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Suits, Big Brother & Lip Sync Battle

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Kevin Bacon starred in The Following and his lovely wife, Kyra Segewick starred in The Closer. 
FIRST FIVES: Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Neil Moffatt & Nicole Zittman


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/5.8
MasterChef-FOX 1.7/4.9
America's Got Talent-NBC 1.3/6.6
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.2/4.2
Modern Family-ABC 1.1/4.0
Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Super Predator-Discovery 1.5/3.3
Ninja Sharks-Discovery 1.4/3.0
Bride of Jaws-Discovery 1.0/2.3
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Catfish-MTV 52,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 43,000 Tweets
Top 100 Players of 2015-NFL Network 40,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 7,000 Tweets
Why? With Hannibal Buress-Comedy Central 5,000 Tweets

Big Brother
  • Julie and her stylist just can't get the look EXACTLY right. The hair was an A. The earrings a C-. The blouse  a B, necklace F, Bling Ring A+ and these shoes…F 
  • Within the first 5 minutes we had 3 sets of tears: Day, Meg and Shelli. That has to be a BB record. 
  • Audrey without glasses and make up = Andy or whatever her name was prior to her big transition
  • Everyone seems to love the dental chairs. I guess if you add pillows and blankies, you can get comfy anywhere, maybe the nitrous was being pumped into the room too?
  • Did James really not know what a phone booth was? 
  • Definitely felt too perfect that Day won the last laugh advantage
  • Why would Rob Gronkowski be on Big Brother?
  • Pretty impressive that Davonne figured out the twin thing
  • The smoking bugs me
  • Day blocked Becky, Jeff and Jackie from voting but unfortunately it didn't matter
  • I do enjoy the choreographed "Frankie Frolics" during eviction night.
  • Austin & Judas voted but they only can cast 1 vote. The dual personality thing is odd. 
  • Liz & Julia should meet in the diary room and vote together, don't you think?
  • Surprised that Vanessa didn't keep her promise to Day but she's a pro poker player so she's a great liar. She hasn't reminded us lately so I thought I'd refresh your memory. 
  • Buh Bye DAVONNE. I predicted her baby daughter wouldn't miss her, once again, I am R…I…G…H…T
  • Would have been cooler if Gronk hosted the Beer Pong competition in person 
  • Where can one store that stack of massive Red Solo Cups? 
  • Pretty sure we've seen that ball launcher before. Nice to see CBS recycle. 
  • A few lame moves during the competition: Liz standing in front of the wrong screen, Julie thinking 17 is larger than 23. I guess she didn't do so well during </> class.  
  • Don't you think that when Audrey and Vanessa have their hats and glasses on, they look alike? Vanessa could be transgender too! That would be another twist! 
  • Austin/Judas and Vanessa are this weeks HOH! I say someone has to nominate Shelli & Clay. 
I love Suits, but I don't get it.  When you're a name partner, can't you get rid of anyone you want? Jessica, Harvey and Louis could band together and oust Jack Soloff, couldn't they? Makes no sense how this guy we've NEVER heard about in 5 seasons shows up and is SUCH a threat. I finally realized where I know him from. 10, no 15 points if you know WITHOUT cheating.  It also makes no sense that Mike Ross has b@lls big enough to go behind Jessica, and all the partners backs, and take a case that Jessica already dismissed. Mike's pissing me off. He's getting too cocky. He's not Harvey. He'll NEVER be Harvey. Harvey's the only one who can get away with that kind of behavior. I mean who shows up at their therapists office late at night and gets an appointment right then and there? Harvey Spector does apparently. Charles Barkley in the house. He cracks me up. Loving Gretchen, Harvey's new assistant, but she seems almost TOO good to be true.  I've got a few issues, but I still love Suits. WWTM moron alert: I JUST got that Suits could mean law suits not just suits. SUCH A LOSER! 

Lip Sync Battle
Again, NO MICROPHONES! Will Arnett started the show off with "Who Let the Dogs Out" but who really knows how he did, his big fat microphone hid his lips for the entire song. I don't understand how Jimmy, Stephen and John or anyone else associated with this show doesn't watch the clips and not see this problem. I'm going on Monday to see the show in Central Park and if Jimmy's there, I don't know if I'll be able to hold back. It's so frustrating! Doesn't even matter because Will stunk and Allison Brie was totally the winner in this battle but it still  totally pisses me off.


-Gotta say, I'm THRILLED that Olive Oyl, I mean Giuliana Rancic,  is out of E! News and Maria Menounos is in. I love Maria and have, since the very first time she was on the Howard Stern show. I loved her reality show, her BF Kevin and her parents. I'm team Maria. Buh Bye Giuliana. Hopefully, Maria will also take over the Red Carpet and Fashion Police and Olive will head home to hang with Bill and Baby Duke and load up on some carbs. 

-Workaholics has been renewed for 2 more seasons and Teen Wolf for a 6th Season. I wonder if Michael J. Fox watches Teen Wolf. See, that's a great question for him next time he's on Kimmel or Ellen or something. 

-I don't watch Graceland, but the guy that plays Mike Warren just got the Danny Zuko gig in Grease Live on FOX. The good news is the guy can sing. He was in Les Miserables (the movie, not the play) I don't know much about him. Anyone want to weigh in? Big shoes to fill. 

-I love this. FOX is promoting Empire with a really cool idea. The Empire recording studio bus will be touring the country starting next week in Los Angeles. If you can sing, stop in, record your version of "You're So Beautiful" or any of the other tunes from the show and if it's good enough, it just might get you a guest spot on the show.  You could be Lucious's next big star! Cool right? 

-Regis and Kathie Lee and Hoda! Yep…Regis is coming back to morning TV to hang out with his old pal. They won't be a threesome EVERY day, that'd be too much for 83 year old Reeege, who are we kidding, he'd probably be too much for Hoda and Kathie EVERY day, but The Today Show has officially announced that he'll stop by once a month and hang out with the girls for the 4th hour. Not sure if he'll be sipping Chablis or Chivas but he'll def be around a bit more. Good for you Reege!

Friday's Trivia Question: She starred as Karen on Will and Grace and he played Ron on Parks and Rec. Name that Hollywood couple.

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