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Chrisley Knows Best, Hollywood Game Night & Odd Mom Out

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Dax Shephard starred in Parenthood and his lovely wife Kristen Bell starred in Veronica Mars. 
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Rachel Snyder, Alex Nagler & Emily Dillon
HONORABLE MENTION: Francesca Sullivan 
Loved that there are SO many Can't Buy Me Love fans out there and to those of you who had no idea what I was talking about…DVR IT, NETFLIX IT, APPLE TV IT whatever you do…SEE IT! 
The answers to the Can't Buy Me Love Trivia Questions:
1) Amanda Petersen played Cindy Mancini
2) Her fake boyfriend was Ronald Miller and her real boyfriend was Bobby
3) Her outfit was white/suede with fringe
4) Ronald Miller earned all of the money mowing lawns
5) He originally wanted to buy a telescope


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
FIFA Women's World Cup Finals-FOX 6.4/20.3
FIFA World Cup Post Game-FOX 4.7/14.6
Big Brother-CBS 1.6/5.0
Simpsons-FOX 1.6/4.5
Celebrity Family Feud-ABC 1.5/6.9

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Shark Trek-Discovery 55,000 Tweets
Island of the Mega Shark-Discovery 42,000 Tweets
Monster Mako-Discovery 40,000 Tweets
Grateful Dead: Fare Thee Well-PPV 26,000 Tweets
True Detective-HBO 20,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Bachelorette-ABC 2.0/6.9
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.8/6.1
The Island-NBC 1.0/3.3
So You Think  You Can Dance-FOX 1.0/3.3
NCIS: Los Angeles-CBS .8/5.7

Monday's Cable Top 5 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 221,000 Tweets
Teen Wolf-MTV 199,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA Network 162,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 104,000 Tweets
Alien Sharks: Close Encounters-Discovery 9,000 Tweets

Some HBO multi platform numbers:
The following numbers include HBO, DVR, HBO On Demand and HBO Go/NOW
-Game of Thrones season 5 is set to surpass 20 million viewers  breaking Season 4's record of 19.1 million viewers and making it HBO's most watched show ever
-Silicon Valley delivered over 6 million viewers in Season 2 up from 5.8 million in Season 1
-Veep delivered 4.1 million viewers but was down a bit vs. last years 4.5
-Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has seen quite a bit of growth . Up 14% from 4 million viewers to 4.6 million in Season 2
-The second season of True Detective has already generated 11.8 million viewers which is 1.5 million more than the first episode of season 1. (I must be missing something. I find that show sooooo boring!)
-Ballers has been seen by 8.3 million viewers. (I'm still hanging in there, but not LOVING it)
-The Brink has been seen by 6.2 million viewers

Chrisley Knows Best
First question I have…is Todd retired? He never seems to have to go to work, call work or do anything that resembles any form of work. He's around in the AM, the afternoon and the PM. He's around every single day and every single night. Gotta give his super cute wife, Julie, credit. That's an awful lot of Todd to deal with on a daily basis. This was my favorite episode of the season. Seemed a bit less scripted and Todd was in rare form doing the stuff we like best, stalking Savannah while she was on a date and then grilling the guy with the craziest questions. Blaire, looked a LOT like Todd and answered every question honestly including the age he lost his virginity (18). He Impressed me, and I think he impressed Todd too. While all that was going on, Chase and his friend gave Todd and Julie a business pitch for an Uber like golf cart that picked up drunk kids on college campuses. Even though they had no idea what they were doing, they did a great job…for them. Of course Todd didn't go for it, but he was happy to see Chase give it a shot. Honestly, so was I, but I think Chase is going to be JUST fine no matter what he ends up doing. Charm and teeth alone will get him anything he wants. 

Hollywood Game Night 
Jane Lynch and Dean Butterworth and the Scorekeepers were back last night for some Hollywood fun. Celebs playing this week included John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. They must realllllly like each other. They're hired for almost everything as a couple. I wonder if they have the same agent? John seemed to get in a bit of hot water in last nights episode as he revealed one of the couples private jokes to all of us. Apparently he calls Chrissy's lower lady part "Clovis."  She rolled with it pretty well, but she seemed a bit pissed off. I bet they got into it in the limo on the way home.  Some old games and some new ones too like a spin on musical chairs where the players had to grab celebrity pillows off the couch and one where the celebs were cab drivers. All were fun. Unfortunately nobody won the big money, but it's good to have HGN back in the lineup.

Odd Mom Out
I haven't written enough about Odd Mom Out. I never watch it in real time but I'm starting to love it. Monday nights episode had me laughing out loud. Jill, is the female Larry David. She's not as miserable as Larry, but she gets herself in Larry-like situations. This week she ended up delivering her sister-in-laws baby. It was hilarious when she asked Siri "How to Deliver a Baby." Even more hilarious…running into a former boyfriend at a bodega just after the delivery while trying to get her sister-in-law adult diapers. She had makeup dripping down her face, blood all over her dress and still had to let him know that she was married and had three kids and was doing great. It was a moment worth seeing. 


-The entire cast, including Harry Shearer will be back for The Simpsons 27th and 28th seasons. I was thinking about it, when The Simpsons started, I was still in college, never wanted to get married or have kids, there were no cell phones, no Internet, or DVRs. Kale was still the stuff everyone threw in the garbage, nobody had heard of Coldplay or Lady Gaga, obviously I could go on forever…just like The Simpsons and yet, oddly enough, I've NEVER seen an episode. Not one. 

-I'm on a major hot streak lately. I need to head to Mohegan Sun or play the lottery or something. Another one of my favorites, Chrisley Knows Best (even though it's sort of sucking this year) has been renewed for a 4th season. Happy for Todd and the gang, but they better start brainstorming, they're running out of truly ridiculous story lines. 

-Good news for @Midnight fans…3rd season is a go! 

-In case you still care, Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant is going to air on REELZ. If you have that channel, do you have any clue what number it is? Does it even matter? You're not going to watch, are you? The Donald finally got some hosts. Todd Newton and Alex Wehrley. WHO? If you Google Todd, you MIGHT recognize him from somewhere but not sure from where. Alex is a former Miss USA Wisconsin 2009 who apparently needs a paycheck. 

-Speaking of The Donald, what are the chances that Trump and Bill Cosby start hanging out together? Who'd have thought these two would have much in common but both of them had networks give their shows the boot in the same week. Hoping that's ALL they have in common at the moment although I'd love to have cameras film those two having dinner at Nobu bitching to each other about things. 

-James Corden's been hired to host the TCA's on August 8th. The TCA's are The Television Critics Awards which shouldn't be confused with the Critics Choice Awards because I know you're thinking "wait…didn't we JUST watch some critics award show?" We did, but this is a DIFFERENT critics award show and James rules, so we have to watch it anyway. 

-If you don't have Showtime yet and you're thinking of paying for it on some platform, it is  now officially available on Apple TV, Roku, Hulu and Playstation for $10.99 a month. Seriously, if you add it all together, are you close to a cable bill yet? I don't know. I need to add it all up. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime and then a little Lifetime, its gotta be getting close to a cable bill, no? Cable's just easier and I can watch anywhere I want (except Antigua!) 

-Rosie Perez's leaving The View. For real this time. The show's a joke already. Disney should let them have some seats from one of their rides and have hosts on conveyor belts at this point. Forget permanent hosts,  just keep rotating in anyone that wants to show up and talk. Or…throw in the towel and let The Talk win this one. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: She starred on That 70's Show. So did he but then he starred on 2 1/2 Men. Name that Hollywood couple who got married last weekend. 

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