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Can You Believe It's Been 13 DAYS??? I Have SOOOO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS! Galavant, Downton and Celebrity Apprentice are just the beginning!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for another fun year of WATCHING WAY TOO MUCH! Let's get some new readers in 2015! Tell your friends, your co-workers, your aunts, uncles and cousins! The more the merrier!

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY 12/22's TRIVIA QUESTION: (Who even remembers? It was sooooo long ago) Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker were the two sisters on Designing Women
FIRST FIVES: Dave DeSocio, Mike O'Dea, Chuck Chiocco, Priscilla Paez & Karen Feldman

The December WWTM Trivia Winner is...Mike O'Dea! Congratulations Mike! 
It's a new year, a new month, every thing's been reset, so get your trivia answers in!  All correct answers count towards the monthly prize!


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.7/8.1
Two and a Half Men-CBS .9/5.0
The Biggest Loser-NBC .9/3.4
The McCarthy's-CBS .7/3.9
The Taste-ABC .7/2.6

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Thursday's Top 5 Twitter Ratings
Ridiculousness-MTV 8,000 Tweets
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory-MTV 8,000 Tweets
The First 48-A&E 5,000 Tweets
Little Women: LA 4,000 Tweets
The Millionaire Matchmaker-Bravo 2,000 Tweets

Some ratings housekeeping: I've moved the Friday information to Tuesday's so that I have it all on the same day. Friday cable ratings aren't available until Monday's so I think it's better this way. If you have any issues...let me know.
Kingdom (worst title ever!)
Okay, I have to be careful here...I don't have Direct TV. One of my amazing friends and a WWTM reader let me BORROW their Direct TV password and I watched this show on my laptop. How many of you guys actually have Direct TV? How many of you guys watched this show? It's crazyyyyyyy. Crazy good. It reminds me in a lot of ways of Sons of Anarchy. Very VERY dysfunctional family. This story takes place around a struggling gym in Venice California that trains MMA fighters. It's gritty and rough and dirty.  I had heard that Nick Jonas and Matt Lauria were in it. I support my boy bands and all Friday Night Lights cast members, so I just had to find a way to see it. Everyone in this show is awesome. I had never seen or heard of Frank Grillo before, but I'm obsessed with him now. (Is he related to Steve Grillo from the Howard Stern show?) For you Parenthood fans, remember Bob Little? You wouldn't even recognize him in this. I have no idea if Jonathan Tucker looked that good underneath his wardrobe on Parenthood, but, OMFG unbelievable transformation. Each character is like an onion with a million skins to peel back. All of the characters are so flawed and rough. In addition to the unique backdrop, and interesting characters, there are crazy sex scenes, crazy fighting, lots of naked, lots of hot, topless, sweaty guys, and a beautiful actress named Kiele Sanchez.  The first season was only 10 episodes. Thankfully, it's been renewed. I hope you all have a very close friend who can "LEND" you their Direct TV password so you can check this show out. To the best of my knowledge, it's not available any place else...YET!

I remember seeing the preview of Galavant at last years upfronts and rolling my eyes. I looked at whoever I was sitting with and gave the WTF look. Honestly...I really, really enjoyed this one. Yep...I said it. I typed it. It's a musical, but not too much music. It's REALLY freaking funny and brilliantly written. If you listened carefully to the lyrics, they pushed the envelope as far as they could for the 8pm hour and I completely appreciated it. Galavant is our hero. He's pretty cute and thanks to the director we already got a wet/shirtless shot, which of course I appreciated. I had read about it, but forgotten, that John Stamos would be making a cameo. There he was as Sir Jean Hamm. The premise is pretty simple really. Galavant, our hero, was in love with Madalena but she blew him off for fame and fortune to marry the hilarious show stealer, King Richard aka King Dick. The King's trying to win Madalena's love but she's cheating on him with the Jester and still has feelings for "Gal".  Loved the Winterfell reference (name the show for some early January bonus points) and the entire show. I just may have to hold off on Madam Secretary until Monday's! Definitely check this one out if you haven't already. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Downton Abbey
Wasn't it SO good to hear those trumpets and see our favorite PBS family again? Damn I've missed them all. Last season was a bit disappointing but I think we're back on track. Mosley dyed his hair with thick tar. I guess they didn't have any Just for Men back then. It became  the running joke through the entire episode until Lord Grantham made him wash that gray  back IN to his hair! Lord Grantham's a bit depressed. The town didn't want him on the War Memorial committee and a new more liberal government means change is coming. Apparently, Robert doesn't do well with change at all. So he's a bit down in the dumps. Cora's still the same. She was way too nice to Baxter who finally gave up her big secret...she's an ex-con! Yep! She's a thief but she swore she'd never do it again so Cora hasn't fired her yet. She almost fired Thomas when he went to her to tell her about Baxter but then he saved the day when Lady Edith accidentally set her room on fire so his job's safe for now. Lady Edith's still got that black cloud following her. She's yearning for her illegitimate daughter, Marigold and her missing baby Daddy, Michael, and now she's gotta sleep in someones closet while her room dries out. How hilarious that in all the chaos, the staff managed to get a perfectly upholstered chair for Lady Edith to sit on and all of her paintings outside and out of danger. Of course Fireman Tim knows that Edith is Marigold's Mom and has a plan on how she can get her daughter back. Lady Mary just accepted Tony's scandalous offer to go away for a week and basically try him out in the bedroom. She accepted as long as nobody would find out which means...every one's going to find out. Mrs. and Mr. Bates are doing okay. I guess she's recovered from her PTSD from the rape. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson never change. Daisy's feeling stupid and wants to learn some addition and subtraction. Pretty sure that Miss Bunting will end up teaching her and continuing to piss everyone, except Tom, off. Did Mrs. Patmore lose a little weight? I think so. Guess she stopped eating her own food. Love how the kids call Lord Grantham, "Donk" too funny. Lady Grantham had a luncheon for Mrs. Crawley and had both of her current suitors over for a little fun. Personally I'm rooting for the doctor. I don't like that other guy. Too stuffy, even for this show. Big scandal of the night...James and his ex-boss were doing it during the fire and Lord Grantham caught them. James got the boot. Buh Bye James. 

Celebrity Apprentice
I wasn't going to watch Celeb Apprentice, especially given that Sunday's are so tough for me, but Piers was back and Joan's going to be in it and I support all my 90210'ers and all my boy bands so...I tuned in. Glad I did. The Donald is way too tan. I can only imagine what goes on with his hair and make-up people. What color is his hair? No idea. Ivanka's gorgeous even after 2 kids and she speaks so beautifully, I could listen to her read the phone book if there were phone books anymore. Piers covered for Donald Jr. as advisor/judge and he's really good at it.  The Donald should keep him on full time. The teams had issues right from the get-go coming up with team names. Geraldo was obsessed with the guys team being called "Vortex" and he won his battle and the first challenge. He's going to be tough. He's super egotistical and I know every one's going to hate him more than they already do, plus there were a million close ups of that mustache and it's truly hypnotic. Also hypnotic, Lorenzo Lamas who must have gone to Joan Rivers guy because his face was pulled back so tight, he lost all expression and his ability to make any money for his team. Gilbert Gottfried was hilarious. Love Sig Hansen, Kevin Jonas and Ian Ziering. The women also had issues with their team name but settled on Infinity. The women lost the pie battle mainly because Rudy from The Cosby Show didn't call Mr. Huxtable for some dough. So buh bye Rudy!  Obviously the show was shot way before Bill's debacle but Keshia admitted she hasn't spoken to Bill in 5 years. Guarantee that if he was on, the ratings and the winnings would have been huge and Keshia would have lived another week. I couldn't tell the difference between Kate Gosselin and Jamie Anderson. They both look alike and Kate no longer has her signature hairdo so I was never really sure who was who. It's going to be a good season. Hoping it's only one night a week and hoping they move it to another night! 

-It's that time of year where Sunday nights became super stressful for many of us TV freaks. I was trying to figure out what to prioritize and what to do and it's getting really tough. Of course if I didn't have to work on Monday's it would solve a lot of the problem. Damn those bills! The next 2 Sundays will be brutal, but I was hoping you guys could help me prioritize. Taking sports out of the mix, this is a list of Sunday night shows launching over the next 2 weeks. (Also keep in mind that next Sunday is The Golden Globes) Let me know what you'll be watching LIVE:
Galavant, The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, Celebrity Apprentice, Downton Abbey, Episodes, House of Lies, Shameless, Revenge, Girls, Togetherness and Looking. Now, I don't watch some of these, but it will still be helpful if I know what you'll all be prioritizing and what will be sitting in your DVR.

-Over the break, I ate a lot, (OMG Mastros Butter Cake is insanity!) visited friends, worked out, worked (Thank you FOX!) ate some more, hit the highline (twice!) got a well deserved and much needed massage. Got a mani/pedi, organized,  listened to a lot of great music, and of course I did watch a lot too. In addition to Kingdom, Here's a brief summary of everything else I checked out:

White Collar-Finished the series. Loved the ending, miss Matt Bomer so much that I made him the screen saver on my laptop.  I'm hoping that Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen and Willie Garson all get new gigs soon. I know Matt's busy with Magic Mike 2 and some other movies, but his White Collar pals need jobs! They all rock and I miss them so much already.

Suits-recommended by many of you guys who also watched White Collar. I like it, I don't LOVE it but that's because Harvey Specter's no Matt Bomer. I like Harvey, but Gabriel Macht's manager needs to get him to a dermatologist. He has so many raised birthmarks on his face and the make-up artist really isn't helping. Those things are super distracting. In some episodes they are more noticeable than others but still, I need them removed A...S...A...P. Especially that one above his eye. Patrick J. Adams, the guy that plays Mike, has grown on me. He's good, but I wish he was hotter. The scene stealers in this show are Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt and Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane. Meghan is beautiful. Hoping she ends up with Harvey and not Mike but betting it's Mike who gets the hottie. Louis is HILARIOUS and gives the show what it needs. Here's my issue with these types of's one case after the other. Our guys usually win or do the right thing or save the day. I'm pretty sure that real lawyers don't have the time to do half the sh*t these TV lawyers do for their clients. No way. I'm sticking with it, just to see how long Mike's big secret is kept. (He's not really a lawyer. He never went to college or Harvard Law) son loves it and it's one of those shows we now watch together.

My son has never watched Friends. Now that all 10 seasons are available on Netflix, and he finished Friday Night Lights, I suggested he check it out. I watched the first 4 eps with him.  So funny to hear his questions. Which one's Joey? What's wrong with Phoebe? Are Monica and Ross related? That's the hair everyone talks about? Where are their cell phones?  I can't believe how young they all look and how simple life was back in 1994. Nobody at Central Perk cared about the Wifi working!

The League-I believe I tried to watch this show once before but not from the beginning and honestly, I think that was the problem. I really like it. It's wildly inappropriate but hilariously funny. Nick Kroll reminds me SO much of Joshua Malina from West Wing/Sports Night/Scandal doesn't he? I'm in. I'm not obsessed in, but I'm in nonetheless.

Jane the Virgin-I'm all caught up and hoping that Jane sticks with Rafael and doesn't go back to Michael. What are they going to do when Jane's no longer a virgin? I guess they could call the show Jane the Ex-Virgin or Jane Got Married or Jane the Slut right?

I also saw the following movies:
St Vincent- enjoyed it but you've seen this movie before. Old curmudgeon/young kid. Old guy is annoyed by kid, kid's cute and turns the old guy around. Bill Murray's good but nothing you haven't seen before. Naomi Watts was awesome as the pregnant Russian prostitute and the kid was great. Melissa McCarthy was the kids Mom. Whatever.

The Interview-we watched it via YouTube on Christmas morning after opening all of our presents. We all enjoyed it. Is it the best thing ever? No. It's typical Seth Rogen ridiculousness, but I laughed and James Franco rules.  Some fun cameos too. I don't want to ruin it for ya.

Unbroken-OMFG. I hadn't read the book so wasn't sure what to expect. War is brutal, I wouldn't last a second. This Louis Zamperini dude survived some crazy, crazy sh*t. No way he came out of it without some major issues, but Angie didn't let us know if his therapist was consulted for the film...LOL. Worth seeing, but is it the best thing ever? Not really.

Fury-pretty ridiculous, but Brad Pitt was in it so I figured...why not. Plus, it was free and I watched from my couch in my new jammies.

Grand Budapest Hotel-HORRIBLE! How in the world is this nominated for best picture at the Globes? OMFG PAINFUL!

Into the Woods-Meryl Streep is queen of the universe and Chris Pine is hot. Typical Disney stuff flick. Again...not the best thing ever, but fun for a couple hours.

Theory of Everything-I didn't know much at all about Stephen Hawking. I still don't really get what it is he discovered, or why he ended up living so long. Personally, what's more incredible than anything else to me is that 2 hot women married him and that he fathered  all 3 kids after he was diagnosed with his disease, but there were no sex scenes in this movie.  Eddie Redmayne was amazing but I was bored. Again, felt like I'd seen this story before. It felt a lot like My Left Foot or one of those films.

-Top 10 Series on Twitter for 2014
10. Dancing with the Stars
9. The Voice
8. The Bachelorette
7. Scandal
6. Teen Wolf
5. Game of Thrones
4. American Horror Story: Freak Show
3. Pretty Little Liars
2. The Bachelor
1. The Walking Dead

-Top 10 most pirated TV shows of 2014
10. South Park-2.4 million downloads
9. Suits-2.5 million downloads
8. Vikings-2.7 million downloads
7. Grey's Anatomy-2.8 million downloads
6. Arrow 2.9 million downloads
5. Gotham-3.2 million downloads
4. How I Met Your Mother-3.5 million downloads
3. Big Bang Theory-3.9 million downloads
2. The Walking Dead-4.8 million downloads
1. Game of Thrones-8.1 million downloads

Monday's Trivia Question:  Name the family that  lives here?

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