Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Best Time Ever for NPH's Mom and Mets Fans, Below Deck and The Grinder

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Stars Hollow Connecticut is where Lorelei and Rory and everyone else from The Gilmore Girls lived and worked. 
FIRST FIVES: Elke Raskob, Jo Engel, Nicole Zittman, Monica Caraffa & Kelly Rogers


Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.9/14.6
The Voice-NBC 3.0/11.4
Blindspot-NBC 2.1/7.8
Life in Pieces-CBS 2.1/6.4
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 1.9/12.5

Monday's Cable Top 5 
Monday Night Football-ESPN 5.2/13.9
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.4/2.7
Black Ink Crew-VH1 1.3/2.5
WWE-USA 1.1/3.1
Real Housewives of OC-Bravo .9/2.0

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 171,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 164,000 Tweets
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 124,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 61,000 Tweets
Gotham-FOX 22,000 Tweets 

Best Time Ever
NPH's parent's were the target of his surprises and pranks last night, well, his Mom specifically. To celebrate her birthday, Neil used up a bunch of favors. First he had The Property Brothers get a few things done on the Harris to-do list that apparently he couldn't do for her during a Thanksgiving visit. I guess his Dad's not too good with tools either. Rich Carruba could have had the shutters painted, the faucet fixed and the window boxes done in a few hours without an entire crew to help him. I was thinking Neil would have had her entire kitchen renovated or put in a pool or something big, not a few simple weekend projects done. Good thing he had a bunch of NFL players and a Peyton Manning signed football for her too. (She's supposedly obsessed with fantasy football) Again, I would have sent her tickets to a suite or had Peyton show up personally to present the ball and invite her to his game, but okay maybe NPH doesn't have as much clout as we think he has. She was happy with the pretty cake he had for her. Me…not so much. It wasn't THAT nice. Sure, having famous chefs tell her how delicious her Ooey Gooey Bars was nice but when you added that segment up, in my opinion, if I'm Neil Patrick Harris's Mom, and I'm on National TV, something bigger should have come my way.  Hope she enjoyed OMI for the Sing-a-long and the Jesse Tyler Ferguson prank. Maybe his mom's easier to please than I am. 

The Grinder
So many things to love about The Grinder last night.
Sloan from Entourage as Mitch's love interest in the show within a show was a fun little cameo. The Mark Harmon/Summer School humble example, hilarious. Every one of Rob Lowe's outfits, his bracelets, his hair, the overwhelming desire to just squeeze Fred Savages cheeks together, Claire's lack of interest in anything Dean, Todd, Ethan, and the fact that I just noticed that the name of the family law firm is Sanderson and Yao, but who and where is Yao??? Will he or she ever be revealed? It's hard to do this show justice in a recap. All I can say is WATCH IT! 

Below Deck
Eddie's always been my favorite crew member, but knowing he keeps showing up in the laundry room for a midnight booty call with Rocky and all those dirty clothes has made me lose a little respect for him. I kept hoping that Captain Lee would be in need of his boxers or favorite Sons of Anarchy t-shirt and would walk in on them, but he's NEVER around for the drama. I really need to know what that guy does during his downtime. Maybe he's watching old Love Boat episodes or something? The girls all thought the new charter guests were super cute and that one of them looked exactly like Ryan Gossling. Must've been the sea air or something. None of the guests were hot and there was zero resemblance to Ryan. A shark dive was on the primary guests bucket list, but when that couldn't happen, Kate made Connie a shark costume and sent her into the water. He seemed way too okay with it in my opinion. Once again Leon made beef cheeks and Kate made it seem like he was the worst chef in the world but the guests all loved his food. Editing, it's all about the editing with this storyline. Leon did take a nap and a pizza did go on fire, we'll have to wait til next week to see if Leon or Kate takes the blame. 


-I wasn't sure if Married at First Sight was coming back for a 3rd Season, but good news guys, it is, and we don't have to wait too long for the weddings. The new season starts 12/1 and this time, the 3 couples are from the Atlanta area. I know there are a lot of fans of this one out there. Big time guilty pleasure for all of us. For anyone who's never watched. Here's the premise. 3 couples all chosen by "experts" meet at the alter. They have 6 weeks to decide if they want to stay married or not. First season 2 out of 3 stayed together. Second season 1 of the couples stayed together but they ended up breaking up. Trust me, this one's worth DVRing.  

-Dr Ken got the full season order email yesterday. Congrats to Ken Jeong. 

-What do we think? Did Colin Jost RELINQUISH his head writer title to focus specifically on Weekend Update or did Lorne Michaels TAKE the title from him? I'm thinking the latter. Weekend Update actually needs more than just Colin's full attention, it needs new anchors. Colin and Michael Che suck, go back to Cecily Strong, Lorne.  You know Cecily's secretly loving it that Update sucks without her. Let's see how long before they bring her back to the desk. 

-Jimmy Kimmel's in Brooklyn all week and Donald Trump was supposed to be there too last night, but he cancelled on Jimmy at the last minute. Jimmy went off about it yesterday on on Howard Stern and in his monologue. Trump says he'll come to LA and make it up to Jimmy in a few weeks. I watched the news this AM…no mention or video at a political event anywhere and you know if Trump is anywhere, there IS a camera. The only place Trump wouldn't have a camera following him would be while during the prep period for a colonoscopy or the barber so what do we think? Did he have to get his haircut or his colon checked. 

-Ryan Seacrest renewed his E! Live from the Red Carpet gig for 2 more years and Dr. Phil's good with his show through 2020. Everyone can just relax now that those 2 deals are done. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Name the NY Met that Jerry Seinfeld helped move on his show. 

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