Friday, September 26, 2014

Derek Jeter and Olivia Pope. That's how I spent Thursday night.

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Ben Schwartz currently stars in both House of Lies and Parks & Recreation. 
FIRST FIVES:  Crystal Kyler, Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Vince Dunleavy & James Gabriele
Goldbergs Bonus Trivia Question - David Spade played Gus the photo guy.
Modern Family Bonus Trivia Question - The shout out to Men in Black was Gloria's Colombian family on the Ipad saying J and then closing the refrigerator door. REMEMBER?


Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 3.7/10.9
Black-ish-ABC 3.3/10.7
Survivor-CBS 2.7/9.6
Big Brother-CBS 2.6/7.0
GOLDBERGS!!!-ABC 2.3/6.9

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
South Park-Comedy Central 1.4/2.4
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.7
Key & Peele-Comedy Central 1.0/1.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.1
Teen Mom 2-MTV .8/1.3

Wednesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 314,000 Tweets
South Park-Comedy Central 77,000 Tweets
Law & Order SVU-NBC 75,000 Tweets
Black-Ish-ABC 72,000 Tweets
Nashville-ABC 30,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the week of 9/15/14-9/19/14
Fallon 1.1/4.2
The Daily Show .6/1.4
Kimmel .5/2.4
Letterman .4/2.1
Meyers .5/1.6
Colbert .4/1.0
Conan  .4.9
Nightline .3/1.5
Ferguson .3/1.2
Carson .2/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 9/15/14-9/19/14
GMA 1.8/2.1
Today Show 1.5/1.8
CBS This AM .8/.6


I was extremely fortunate to be at Yankee Stadium last night to say goodbye to Derek Jeter. I stayed til the perfectly scripted ending and cried my eyes out as I watched. A night I'll never forget. 

Okay, what song was playing when we got our first glimpse of Olivia and Jake on the beach? Not sure exactly where Tanzania and Zanzibar are or how Olivia went from super curly beach hair to super straight and serious Olivia Pope hair but something crazy must have happened on the plane ride home to Harrison's funeral. I couldn't figure out how long they'd been gone, but OPA was deserted  Abby is now Press Secretary, David's going to be the next Attorney General and Mellie's still grieving the loss of her son in a bathrobe, UGGS and a Martini. Huck's become that scary dude at Data Stop and Quinn was just waiting for Olivia to come home so she could start sticking those photos back on the magic window. Cyrus got new hair and Ellen's wife got some work. Fitz is totally kidding himself if he thinks he can stay away from Olivia. That scene at the end of the episode where they passed each other like strangers was total BS, they're dying inside without each other. Luckily, Olivia wasn't that good at hiding the fact that she was back in town so when a Senator got into some hot water she was super easy to find.  She's a Gladiator…not a b*tch which means buh bye beach. 

My Braverman family is back. Sure it's only for a short time, but I'll take what I can get. If they kill Zeke to end this show I'm going to freak out. I can't take Derek Jeter retiring and Zeke Braverman dying, I just can't. Amber's pregnant and Hattie looks really different to me, I just can't put my finger on what it is. Everyone was painting and chipping in to get Kristina's school opened in time. Everyone except Max, but of course Adam the perfect husband, father and son, was back from Vegas in time to get Max to the first day of school. Julia's movin on with a guy from work (doesn't she know the don't sh*t where you eat rule?) and of course it's now that Joel wants her back. Hank and Sarah are giving it a shot but we know trouble's brewing now that his daughter Ruby's back.  She's got some major issues. Was Marie from Breaking Bad always Hank's ex? I may have forgotten that one. The scenes for the rest of the season had me in tears, but that's a given for most episodes of Parenthood. I'll head to Shop Rite, stock up on tissues and get ready for yet another goodbye. 


-Syfy renewed Defiance and Dominion for another season. No surprise there, they both did really well over the Summer. 

-CBS is already making some changes to its Monday night lineup. With 18 million people tuning in to the Big Bang Theory on Monday night, they are adding a rebroadcast (aka rerun) to 830pm for the next 3 weeks and then, on 10/20, The Millers will take the 830 spot. The Millers was supposed to be on Thursday's and MOM was supposed to be on Mondays. Flipped…til January that is.

-I'm totally psyched that Outlander's coming back, the bummer is we have to wait until APRIL to see what happens to Claire and Jamie. Luckily there's a lot of great shows for us to watch and distract us til then, but if I could touch those stones and go right to April 4th 2015…I'd do it.

-Nobody I know is watching Utopia, so FOX is trying to change things up a bit. Now they're going to let the viewers get involved and help the cast select Utopians to go to into exile. Three check in, 2 battle it out and 1 leaves. Isn't that Survivor? Note to FOX, bad idea launching this one during the most important weeks of Big Brother and really bad idea to make anyone commit to a show for a year. Not gonna happen. I'm your target audience and I just couldn't do it. Good Luck 

Friday's Trivia Question: Obviously the movie This is Where I Leave You was my theme for this week. Here's a question that is REALLY tough. I'll give 10 points for anyone who knows the answer to this one. Jason Bateman's wife in This is Where I Leave You is played by a woman named Abigail Spencer. Abigail currently stars in a drama I watched and gave up on that aired on the Sundance Channel. Name the show and her characters name. 

Have a great weekend!

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