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THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Litchfield Penitiary is the prison feature in Orange is the New Black
FIRST FIVE: Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Evan Schweitzer, Andrea Walters & Monica Caraffa

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
FIFA Women's World Cup-FOX 1.5/4.2
20/20-ABC 1.1/5.1
Dateline-NBC 1.0/5.1
What Would You Do-ABC 1.0/4.6
Shark Tank-ABC .9/4.6
America's Got Talent-NBC .8/4.0

Friday's Cable Top 5
Alaskan Bush People-Discovery .9/3.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .6/1.5
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .5/1.4
Girl Meets World-Disney .5/2.0
The Big Bang Theory-TBS .5/1.5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Phineas & Ferb-Disney XD 10,000 Tweets
Dark Matter-Syfy 7,000 Tweets
Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 5,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 5,000 Tweets
Anderson Cooper-CNN 2,000 Tweets

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
NBA Finals Game 5-ABC 6.2/16.8
NBA Countdown-ABC 3.4/9.9
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 2.7/8.3
Dateline-NBC .9/4.3
Family Guy-FOX .9/1.8
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Game of Thrones-HBO 436,000 Tweets
WWE Money in the Bank-PPV 268,000 Tweets
Veep-HBO 5,000 Tweets
Silicon Valley-HBO 3,000 Tweets
Halt and Catch Fire-AMC 2,000 Tweets

Game of Thrones 
First and foremost, THANK YOU for not spoiling anything for me and even warning me what NOT to read all day. You guys rule!!!  I didn't check Facebook, Twitter, or ANY of my normal TV sites all day. When Howard and Robin started talking GOT, I turned it off. I sat in 2 hours of traffic, warmed up my dinner, made a delicious cup of tea and plopped myself in front of my TV and watched. HOLY CRAP! Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse…they did. MUCH WORSE. Should we just sort of make a list? Okay, let's begin with Stanis. The guy was still reeling from burning his daughter to a stake and then his wife hung herself from a tree, then, his crazy freak of a mistress who made him burn her up in the first place left him along with half his guys and just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse. he gets his head cut off by a GIRL…Brienne of Tarth who had to recite quite a bit before doing the deed, but, to her credit, she's not only good with a sword, she can memorize pretty well. Sansa finally broke free, got to the top of the tower, lit the emergency candle pretty easily even with all that wind but her luck hadn't changed much and Brienne missed the signal. There was something good though, Theon finally snapped out of Reek mode and then I'm not sure if they both jumped to their death or into the sea? No clue, but I'm hoping it was water because at this point I'm running out of people to care about next season.  Arya threw on a wig and brutally killed one of the dudes on her list. Ya think she's filled with anger and rage? I'm not a therapist, but the chick was ANGRY. First she stabbed his eyes out, then she shoved a bloody rag down his throat, then stabbled him some more and then cut his face off. Not sure how she did it so perfectly must be TV magic or something. Anyway when she went back to the scary hall of faces, I have no idea what the f went on. The creepy guy was pissed off at her and then drank something and then I don't know if he lived or died or what but then Arya's eyes turned freaky and she couldn't see. Jamie was about to take his daughter/niece home to Kings Landing, but right before they left her mother-in-law to be (I think), awkwardly kissed her goodbye for wayyyy tooooo long. I knew something was up with that kiss. Myrcella told her uncle that she knew he was her Daddy and then...she bled to death. I'm sure that Jamie was upset. Not just that his daughter/niece died after schlepping all the way to Dorn to get her, not because now he couldn't walk her down the aisle, but because he knew Cersei was gonna be really pissed off when he got home without her. Little did he know what was going on at home with his beloved sister/lover/ royal baby mama. Cersei couldn't take prison any longer so she confessed to some of her sins and then had to atone for them by walking naked through Kings Landing after the freaks cut off all of her hair. I gotta give Lena Headey props. I know it was acting but she was SUPER naked and walked with fake bloody feet, super slowly, passed a million lunatics who were screaming at her, calling her the "C" word, throwing gooey garbage at her and spitting on her. She finally got home though, but mannnnn was it tough to watch. I thought…that had to be it. I couldn't take one more horrific thing and just wanted the credits to roll, but George R. R. Martin had to screw me over big time before the end of the season didn't he?  JON SNOW TOO??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WTF??? I love Tyrion and Dani, but will they be enough for me next season? Jon Snow's my guy, I loved him and now he's gone? There wasn't even a wedding this time. There has to be a way that he comes back to life. Maybe there is magic in those thick beautiful curls or maybe it's hidden somewhere in his big furry cape, find it and COME BACK TO ME JON SNOW!!! I don't know if I can watch GOT without you! 

Nurse Jackie
Holy cow, they're really doing the roller coaster thing with us, huh? A bit ridiculous of a storyline, with the evil Norwegian dude sending pharmacy police and a dog to Eddie's place looking for missing pills. Jackie had to shove one in her mouth JUST as she had to go to her hearing with the guy from Royal Pains. There were some touching moments with Zoey, Thor and Dr. Monk saying nice things about Jackie, but Akalidis really did everything in her power to keep Jackie from getting back to work. Net/net, Jackie's back to nursing but is she also back on pills? I think so, but I'm not sure. What was she throwing back at the end? Pills, right? 2 more episodes left and they look sort of crazy which I guess makes sense. Why did I think we'd have a perfect, wrapped-up-with-a-bow storybook ending with this one? 

Odd Mom Out
I'm enjoying this new Bravo scripted show. I'd describe it as a married/mommy Curb Your Enthusiasm sort of thing. Jill is a wacky chick. She's married to Michael Scott from The Office's boss and has 2 kids. She married money and lives in the city and has to deal with all the snooty Mom's but she gets herself into these crazy situations like Larry did in Curb or like Louis CK does in Louis or like Chrissy, Jack and Janet did in Three's Company. She has a just as crazy BFF who's a single doctor in NYC. I love the two of them together.  Last night's episode had Jill waiting to hear from private schools for interviews at the exact same time she and her husbands family were being interviewed to get in to an exclusive cemetery. When they got rejected, she stalked the cemetary guy at a funeral where she caused a lot of trouble and like Larry, put herself in an embarrassing, awkward situation.I like the pace and the writing, but not sure how I feel with all the crazy awkward situations. I did give this one a Season Pass. I'm sticking with it for now.

-Bravo renewed Shahs of Sunset for a 5th Season.  HGTV renewed Ellen's Design Challenge for a 2nd Season.  A&E renewed Bates Motel for 2 more seasons and thankfully, The Returned was cancelled after only one super creepy season. If you liked it at all, go watch the French version on Netflix, it was way better and less creepy. 

-Big Brother's back next week but starting today in just a few hours you can start live streaming all sorts of houseguest content and interviews. I'm honestly thinking of sucking it up and buying the All Access pass, but I know what will happen, I'll become obsessed and have it on all the time and I'll sneak it at work and at home. I'll never sleep and my husband will get pissed off.  I'll never go to the gym and then I'll get pissed off. Hmmm in typing that all out, maybe an All Access pass isn't a good idea. 

Tuesday's Trivia Question: To honor all of the Dad's out there for the rest of this week I will ask you to NAME THAT DAD!!!  Easy one on this gloomy Tuesday: Jamal, Andre and Hakeem…Who's their Daddy?

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