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Julie Quits Survivor and Miranda Lambert Won Pretty Much Everything at the CMA's.

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Keshia Knight Puliam played Rudy on The Cosby Show
FIRST FIVES: Chuck Chiocco, Bobby Aguilera, Heather Doyle, Leslie Keidan & Phyllis DiCesare

Lots of requests for the acceptable TV Jimmy's:
Jimmy Smits
Jimmy J.J. Walker
Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Durante
Jimmy Osmond
Jimmy MacNichol
Jimmy Baio

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 2.3/9.5
MasterChef Junior-FOX 1.8/5.0
New Girl-FOX 1.6/3.3
NCIS-CBS 1.5/11.4
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 1.4/9.9

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Sons of Anarchy-FX 1.9/3.8
19 Kids and Counting-TLC 1.2/3.2
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.8
America's Election-FOX News 1.1/6.6
Curse of Oak Island-History .9/2.6

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Sons of Anarchy-FX 80,000 Tweets
Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 37,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 22,000 Tweets
2014: Your Voice, Your Vote-ABC 8,000 Tweets
30 for 30-ESPN 7,000 Tweets 
The merge caught me by surprise for some reason. So did John Rocker's girlfriend. First she stole the trail mix and then she quit the show.  Normally Jeff comes down pretty hard on quitters, but he went easy on Julie during the Survivor therapy section. Maybe it was her tight buff tube top. Jeremy and Natalie weren't happy to get the big Julie news as it totally screwed up their plans big time. Wasn't the ball immunity challenge funny? You know my 12 year old sense of humor. 2 balls? Some of those camera shots were hilarious and of course all of Jeff's ball commentary had me rolling. "Keith's balls are on the move" I wonder if Julie will show up at the reunion? If Julie and John do make it to the reunion, it could get ugly. 

CMA Awards
  • I love Kenny Chesney's new song but I hate Kenny. Maybe it's the Renee Zellweger thing or maybe it's all the rumors that he's gay who knows what it is. I just can't stand him. Supposedly, Will Lexington on Nashville is based on Kenny, have you ever heard that? 
  • Miranda Lambert and Meghan Trainor sang "All About That Bass" together which is ironic. Miranda is now one of the skinny b*tches Meghan's singing about. Great duet either way. Both dresses…hideous. This set the style tone for the night. What is it about country music fashion? 
  • Carrie & Brad together again hosting for the 7th time. Carrie's pregnant and looking gorgeous. Their entire opening was pretty funny. The George Strait bit was hilarious. Brad's another one I really want to have over for dinner. I love him. Ebola song, PPTSD (Post Partum Taylor Swift Disorder) Democrats,  Arianna Grande, Obama, Renee Zellwegger, photos leaking online song. Winner guys.
  • Steven Tyler looking VERY Joan Riversy did a little "Cryin" with Brad and Carrie and then presented the Single of the Year to: Miranda Lambert for "Automatic". Miranda wore cool shoes but I don't think the shoe stylist and the dress stylist were working well together. Fire one of them Miranda.  
  • Lady Antebellum performed "Hey Bartender" The crowd had on their super cool light up wristbands. I need a pair of those. 
  • Florida Georgia Line performed "Dirt" one of my faves of the year. 
  • Great non-racist joke about Black-ish, Brad. 
  • Keith Urban was up next. I'd like a change to his middle part/long hair look. If I'm yearning for a makeover, do you think Nicole is too? She was in the house and looking proud, but her dress was horrible. 
  • Darius Rucker and Tim Tebow presented Song of the Year to: Kacey Musgraves for "Follow Your Arrow" which was a shocker. 
  • The Band Perry performed a tribute to Glen Campbell which was pretty good, actually. 
  • Kacey Musgraves did a quick change into another hideous dress and then performed with Loretta Lynn who was looking pretty good for 82 years old. 
  •  Brantley Gilbert had on some big odd earrings and big chunky rings. He and Lee Brice presented Brett Eldredge with the New Artist of the Year. Nice tuxedo, Brett. I've loved him ever since he was on Big Brother when Jeff and Jordan got engaged. Brett looked high to me. 
  • Jason Aldean was up next with "Burnin It Down" Jason scares the cr@p out of me. 
  • Brad had a bucket of cheese balls in a Baby Bjorn and threw Carrie a mini baby shower which was a pretty cute bit. 
  • Little Big Town performed "Day Drinking" with a huge light up drum core and lots of light up outfits The girls skirts were horrible. The stockings, the underwear etc. Arianna Grande came out with a light up dress and did "Bang Bang" with LBT. That song's always good. 
  • Chevrolet Integration Alert
  • Tim McGraw is hot. I love him but he needs to gain some weight. He's looking a bit too thin. 
  • Best Vocal Duo of the Year: Florida Georgia Line. No brainer. Of course it did. Nice bedazzled pants pockets! Swon Brothers looked bummed that they lost. 
  • Had to Google Cole Swindell's hat. The GS threw me but it stands for Georgia Southern. 
  • It's not just me, Carrie Underwood acknowledged all the country songs about drinking and then introduced Dierks Bentley who sang "Drunk on a Plane" 
  • Standing O's are given out way too often at the CMA's. 
  • Connie Britton and Martina McBride presented Album of the Year to: Miranda Lambert for Platinum. I LOVE CONNIE but…the green dress was HORRIBLE. Miranda changed into a better dress. Still horrible, but better. Not sure if the hair was a wig or not but it was a bit too flat. 
  • Brad sang "Perfect Storm" and then Blake Shelton performed "We Don't Have to be Lonely Tonight" with  some girl I didn't know who had  bad hair, bad makeup and a super short dress that left no hiding places for the mic wires. 
  • Carrie changed her outfit for the 9th time in 2 hours and then performed "Something in the Water' Do you think the smoke machine smoke was okay for Baby Underwood? There sure was a ton of it. 
  • Lucy Hale won for best dress. Dan and Shea won for getting to present with her. They gave out the Vocal Group of the Year Award to: Little Big Town. HORRIBLE outfits, just horrible. WHO is picking out the country artists clothes? Like the Swon Brothers, The Band Perry didn't look to thrilled that they lost to LBT. 
  • Luke Bryan was up next. He performed "Old Beach Roller coaster" Not his best. He seemed shaky to me but still got a standing O. Like I said they give um out all over the place at the CMAs
  • Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town sang "Smokin and Drinkin" HORRIBLE camel toe on Miranda. Does anyone look in the mirror? 
  • Vince Gill received the Irving Waugh Award of Excellence. 
  • George Strait and Eric Church performed together next. I think I'm one of the only people who's NOT a George Strait fan. 
  • Trisha Yearwood in the house which means Garth must be too! Trisha presented Male Vocalist of the Year to: Blake Shelton. Blake mentioned his favorite country singer, Earl Thomas Conely. I had no idea who he was and had to Google him. 
  • Thomas Rhett sang us into commercial with "Some of That" I bet he was bummed that he only got to half perform. 
  • DOOBIE BROTHERS in da house! Are they country? I guess they could be. Hilary Scott, Jennifer Nettles and Hunter Hayes joined them. 
  • Note to the women of country music: Pleather, Leather  or any tight fitting fabric that looks like leather or pleather should not be in your consideration sets. TRUST ME on this one!
  • Lily Aldridge and Sam Hunt presented Female Vocalist of the Year to: Miranda Lambert in another hideous ensemble. 
  • Garth Brooks at the CMA's for the first time since 2005 came out to present Entertainer of the Year to: Luke Bryan who hugged his wife for a VERY long time before heading up to get his award. The crowd went nuts. Nice little wink to the wife, nice little hug for Garth, nod to God, I enjoy Luke. 
  • Doobie's ended the show with "Takin it to the Street" Did Michael MacDonald eat too many McNuggets? He looked pretty large, no? 
  • Final tally on Carrie's Costume Changes: 12 in 3 hours. Not bad for a pregnant lady! 
  • Worst Dressed goes to Nicole Kidman. Best Dressed goes to Lucy Hale. 
Jimmy Kimmel Live vs. Tonight Show
I wish I could have assigned the viewing of both Jimmy's shows last night for WWTM homework. Jimmy Fallon had on Bette Midler. He gushed way too much over the Divine Miss M and pretended to know way too much about the musicians she was inspired by on her latest album. Then they did the lip flip thing and then Bette did a horrible version of TLC's "Waterfalls" Sooooo sorry Jimmy but I had big time dooooosh chills. If you had watched Jimmy Kimmel, it was the polar opposite. He was broadcasting via hologram to Nashville in celebration of the CMAs. He did relevant Nashville jokes, had an awesome Tim McGraw/Faith Hill bit,  Brad Paisley doing the 3 Ridiculous Questions segment and Florida Georgia Line performing. Even if you aren't into country music, there were no doosh chills at all. Again, I feel really guilty for turning on my Jimmy, but my patience is wearing thin. Fallon's going to have U2 on for an entire week during November sweeps. Maybe that'll get me to change my mind a bit. 


-Marry Me just got 5 more episodes. I know quite a few of you guys will be very happy about that. I have yet to watch this one. Also receiving some good news, another show I don't watch,  Royal Pains which was renewed for not just one season but two by USA. 

-I totally forgot that the Dish Network people are still without their Turner nets. They haven't had any TBS/TNT/CNN etc. since October 21st. Bummer for Kevin Reilly. Talk about cleaning up someone else's mess, right? 

- "Juleeeessssss, Come give Daddy a congratulatory kiss, just beat Wall Streets projections for 3Q!" 
"I don't get it Les, if you keep making the network so much money, why can't I get some new outfits for Big Brother? WHY, babe?" 
"You DON'T get it Jules. That's HOW I DO make money for the network!"
Thursday's Trivia Question: There were a bunch of performers on last nights CMA's who got their start on a music competition show. Points for each one. 

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