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More Celebrity Apprentice, Madam Secretary and a Good Wife nail biter

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The Crawley's and the Grantham's live in Downton Abbey
FIRST FIVE: Ed Ziskind, Dave DeSocio, Alex Nagler, Bobby Aguilera & Phyllis DiCesare
BONUS TRIVIA QUESTION: Winterfell is from Game of Thrones


Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.4/11.5
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.4/10.3
Undercover Boss-CBS 1.4/8.5
20/20-ABC 1.1/4.7
Dateline-NBC 1.0/5.4

Friday's Cable Top 5 

Friday's Top 5 Twitter Ratings
Whale Wars-Animal Planet 4,000 Tweets
A Football Life-NFL Network 2,000 Tweets
Undercover Boss-CBS 2,000 Tweets
Say Yes to the Dress-TLC 2,000 Tweets
Billy Joel: Library of Congress-PBS 1,000 Tweets 

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
The Simpsons-FOX 4.6/10.5
Brooklyn Nine-Nine-FOX 2.9/6.0
Family Guy-FOX 2.8/5.5
Celebrity Apprentice-NBC 2.3/6.7 (+35% from last Season's premiere)
Galavant-ABC 2.1/7.8 (Impressive!)
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Celebrity Apprentice-NBC 93,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 74,000 Tweets
Downton Abbey-PBS 48,000 Tweets
Galavant-ABC 30,000 Tweets
Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons-E! 15,000 Tweets

The Good Wife
I was wondering whatever happened to Chris Elliot (not really).  There he was, at debate practice with Alicia and still getting high.  Alicia's debate was just filler while we waited for someone to find something to keep Cary out of prison. The clock was literally ticking. You could hear it every time Cary was on screen. Cary hired a prison consultant. Who knew there was such a person? Good to know in case I ever decide to rob that bank. This guy tells you everything you need to know to survive prison life. Kalinda tried to find something to save her man, but when she couldn't find what she needed, she took matters into her own hands. She didn't have to though,  as one of the lawyers from the firm found the info needed to clear Cary and the crazy, angry, super mean judge set him free. Yeah! Cary's free at last, thank god almighty he's free at last.  Alicia was so excited she planted a huge smooch on Johnny's lips. Bummer, I really wish it was Finn who got that kiss and not Johnny. I bet Finn wishes it was him too. Who knows if Kalinda will get caught or not, she's leaving the show this season, so maybe she'll split to avoid trouble and leave Cary broken hearted.

Madam Secretary
All Elizabeth and Henry wanted to do was celebrate their anniversary. Get back the intimacy, reconnect, have just one uninterrupted conversation. Was that too much to ask? It is when you're the Secretary of State, your husband's a part time spy, you have 3 kids, problems in Texas and a crazy dude in need of protection. They gave it a good try in NYC. They tried going off the grid, but then Jason sprained his ankle playing football in the house (you'd think he'd know better) and a lunatic in Texas was getting into it with the FBI, so the anniversary celebration was cut short. Pretty sure they did get a little action in before Elizabeth flew to Texas and fixed the situation in 3 minutes. Glad she changed out of the very odd black dress she packed for her romantic weekend. What is with Tea Leoni and sleeves? This dress had one long sheer sleeve and one 1/2 cut out sheer sleeve. It looked like she had put it on wrong or something. Vacation over, back to work and 3/4 length suit jackets.

Celebrity Apprentice
2 episodes last night.  Both of them featured the super annoying, super egotistical Geraldo Rivera. The women won both challenges and Geraldo was called to the board room both times and survived both times. I think Trump just wants to keep him around for ratings, but then again, he fired Kevin Jonas, so maybe ratings aren't as important as we think. Kevin took a big risk and it backfired. He thought that if he brought Ian in to the boardroom, Trump would HAVE to fire Geraldo, but Trump fired Kevin for the stupid decision. I'm going to miss Kevin. It was amazing that the women won the first challenge, but that's because they have Leeza Gibbons. She's going to the finals. Mark my words. Kate Gossellin is scary hideous. Her forehead is super shiny. Why aren't the make-up people out there with some powder or blotter paper or something? Sig got his buddy Mike Rowe to do the voice over for the Neat commercial. What show is Mike famous for? (More January bonus points people) Lorenzo Lamas was wearing an odd baseball hat that made his head look tiny like Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show. During the second challenge, Shawn Johnson was hit with some crazy period cramps and VivicaA. Fox actually revealed this news to the guys and the Trumps. Donald was hilarious but I think Ivanka wanted to crawl under the table. I wonder if she's ever called in sick to Daddy with bad cramps. Betting NEVER! I feel bad for Eric Trump. He's the oddest looking guy. He and his sister only move their lips when they speak but Ivanka's so beautiful you don't notice it as much. Eric unfortunately got his Dad's looks, but seems to be missing his Dad's personality. At least he has his Dad's dough. Bummed that Gilbert Gottfried was fired on the second challenge but his jokes did bomb pretty bad on the Luvo people so it sort of made sense. Next week…lots of skin! Can't wait. 


-I really can't handle it anymore. Cable, broadcast, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Itunes, and now the DISH Network has thrown it's hat in the ring with yet another viewing option to consfuse us all. Their new thing is called Sling TV. It'll cost you $20.00 a month and you'll get ESPN, ESPN2, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Food Channel, HGTV, Travel Channel, TBS, TNT, CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim plus some Internet content. You'd still need to figure out how to get your basics like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW and you'll still be missing Discovery, Bravo, FX and a bunch of the other good cable nets. The Watch Apps are great but you need a cable subscription to use them. Seriously, someone needs to invent an app where you put in everything you watch and the App puts together the most efficient option for you. Dish's option does give you some live sports, but if you're a sports nut, it's just not enough to do the trick. I don't even want to add up what I pay for my content at this point, because I'm sure it's way toooo much, but would I cut the cord and piecemeal my content together? Not an option for a TVholic. I need to meet a cord cutter. I have tons of questions for them. All I know is that the pie slices keep getting thinner and thinner and the pie gets bigger and bigger and my head is exploding trying to keep up with it all.  

-Some new DVR numbers I thought I'd share:  

  • DVR service is still growing in U.S. TV homes — even versus all newer digital TV platforms.
  • 62% of U.S. TV homes subscribing to a pay TV service have a digital video recorder — up from 41% from five years ago (That would be me)
  • 76% of U.S. TV homes have either a DVR, use video on demand or have a subscription to Netflix. (That would be me)
  • 26% percent have two services, and 11% have all three (That would be me).
  • 55% of TV homes with a DVR now have a DVR on more than one TV set, up from 28% five years ago. (That would be me)
  • 36% of pay-TV subscribers have Netflix, this compared to 48% of non-pay TV subscribers (Yep...got it)
  • 36% of Netflix subscribers stream video daily, and 72% stream it weekly. This is up from 10% in daily usage, and 43% in weekly usage from four years ago. (I'm weekly)
  • Video-on-demand continues to grow as well: 59% of all cable subscribers have used VOD — compared to 46% in 2009, and 10% in 2004.
-Bittersweet news for me personally. Girls 4th season, premieres this Sunday night and has already been renewed for a 5th season. OMFG, I can't believe I have to continue to endure this freaking show for another year!  For any of you new readers, you should know that I HATE Girls, but I can't NOT watch it. It's hate watching at its finest. I know everyone says Lena Dunham is brilliant and a genius but I just DON'T GET IT yet…I continue to watch and get angry and squirmy the entire time. I hate every character except Adam and dream of the day this one gets cancelled and I get a little Sunday relief.  

-Bradley Cooper was on Jimmy Fallon last night plugging his gig in The Elephant Man and his new movie, American Sniper (dying to see it!). His hair (before the wig) was really weird looking, but who knew he was such a talented air guitarist? New category for Jimmy's upcoming lip sync battle show...instruments only. Bradley would win hands down. Check him out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1dW8M4EqYY

Tuesday's Trivia Question:  Who lives here? 

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