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I've Been Poped and I Didn't Even Know It. Classic Scandal.

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION:Carrie Underwood, The Swon Brothers, Kelli Pickler, Hunter Hayes, Lucy Hale, Miranda Lambert & Kacey Musgraves
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Andrea Walters, Bobby Aguilera, Kathy Connelly & Karen Feldman


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
CMA Awards-ABC 4.5/16.2
Survivor-CBS 2.3/9.3
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.1/9.7
Law & Order SVU-NBC 1.6/7.0
Stalker-CBS 1.5/7.3

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
American Horror Story-FX 2.1/4.2
South Park-Comedy Central 1.0/1.7
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.2
NBA Basketball-TBS .8/1.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.5

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings
CMA Award-ABC 1,044,000 Tweets
American Horror Story-FX 174,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 49,000 Tweets
Red Band Society-FOX 32,000 Tweets
Girl Code-MTV 9,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 10/20/14-10/24/14
Jimmy Fallon-NBC .9/3.4
Jimmy Kimmel-ABC .6/2.7
Letterman-CBS .4/2.6
Nightline-ABC .4/1.6
Seth Meyers-NBC .4/1.4
Craig Ferguson-CBS .2/1.2
Carson Daly-NBC .3/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 10/20/14-10/24/14
GMA 1.7/2.0
Today 1.6/1.8
CBS This AM .8/.9


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 
Yeah!  Jerry, the cars, the comedians, the coffee, they're all back for another short but delightful season. The first show started out with a not-so-funny bit, but I'm not going to say anything til you see it for yourself.  Kevin Hart was Jerry's guest. He really is tiny. Jerry's not the tallest dude in the world but Kevin looks tiny even compared to Jerry. The Porsche was cool, the glasses were oddly enjoyable. Interestingly enough there was also some sneaker shopping and no mention of how or where the green drinks came from. Nice accidental Verizon integration and some really interesting conversation. Not at all what I would have expected. Glad it's back. For your you go:

Real Housewives of NJ Reunion Part 2
No idea why Part 2 of Real Housewives of NJ was on last night instead of Sunday. Thank goodness for the Season Pass on my TiVO and just so you guys can plan accordingly, the third and final installment of the reunion and perhaps Theresa's last RHONJ appearance ever will be next Tuesday night.  The Gorga's and the Giudice's may be on good terms but I got the feeling they still aren't that close and not at all in each others lives on a daily basis.  Joe definitely held his tongue when asked if he blamed his brother-in-law for getting his sister into this mess. He was teary and emotional unlike Theresa who I'm now convinced, had to be medicated. She had to be. Andy gave us all a walk down the Giudice memory lane as we saw all of Theresa's girls and how they've grown up before our very eyes. Milania hasn't changed much but Gia sure has. Nicole and Teresa got into it with Amber and Jim. Jim is really a piece of sh*t and another master manipulator of the truth. Didn't you think he was a lawyer? He isn't. He said he makes too much money being a consultant and didn't need to be a lawyer. He also had photos of Bobby with all the different housewives prior to joining the show claiming Bobby was sort of a RHONJ wanna be. What I want to know is how Jim got his hand on those photos? Is he friends with people at Olivia Pope and Associates? One more episode left of the reunion and then Andy better get to work on getting cameras into Danbury prison so we can see the new Bravo series: The REAL INMATES OF DANBURY: Theresa Checks In. You know you want it. 

Did I breathe at all during last nights episode of Scandal? I'm still here typing this blog, so I must have. Didn't feel like it. Felt like I held my breath for the full hour. From the first scene of Fitz on the phone with Olivia, to the last scene when Jake sees Fitz and Olivia. I didn't breathe. Glad to see that things are definitely back to normal for Mellie. She's getting dressed in pretty dresses again, putting lipstick on again and, hearing her husband speaking to the woman he loves on a burner phone again. Of course that woman isn't her, so she's back to politics, and pissing him off again too. Who'd have thought that it would be Leo and not Olivia "fixing" Abby's problems. One Senator in a diaper, the other a monster. Thank goodness they're both gone and Susan Ross is in. She may not be the most attractive and she may have a crazy blinking affliction but she was definitely the better option. Nice to see Michael Trucco. Not sure if my cousin, Rachel was watching, she's a huge fan. Glad the magic window got some action. I love that window. Cyrus's hair is still bothering me but I can see the stylists are trying to figure things out with it. It's getting better, but it's still not quite right. David Rosen had some killer lines last night, didn't he? "I've been Poped" was pretty good and so was the "" one.  (I checked, it doesn't exist, buy the domain name now!) I can't decide which scene was my favorite. Let's discuss. Abby pulling a gun on her ex, Huck's son tracking him down, Olivia and Tom at Supermax, Olivia and her crazy Dad speaking in their crazy cadence, or Fitz and Olivia having phone sex. Shall we take it to a vote? Okay…you know the drill. Name the song for Friday morning bonus points people.

Here's who needs to get Emmy nominations: Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause, Ray Romano, and the kid that plays Max. Come on Emmy people. Parenthood needs the validation. Last night alone earned them all (except Peter, he wasn't in last nights episode) a nod. The scene with Zeke and Joel KILLED me. Do you think in the end Julia will take Joel back? Max and Hank both had some pretty intense Asberger moments last night. I know we fast forwarded 3 months in last weeks episode, but we didn't this week, and Amber's belly was looking more like 24 weeks than 16. I keep expecting doom in every scene with a car or a motorcycle don't you? When Joel was driving to Julia's I thought, he's going to die on his way over there in a car crash isn't he? He didn't. Then I thought that Drew was going to crash the GTO with Zeke in it. Then I thought that the gun was going to accidentally kill Drew. Ruby ruins everything for me. I just can't stand the girl. She's no Lily or Luke from Modern Family, I mean she can act, I just don't like her. Loved seeing THAT Pheobe Cates scene from THIS movie. Name it people. How many eps left? Don't tell me, I don't want to know.


-TiVO subscribers were asked some questions about the new Primetime TV Season in the month of September. Pretty interesting how right they were. Who needs Nielsen, the networks can ask TiVO or me directly. Here are some results from their survey:
  • The top 3 most watched NEW shows so far are Scorpion, Gotham and Madam Secretary
  • the worst reviewed new show was Utopia (Great minds)
  • Most likely to be renewed was NCIS: New Orleans, Gotham and Madam Secretary
  • Most likely to get cancelled: Utopia, Selfie and Manhattan Love Story. 2 out of 3 aint bad. (Who sang that one? More bonus points)
-As we all know, Cougar Town is coming back for one more season. What we didn't know was when the final season was premiering.  I found out from this video and posted it to the list of premieres and finales on the right. If you've never watched Cougar Town, don't want to binge it, but want to know what's happened in the past 5 years, this video will be a huge help. Enjoy.

-ABC Family renewed Chasing Life for a second season. I'm guessing that this means April's still doing okay. I kept meaning to watch this one and honestly, I forgot. Now I'll have a chance since it's coming back and April's alive. I guess that's sort of a spoiler, right? 

-Nice to know before Season 5 even begins that Downton Abbey will have a 6th Season.  

-Desperate times call for desperate measures. Bringing back shows that were previously cancelled due to lack of viewers doesn't exactly seem like a great strategy to me, but I guess if you're FOX, you'll try anything at this point. So, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader's coming back. Jeff Foxworthy probably psyched but not sure anyone else is. Get up Jeff, gotta go try and save the network. 

-Is Jimmy Kimmel the new King of Late Night? Check this out and tell me what you think:

Friday's Trivia Question: Joe Morton is brilliant as Command/Rowan Pope on Scandal, but we first met him as Mike James on this show. Name it for a tough Friday Trivia Question. 

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