Monday, July 6, 2015

Big Brother was all I watched last night.

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Mitch and Cam from Modern Family tied the knot in advance of the Supreme Court ruling. 

FIRST FIVES: Karen Heniger, Elke Raskob, Brian Gould, Rachel Snyder & Heather Sparks


Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.0/4.6
Shark Tank-ABC .8/3.9
What Would You Do-ABC .8/3.5
America's Got Talent-NBC .7/3.6
Blue Bloods-CBS .7/3.2

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Grateful Dead: Fare Thee Well-PPV 11,000 Tweets
Defiance-Syfy 6,000 Tweets
An Hour with Bobby Jindal-Fox News 1,000 Tweets
New Japan Pro Wrestling-AXS 1,000 Tweets
The Kelly File-Fox New 1,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings Week of 6/22/15-6/26/15
Daily Show-.5/1.3
Seth Meyers-.4/1.3
Nightline -.3/1.3
James Corden.2/1.0
Carson Daly-.2/.8
Nightly Show-.2/.7

Morning News Ratings Week of 6/22/15-6/26/15
GMA 1.4/1.6
Today 1.4/1.6
CBS This AM .7/.8

Big Brother
  • I KNEW that something was up with Becky's lips and face. Finally she came clean and explained that her face hit a train. WHAT??? Yep…a TRAIN HIT HER FACE! Honestly, she looks pretty good considering that HER FACE HIT A TRAIN!
  • Clay and Jason both used the word "myself" incorrectly for a total of 3 times. 
  • Clay's eyebrows are still riveting
  • The Audrey, Vanessa, Mama Day girl alliance blue up pretty fast because it was WAY too soon to form any sort of alliance.
  • Audrey overplayed the game way too soon and she could be going home because of it. 
  • What makes someone say "I really need to pack my rose headband…just in case I need it?
  • I loved that Mama Day admitted she reallllly didn't want to see Becky and Shelli's HOH room. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE IT!!!
  • Everyone's letters from home are LAME
  • Did you catch Becky's mouse slippers? Who cares? HER FACE WAS HIT BY A TRAIN!
  • What was up with the random loaf of bread in the living room? Product placement?
  • John, the dentist with bad teeth, just keeps getting odder and odder and continues to use dental tips to make friends and bond with house guests. Nobody likes going to the dentist, doesn't he know that?
  • I hope Becky finds the train whistle as funny as I do.
  • Who's more socially awkward, Steve or John?  This episode, I vote John, but it could change by Wednesday. 
  • Nominees for Week 2: John/Davonne/Jason/Steve
  • Audrey interrupted Clay and Shelli to ask if there was a Plan B and they kicked her out of the room. Are they already hooking up?
  • John seems weirder in the diary room then in the house, doesn't he?
  • Who were the former house guests in the Ginger Fever posters? 
  • How do they think of these challenges. The "Give Me Props" idea was a cool. 
  • Audrey's "give me props" scream was like nails on a chalkboard. Does that come in the transgender kit? A package of girl scream?
  • Shelli and Becky thought they were working together but it seems that have 2 separate plans which I like.
  • Jason was less annoying and actually a tiny bit funny in this episode, could he be the new Frankie Grande? NOT! Although I did notice the diary room choreography continued. Forgot to mention that.
  • Becky got a burst of baby powder shot into her face. That had to suck but was probably nothing compared to your face getting hit by a TRAIN!

-Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan don't premiere until Sunday night, but you can watch the premiere episodes right now on all the Showtime Apps and dotcoms. I probably should have told you before the long holiday weekend because they were available on Friday, so my apologies. I LOVED the first episode of Masters of Sex. While Bill and Virginia forged through the first Q&A for their book, we also took a look back at Bill, Virginia, Libby and all the kids at Bill's lake house over the Summer. No spoilers until after the premiere, but I forgot how GOOD MOS is. I've missed this one.

-I guess Mark Burnett and Roma Downey drank a few extra cocktails at their holiday BBQ this weekend. Actually, do they even drink? Maybe not. Okay then they may have had extra ice cream to ease the pain of not one of their shows, but two getting the ax. First NBC cut ties with Donald Trump, so no Celebrity Apprentice and now, A.D:The Bible Continues was cancelled as well. Rough week for those two. No worries though, they still have SURVIVOR dough!!!

-So the older nets are the only ones that saw viewership gains in 2nd quarter. Discovery was up 16%, HGTV was up 13%, Investigation Discovery was up 8%, Food Network was up 5% and FOX News was up 2%. This is purely based on total viewers though.

-I don't know why I assumed Law & Order was already available to the Hispanic community in Spanish, but I did. Surprise, apparently it wasn't so for alllllllllll these years and alllllll the episodes, no Espanol, until now. Can you imagine the bingeing that will take place? There are like 20 Seasons of Law & Order to catch up on. Say adios to your abuela, betting she's inside for a while catching up with Van Buren, McCoy and Bristoe.

-Speaking of bingeing, TiVO did a survey last month (I took it) that revealed that most people binge 3 or more episodes of the same show in one day and that they did it to catch up on a show they either missed or didn't watch. No new news there.

-Shark Week has begun...tune in all week to Discovery so you'll be all set to NOT go in the water when you leave for that beach vacation. 

-Got some extra money? Join the Lifetime Movie Club. For $3.99 a month you can tune in to a ton of Lifetime's movies. Cry your eyes out fun for just $3.99 a month. Come on, who's in? I need to know.

Monday's Trivia Question: I'm going to name the TV shows, you give me the Hollywood couple: Mom and Parks & Recreation. 

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