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WAY TO MUCH TOO WATCH WEDNESDAY! Survivor Premiere, Empire Premiere, Goldbergs Premiere and THE BIG BROTHER FINALE

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Alec Baldwin was the guest announcer on Best Time Ever Tuesday night. 
FIRST FIVES: Dan Realson, Justin Jones, Mike O'Dea, Brett Blattman & Vanessa Benfield


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.4/12/1
The Muppets-ABC 2.8/8.9
NCIS-CBS 2.4/17.8
Best Time Ever-NBC 2.2/6.1
Limitless-CBS 1.8/9.8

NOTE: Scream Queens delivered a1.7/4.0 Soooo here's my suggestion, don't air it against The Voice, air it on Thursday nights instead. JUST A THOUGHT

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Haves and the Have Nots-OWN 1.2/3.7
If Loving You is Wrong-OWN 1.0/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Ink Master-Spike .7/1.3
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .6/1.4

Big night for the OWN network. Season finale of Haves and Season premiere of ILYiW highest ratings in nets history

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Scream Queens-FOX 416,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 63,000 Tweets
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 56,000 Tweets
The Muppets-ABC 43,000 Tweets
Late Show with Stephen Colbert-18,000 Tweets 

Hard to believe I have been watching Survivor for 15 years and 31 seasons, but I have. I knew when I first heard about the show that it would be a game changer and it was. It's lasted so long because Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett keep things fresh and add new twists every season. This season consists of former players who are getting a second chance. There are players from the first season and players from more recent season and it's pretty scary that I recognize them all. Gotta say...Kimmy...from way, way back...not aging so well. Kelly Wigglesworth from Season 1 looks almost the same as she did 15 years ago. Right off the bat these teams started competing first for supplies, and then at their beaches with each other. There were the "old schoolers" that were all about the survival part of the game and needed to build shelter, start fire and get water and then their were the "new schoolers" who wanted to talk game right away. I get it, but if you are a fan of the show, and a former player, I'd think, you'd have been watching all these years and you've seen who the game's evolved. Jeff Varner seemed totally overwhelmed by the "new schoolers" and was letting it get to him. We should have known the second Vytas showed up wearing garanimals underwear that he'd be an early target, who could look at a grown man in those things for 39 days? I honestly thought Abi would be first to go, not Vytas. That whole thing with her Wonder Woman bracelet missing was totally bizarre, wasn't it? I think the editors screwed that up a bit, we didn't see anything so Pee Gee's explanation made no sense whatsoever.  2 awesome twists already. 1 was that the Immunity Idol was hidden at the Immunity Challenge. I was channeling Kelly's anxiety the entire time she was trying to get that thing. OMG crazy. The other twist, which I'm hoping is used all season long, the tribe went RIGHT to Tribal Council directly from the challenge. The only thing that didn't make any sense was that the challenge was in the bright sunshine and Tribal Council was in complete darkness. Noticing a few Lokai bracelets on some of the contestants. I've been wearing one for a few months myself. Love, Love, Love Survivor. Always have, always will. 

The Goldbergs
You have no idea how happy my family was to have our Goldbergs back. My son just recently watched the real Risky Business so he totally got all the references to the movie. You had to be laughing out loud when Barry was "Tom Cruising" in the living room and again when Bev "Tom Cruised" to end the party. Sure it was a little contrived that Lainee's dad had the exact same Porsche as Joel Goodman's dad and that there was a dock in the middle of the Philadelphia suburbs for the gang to replicate the exact same Porsche Plunge as in the movie, but it's TV, it's The Goldbergs so we just went with it. Okay...I know, I know we have bit of a problem, I wasn't going to deal with it, I was going to just try to ignore it but I just can't. ADAM's in PUBERTY! He's lost his cuteness, his voice changed (and not in a good way) and he's super awkward which upset me. We'll just have to hope that Bev, Murray, Barry, Pops and Erica can have more screen time until the awkwardness subsides. Adam and Dana's long distance relationship was tough to take with the new Adam, wasn't it? Loved when Murray was going to cancel his long distance service, just shows how times have changed. Did you notice that painting dude on TV? Bonus points for his name! What about that oldddd fax machine that took foreverrrrrr to send one page? OMG totally remember that driving me mental! 

Two Goldberg Bonus Trivia Questions:
1) Name the song that played at the end
2) Give me Barry & Adam's rap names 

FOX must have forked over some bonus dough to Lee Daniels and the Empire producers. It was BIG before, but last nights premiere was BIGGER. Huge rally to free Lucious in Central Park with a gagillion extras. Lucious was still in jail but Chris Rock, his former employer when he was in the drug biz joined him. Cameos all over the place. I caught Al Sharpton and Andre Leon Talley plus the addition of an aging Marisa Tomei. I wonder if George Costanza would still be into her if he saw her last night. Cookie bagged the animal print and moved on to birds I guess. That peacock thing was out of control. Where in the world do you find that outfit? What about the patchwork thing with 10 tons of bling she wore at the end of the episode?  How much did all that weigh? Big doings this season. Jamal's stressing because he can't make music while he's running back and forth to prison to keep Lucious up to speed. Lucious is living the life in prison. Watching TV, making videos and killing Chris Rock. Cookie, Hakeem and Andre tottttttallllly thought they were pulling off a hostile takeover but Jamal and Lucious beat them at their own game. One they all have a new boss...Marisa Tomei. Mark my words, she'll never last! Do we know whose head was in the box Chris Rock sent to Cookie? The premiere was crazy, I can only imagine where we go from here. Note to Empire son would like to know who makes that white Henley Jamal was wearing at the Central Park gig. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Big Brother
The thing about Big Brother is that even if you're not loving the cast or loving the season, the game is still the game. You still get caught up in it and you still appreciate anyone who respects and plays the game well. While I didn't love the final 3 houseguests, I enjoyed watching the game play out. Before we get to the end lets re-hash the finale.
  • Julie ALMOST had a perfect look last night, but I think pulling the hair back was a miss. Hair down and even the glasses would have ended her BB season on a high note. I did love the silver nail polish and just might do my toes in silver this weekend. 
  • The apples in the HOH competition looked like testicles to me. 
  • What was up with Steve turning his back on Vanessa and Liz and getting popcorn? 
  • I get tingly when I see Dr. Will. Was his wife wearing shorts? 
  • Screamed my head off during the "Scales of JUST US" final HOH challenge. STRESSFUL but thrilled when Steve won.
  • Perfect move for Steve to NOT take Vanessa
  • Pretty sure Steve is Rainman. He answered the questions perfectly. 
  • Did you catch Liz's side boobage?
  • Did you catch that Austin was left all by himself when all the houseguests were hugging each other?
  • Felt bad for Clay and Jase. No Julie chit chat...ran out of time. They were both tools anyway. 
  • Congrats to Steve and to James for winning the Viewers Choice.
  • GREAT SUMMER, GREAT SEASON...can't wait to do it all over again next June.

-For some reason, my TiVO didn't record Tuesday nights Tonight Show but since Empire premiered last night, posting Jimpire today still works. 2 great cameos and Jimmy's got Lucious Lyon DOWN. Check it out Empire fans.

-FX renewed Sex& Drugs&Rock&Roll for a 2nd season
-VH1 renewed Basketball Wives for a 5th season 

Thursday's Trivia Question: We haven't had a Friends question in a while. Name all of Ross Geller's wives. One point for each correct answer. 

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