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Big Brother & Masters of Sex

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Show #1 Stephanie, DJ, Michelle, Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse
Show #2 Frank, Claire & Doug
Answer? Full House of Cards
FIRST FIVE: Mike O'Dea, Stephanie Baxter, Brian Gould, Chuck Chiocco & Alex Nagler


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.4/7.7
Mom-CBS 1.5/6.4
Dateline-NBC 1.4/6.2
Under the Dome-CBS 1.4/5.6
Food Fighters-NBC 1.2/5.2

Thursday's Cable Top 5
NFL Presason-NFL Network .9/2.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.3
Teen Mom-MTV .8/1.3
Ratatouille-Disney .7/2.5

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 106,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 32,000 Tweets
Beauty and the Beast-CW 10,000 Tweets
Teen Mom-MTV 10,000 Tweets
Lip Sync Battle-Spike 4,000 Tweets 

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Would Would You Do-ABC 1.2/4.6
Shark Tank-ABC 1.0/5.0
Dateline-NBC 1.0/4.7
20/20-ABC 1.0/4.4
MasterChef-FOX 1.0/3.5

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Bring It!-Lifetime 10,000 Tweets
Girl Meets World-Disney 7,000 Tweets
Boxing-Spike 6,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 5,000 Tweets
The Soup-E! 200 Tweets

Big Brother 
  • Seeee the whole house was shocked by Jackie's departure
  • Steve went mental after the eviction, but he's mental anyway
  • Austin with the white headband looked like Fraulein Maria before she left the abbey, sans micro beard of course
  • If Austin has his hair up in headbands and rubber bands all the time maybe he should consider just chopping it all off. 
  • OY Steve's crying??? Wahaaaaaaa. Did you get doosh chills watching him whimper? 50% acting??? The guy is a nut job
  • I wish they would call Johnny Mac Dr. John Dentist Detective, it's funnier. 
  • I am still consumed with Blues Clues when I see Steve each episode 
  • Have we discussed the fact that Steve's tongue is way too big for his mouth and seems to be struggling to stay inside his lips? 
  • We did great here at home with the Emoji Challenge 
  • UGH Liz is HOH, DAMN IT! 
  • Becky's right to worry with Liz as the HOH. 
  • My unhappy rant once Liz won: I hate that Steve is in on things with the twins,  Austin bugs the sh*t out of me now but most of all I HATE VANESSA for taking over the strategizing seconds after the HOH challenge ended.  
  • The Titanic convo between James and Austin was classic. James rules
  • UGH Austin's Angels? PLEASE! Were any of them alive when Charlies Angels were actually on TV? 
  • Great strategy Becky came up with,  going to Austin and the twins with the Vanessa juice. Let's hope they use it
  • Meg in bikini at pool…Dr John Dentist Detective didn't go sit next to her and talk about how awesome she looks, his "game" included smashing her in the head with a beach ball. That won't get ya much DJDD
  • James & Steve…Steve likes books, James likes beer. they both apparently like to shower and wear matching hats. I call that an official BROMANCE
  • Scamper Squad? OY VEY. Do they know what scamper actually means? 
  • Pretty sure Vanessa has said she'd want to "work" with EVERYONE in the house at this point.  
  • Vanessa went to DJDD and then didn't like what he had to say? She's SO overplaying this game. 
  • After her convo with DJDD Vanessa totally stabbed him in his back/front etc. Good thing he followed her…smart move, she looked like an idiot. 
  • Becky and John both nominated…SUCKKKKKKSSSSSS
Master of Sex
I really need the Master of Sex finale already. I rarely blow off a show mid-season, it makes me personally feel like a quitter and that's just not my style. I finish what I start, but now, I don't know, I was so bored with the show last night,  and then I started feeling angry. It's bad enough that there's really no sex in Masters of Sex anymore, but they've been teasing us for a few weeks with scenes of Dan and Virginia hooking up and all we got was a kiss 54 minutes in. This week, we had to put up with more Tessa, Johnny attempting to play peewee football, the over use of the word molly coddle (which I had to look up to confirm it was a real word,) Libby flirting with the super of her fake apartment, no Beau Bridges or Alison Janney, two horrible new clients who referred Bill to help a gorilla at a zoo? This  was the straw that nearly had me hitting the delete the button. I couldn't do it once I saw the scenes for next week. They look promising, but who knows? This show's great with the tease, but seems to disappoint regularly now.What a bummer!


Teen Choice Awards were given out last night. Only some of them made it to the TV broadcast. I didn't watch much, believe it or not. My son had never seen Grease, so we watched that together (I recited most of it and sang every word to every song) and then went over to Big Bro. In case you're actually interested,  Here are some of the winners:
Choice Movie Action/Adventure -Furious 7
Choice Movie Actor Action/Adventure-Paul Walker/Furious 7
Choice Movie Actor Drama-Scott Eastwood/The Longest RIde
Choice Movie Actress Drama-Chloe Grace Moretz/If I Stay
Choice Web Star/Male-Cameron Dallas
Choice Web Star/Female-Bethany Mota
Choice Movie Actor Comedy-Skylar Astin/Pitch Perfect 2
Choice Summer Movie Star Male-Channing Tatum/Magic Mike XXL
Choice TV Show-Pretty Little Liars
Choice TV Actress Syfy-Nina Dobrev/Vampire Diaries
Choice TV Actress Comedy-Lea Michelle/Glee
Choice TV Breakout Show-Empire

-This is a Kardashian free zone, you guys have known this for a while. I just can't even deal with them. Had to post this video. Obviously John Brown from FOX 25 feels even stronger about the family then I do!  SHOUT OUT to this guy!

-You know I just love me a lip sync. One of these days I'm going to turn the camera on myself but for now, I just love finding a good one. You gotta check this one out. Keep your eye on the wife/girlfriend and watch til the very end. I've watched this one 10 times already. Love it!

Monday's Trivia Question: 
5 more of these before I leave for vacation...enjoy! 
Show #1Jordan Catalano, Angela Chase, Rickie Vasquez & Rayanne Graff
Show #2 Corky Thacher, Drew Thacher, Libby Thacher and Becca Thacher

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