Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just Girls and Episodes. This isn't a good one you guys...consider yourself warned.

Congratulations to Karen Feldman, February's WWTM Trivia winner! Slate's wiped clean and March starts a new month. Reminder that the blog is posted early on Facebook and Twitter and that all correct answers count towards the monthly prize, so get them all in!

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Ryan Phillipe and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan's ex, Reese Witherspoon starred in a great movie called Cruel Intentions
FIRST FIVE:Alex Nagler, James Gabriele, Karen Feldman, Dave DeSocio, & Candace Gorin

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.4/7.2
20/20-ABC 1.3/5.9
Shark Tank-ABC 1.2/5.9
Dateline-NBC 1.2/6.1
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.1/9.4

Friday's Cable Top 5
Gold Rush-Discovery 1.3/4.4
Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge-Discovery 1.2/3.9
Family Guy-Adult Swim .9/1.8
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.3

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Glee-FOX 25,000 Tweets
Bellator MMA Live 17,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 11,000 Tweets
12 Monkeys-Syfy 6,000 Tweets
The O'Reilly Factor-FOX News 3,000 Tweets

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
The Last Man On Earth-FOX 2.3/5.7
Once Upon a Time-ABC 2.2/6.5
The Simpsons-FOX 1.8/3.9
60 Minutes-CBS 1.6/13.3
Secrets & Lies-ABC 1.5/5.8
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
The Walking Dead-AMC 314,000 Tweets
Once Upon a Time-ABC 157,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 123,000 Tweets
The Last Man on Earth-FOX 23,000 Tweets
Downton Abbey-PBS 32,000 Tweets

Top 5 DVR'ed shows from 2/9/15-2/15/15
Modern Family-ABC From a 3.3 to a 5.5 (=66%)
Blacklist-NBC From a 1.7 to a 3.6 (+112%)
How to Get Away with Murder-ABC From a 2.7 to a 4,5 (+67%)
Empire-FOX From a 4.8 to a 6.6 (+38%)
Scandal-ABC From a 3.1 to a 4.7 (+52%)

I had a really bad headache last night and went to bed early. Other than John Oliver, I only caught up on Girls and Episodes from Sunday night so now...I am WAY behind in viewing. The stress of a TV blogger!

I didn't even understand this weeks episode of Girls. Hannah went on a date with a dude named Fran. They had a lovely dinner, things were going great and then Hannah took Fran the man, to Mimi Rose's bizarre art thing. Of course Adam was there. I didn't understand Mimi Rose's art, I didn't understand Mimi Rose, I didn't understand if she  really loved Zachary Quinto or Adam, I didn't understand if she liked Hannah or not. I just didn't get it. The best part of the entire show was the part that reminded me I only had to endure 3 more episodes. 

Not the greatest episode of Episodes. Helen Bash gave Carol a key, suggested they get a puppy, renovate or better yet buy a place at the beach together where they can relax after a long day at the office. Only one problem, Carol's NOT A LESBIAN (not that there's anything wrong with that.) She tried to break up but that didn't go so well and they're still together. Matt wanted a part in Sean and Bev's new show but they don't want him in it. Awkward. Like I said. Not a great episode. They can't all be good, plus, I had a headache.

-Neil Patrick Harris may not have hit it out of the park on Oscar night, but in general the guy can do anything. He sings and dances, he's funny, he's a magician, and…he also loves Thomas the Tank Engine…check this out: http://www.thewrap.com/neil-patrick-harris-schools-kids-on-thomas-the-tank-engine-facts-for-funny-or-die-video/

-The Daytime Emmy's are coming back to TV. Well, they're coming back to TV for those of you that have the POP network (Formerly, TV Guide Channel). This means that they aren't coming back for ME because I don't have POP. I honestly don't care at all about the Daytime Emmy's. Once Susan Lucci won and Oprah split, did anyone care? I do care about not having POP because they seem to have all sorts of shows I know I would like. Schitts Creek, Rock this Boat: New Kids on the Block, Unusually Thicke, and The Story Behind... I WANT MY POP! Damn you Cablevision! 
-Like me, quite a few of you guys started House of Cards over the weekend. We weren't alone. People were tweeting about it the show over the weekend. There were 203,000 unique authors who sent 373,000 Tweets about “House of Cards" from  Thursday, 2/26/15 at 5am, through Monday, 3/2/15 at 5am. While that was pretty high, I thought it would be higher. The good news is that I haven't seen any spoilers, so everyone's being super respectful of the Netflix rules, which is nice to see.

I had no idea that Judge Judy was still on TV. Well, she is and I guess she does pretty well because she just got renewed through 2020! That's 5 more years for Judy. Good for her. I wonder if she gets sick of listening to so many freaks and losers all day. Guess the paycheck cancels out the white trash noise.

Tuesday's Trivia Question:  Before Judge Judy, we had The Peoples Court. Who was the first famous judge of this show?
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