Thursday, November 5, 2015

Survivor and a ton of Late Night Clips

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The O.C. gang celebrated  Chrismukah in Newport Beach for all of us to use and enjoy. 

FIRST FIVES:  Mike O'Dea, Bobby Aguilera, Melissa Sherman, Nicole Zittman & Kelly Rogers 


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 1.9/14.1
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.8/8.1
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC 1.6/4.4
Limitless-CBS 1.5/7.8
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.7
Being Mary Jane-BET .6/1.4
Below Deck-.6/1.4
If Loving You is Wrong-OWN .6/1.3

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Scream Queens-FOX 56,000 Tweets
Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.-ABC 32,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 18,000 Tweets
E:60-ESPN 4,000 Tweets
Kareem: Minority of One-HBO 2,000 Tweets 


I was out last night, so I gotta catch up on the CMA's and Empire today. I only had time for one show and of course I chose Survivor. 

I know that Big Brother's slogan is "expect the unexpected" but I think Survivor needs to borrow it. We are in Season 31 and the show is NOT BORING, NOT PREDICTABLE and continues to evolve and change and just be awesome. Last night, the merge came way too early than any of the die hard fans have ever seen before. 13 people merged together into one tribe which made things crazy. The game is being played hard by so many of these 2nd timers and they're changing things up big time. Ciera called everyone OUT at tribal and now, I'm so on the Ciera bandwagon. Kass was kicked out last night. I would have liked her to stick around longer just to continue to stir things up but after last night, I think there are still plenty of people left to keep things swirling. Funny little highlight of the episode was when Spencer had to draw a diagram in the sand for Joe and the hashtag #joelanguage was on screen. Classic. Gotta say, that there was a moment when Kass and Kelley were talking where the scenery looked fake and I this thought like what if Survivor was fake and what if it was all on a set like The Truman Show but that passed. Then I thought that would be a super cool premise for another show. See what happens when I watch TV?


-I just want to point something out…I pulled up this post from WWTM wayyyyyy back on September 22nd and check out the underlined part! 

The Voice (from 9/22)
I've said before that The Voice is about 2 things, the chairs and the judges, we really don't care THAT much about the musicians. Well, I'm revising my statement a tiny bit. The Voice is about 3 things. The chairs, Adam and Blake. Pharrell and Gwen are fine. Xtina and Usher are fine, Shakira is fine, but honestly, NBC better give whatever Adam and Blake want in oto keep them coming back every season. Their little bromance is adorable and Blake's hilarious. Sure it would be scandalous and fun if Blake and Gwen hooked up now that their both single, but any hot chick hooking up with Blake's going to be scandalous and fun. There were 2 what I will deem "cool moments" from last nights show. The first was when Chuck Woolery's son auditioned. Chuck's not aging well at all, but his son's cute and of course like all Voice contestants, he had a bit of a "story" to tell but unfortunately, the judges didn't turn their chairs for the kid. The second "cool moment" was when a guy who looked like Pat from Saturday Night Live sang a gorgeous version of Sia's "Chandelier" the judges all turned and were SHOCKED at the person and the voice attached to it. Of course, that guy had a "story" too and all the judges embraced his individuality and let him tell us all how important it is to accept yourself for who you are. Easy to say and do when you're on The Voice. 

And as of yesterday, according to TMZ which is ALWAYS right…Blake and Gwen are dating…who said it first? ME!!!

-There were SO many great clips from late night last night and NONE Of them are from Fallon. Yes, he did have Aziz Ansari as Bobby Jindal and Christie Brinkley doing bizarre things with her lips, but all of these other clips are just SO much better than that!  

First up, the winner for the night, Jimmy Kimmel.  He had Mean Tweets, a Jake Owen Chanukah album, Seth Rogen singing the theme song from Mr. Belvedere, and Eric Stonestreet showed up to collect on his World Series bet.

Stephen Colbert had Daniel Craig on. Fast Forward to the 1:14 mark on this clip to see what happens when James Bond tries to rent a car.

Last but definitely not least, James Cordon and Jason Derulo with another episode of Car Karaoke!

-Interesting little fact I found somewhere yesterday:
Average Time Spent Searching for TV/Video Content to Watch
1-10 minutes 37%
11-20 minutes 25%
21-30 minutes 18%
31-40 minutes 3%
41-50 minutes 5%
51-60 minutes 7%
60+ minutes 5%
Okay so who spends that much time LOOKING for content? Go do something else if you can't find something to watch people. Take a walk, call a friend…60 minutes LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO WATCH??? 

Thursday's Trivia Question:  Leah Remini is all over the place with her book this week. I personally can't wait to go on vacation in February and read ever single word. (That's the only time I actually read a real book) Name her character on King of Queens. Kevin James played her husband, give me his name too. 

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