Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Marshall and Ted met each other (and Lily) in Wesleyan College
FIRST FIVE: Alex Nagler, Stephanie Baxter, Bobby Aguilera, Rachel Snyder & Priscilla Paez


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Sunday Night Football-NBC 7.5/20.9
Football Night in America-NBC 3.5/10.4
60 Minutes-CBS 2.3/13.5
Quantico-ABC 1.6/5.2
Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.6/4.8

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
The Walking Dead-AMC 327,000 Tweets
Once Upon a Time-ABC 55,000 Tweets
Quantico-ABC 15,000 Tweets
Belief-OWN 12,000 Tweets
Homeland-Showtime 5,000 Tweets 

Top 5 Time Shifted Primetime Cable Shows for the Week of  9/28/15-10/4/15
Fear the Walking Dead - From a 3.4 to a 5.5 (+62%)
South Park - From a .8 to a 1.5 (+87%)
Teen Mom - From a .8 to a 1.5 (+87%)
Strain - From a .5 to a 1.2 (+140%)
Real Housewives of the OC - From a .8 to a 1.4 (+75%) 


I've been struggling with a head cold for a few days now and yesterday was a tough one. Long day at work, long commute home and still not feeling great. I changed into my sweats, warmed up my Kings Chicken Soup and did some DVR catch-up before the Giants and the ALCS. First up was Homeland. Back to basics episode really. Carrie's off the meds doing the photo thing (without a magic sticky window) and let's be honest, we love it when she goes crazy. She does her best CIA work and her best acting. This time, gotta give her credit, she's learning from her mistakes, she sent Frannie home to her sister, told the boyfriend what to do and THEN let the crazy begin. I don't think she really figured out who's after her, but she did figure out that the boyfriend's son wasn't really kidnapped in her crazy state.  Being off the Lithium hasn't altered her shooting skills at all. Looked like she killed Quinn out there in the woods, but Quinn was prepared. Not sure a bulletproof vest would be able to take those bullets as well as Quinn's did, but let's go with it for now. 
Next up was Quantico. The t-shirts are getting tighter and the story's getting crazier. Alex is still on the run working with Simon who's working with the FBI undercover. Simon apparently knew a guy who could look at a tiny piece of wire and determine that it came from Shelby's company. Shelby caught up with Alex and was about to take her down but didn't.  Now we know for sure that the real terrorist isn't Alex, Simon, Ryan or Shelby. Well...we think we know for sure. Actually, do we know anything for sure? We thought Ryan was working undercover also, hell, even Ryan thought he was working undercover but apparently he's actually on probation which makes no sense at all to me. Wouldn't there be official paperwork he'd have to sign to know he's on probation? Maybe Liam's the real terrorist? I'm so confused by this show. The Muslim twin thing is pissing me off. Neither one of them seem to be real FBI material, so why are they candidates?They can't be the terrorists, not in today's politically correct world. No way would they make the Muslim twins the terrorists. Or would they? After Quantico, we started watching the Giants but once we saw that they were losing, we switched over to the ALCS and once we saw Toronto winning, I was back on my computer for one more episode of the Amazon show, Red Oaks. I'm enjoying this one. It's not must-see-binge-in-a-day TV,  but it's a fun little show. Paul Reiser, Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey are all crazy good in it. There's only 10 episodes I think, so I'm almost done. Last but certainly not least was the Season Premiere of Kingdom on Direct TV which I don't have but I'm watching on the App thanks to a very close friend. I don't know anyone watching this one but it's really good if you're into MMA, hot dudes, Nick Jonas, hot girls and the overuse of the word motherf*cker. Please let me know if anyone's watching, would love to talk about it with someone. The Nyquil kicked in by then and I was out for the count. Thanks goodness all the Late Night Talk shows except for Jimmy Kimmel are on vacation this week. Kimmel's here in Brooklyn all week. Last night he had on Bill Murray who was dressed in Shakespeare type clown make-up which freaked me out. There was fun clip of Jimmy and Guillermo check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_F4wV314kM

-I was and still am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. Last night it was all over Twitter and Facebook that Netflix is bringing it back for 4 90 Minute episodes. Mini Gilmore Girls movies sort of. The entire cast is supposedly up for it. Of course, Edward Hermann passed away recently and no word on Melissa McCarthy, but Lorelei, Rory, and Luke are all in. 

-Over the weekend, Jimmy Fallon inducted his BFF, Justin Timberlake into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. Guessing that's where Fallon is all week, hangin in Memphis with JT doing their own private Lip Sync Battles and stuff, if you have 45 minutes to kill while you're commuting or waiting for a plane or a doctors appointment or something, check out the video. Jimmy and Justin, as always, bring their "A" game and never disappoint. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-justin-timberlakes-memphis-music-hall-of-fame-induction-ceremony-20151018

-And JUST in case you missed it last night at half time...for your convenience, here's the Star Wars THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGbxmsDFVnE

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Name the town where the Gilmore Girls took place.

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