the theaters, but I enjoyed it. 
-FOX actually has a decent show on their roster this Fall called The Red Band Society. You can check it out RIGHT now on Hulu. I really liked it, but not sure it's got legs. All the kids in the Red Band Society are sick enough to be living in a hospital, but you know what that means right? Some of them will leave out the front door and some of them will leave via the morgue. The kids are the healthiest looking sick kids I've ever seen, but I did enjoy the pilot. I'm rooting for this one. Oh and…remember Astro from the first season of X Factor? He's in this one and he's pretty good. 
-I've re-watched Seth Meyers' Emmy Monologue a couple of times already. He really nailed it. I personally loved the first joke about MTV and the bit about the Emmy category submission mess this season. If you didn't see it, here it is just for you!  
-You guys know that I hate Chelsea Handler, but 1 million people tuned in to her last show and a few of my friends told me there were some funny bits so I had to check it out. I didn't think it was that funny but maybe it's because I just can't stand looking at Chelsea's face or hearing her voice. 
-Amazon posted their new pilots. Go check um out and vote. I watched Red Oaks, Really and 10 minutes of The Cosmopolitans. There are 2 more but neither of them interest me at all. Hand of God with Ron Perlman and Hysteria with Mena Suvari. I didn't like Really and I HATED The Cosmopolitans. Red Oaks was cute. Amazon's first two round of pilots were much better than this round. Let me know if you watched any of these and what you thought. 
-Have you guys heard of this thing called Rabbit? https://rabb.it/ I haven't done it yet, but check it out. You can watch your favorite shows with up to 10 of your friends, without being in the same room, same city or same state. You can talk and text. It's free, you don't have to register, there are no user names or passwords and you can use Hulu, YouTube and Netflix. It sounds pretty cool. Has anyone tried it yet? 

I'm a HUGE Joan Rivers fan. I'm rooting for her to get out of that coma and start insulting her doctors ties and her nurses shoes. Come on Joan, you can do it! 

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Who taught The Sweathogs? 
Missed you guys!

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