Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grammy Nominations, Quantico, Homeland & Great Xmas Light Fight

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Yes, Diana Ross played Dorothy and Michael Jackson played the Scarecrow, the few people that responded did know those but they didn't know that Richard Pryor played The Wiz, Nipsey Russell  was tje Tin Man and Ted Ross played the lion. 

FIRST FIVE: Mike O'Dea, Bobby Aguilera, Caryn Vitolo, Karen Feldman & Chuck Chiocco


Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.6/6.1
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.3/6.6
Dr Ken-ABC 1.2/5.3
20/20-ABC 1.2/4.9
The Amazing Race-CBS 1.1/5.7

Friday's Cable Top 5
Gold Rush-Discovery 1.2/3.9
NBA Basketball-ESPN 1.0/2.1
Big Screen Movie-ABC Family 1.0/2.5
Family Guy-Adult Swim .6/1.4
TNT Big Picture Movies-TNT .5/1.4

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
America's Next Top Model-CW 34,000 Tweets
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards-NBC Sports 9,000 Tweets
Shark Tank-ABC 6,000 Tweets
Bellator MMA Live-Spike 6,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 4,000 Tweets

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Sunday Night Football-NBC 6.0/16.9
The OT-FOX 7.1/21.6
Presidential Address-FOX 3.0/8.2
Simpsons/Brooklyn Nine-Nine-FOX 2.0/4.5
Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Family Guy-FOX 1.7/3.6 
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Once Upon a Time-ABC 91,000 Tweets
Sinatra 100-CBS 83,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 22,000 Tweets
The Leftovers-HBO 19,000 Tweets
Homeland-Showtime 5,000 Tweets 

Live +7 Top 5 Primetime Programs for the Week of 11/16/15-11/22/15
Big Bang Theory From a 3.8 to a 6.2 (+2.4)
Empire From a 4.4 to a 6.5 (+2.1)
Modern Family From a 2.8 to a 4.8 (+2.0)
Blindspot From a 2.1 to a 3.8 (+1.7)
How to Get Away With Murder  From a 2.3 to a 3.9 (+1.6) 
Soooo, I noticed a new 25 minute Arms/Abs class at my gym and decided to try at last night. 25 minutes! AWESOME, right? It was 25 minutes of torture but I loved every second. I'm telling you this because I got home at 7:45pm and couldn't move my arms. I also was so exhausted that I fell asleep before I could attempt to get my thoughts down on my laptop. Who am I kidding? I couldn't even lift my laptop.  The fact that I'm able to type this AM is a miracle. Normally when I watch way too much, I take notes. Couldn't do that last night which means I am relying on my horrible memory this morning. So rather than go in depth the way I normally do, here's what I've got. We watched 3 shows last night: Quantico and Homeland from Sunday and The Great Christmas Light Fight. Quantico is a conundrum for me. I love it and am always totally confused by it. I have to stop and go back a few times EVERY episode to figure stuff out. Okay so Alex isn't the bomber, great. She can keep wearing her tight low-cut outfits while she tries to figure out who is before she's sent to the slammer. But wait...didn't the FBI tell her she really wouldn't go to jail since she's actually innocent? See what I mean? They told her to start surveillance on her own team, the team who's been helping HER through this insanity and then of course when they all found out she'd been watching them they were pissed. I have a feeling the bomber actually IS one of them. The question is...which one? Everyone has secrets and stories and it's just so hard to keep up with it all. The one chick with the fake scar,Nimah, the one twin, who visited the terrorist dude, Simon, who met with a guy that builds bombs,  Shelby who's sending millions to a secret sister and sleeping with her boyfriends Dad. It just keeps going on and on and on. Seriously, is it me or are the writers making this one overly complicated to screw with all of us and see how much we can handle? I don't know. I do love it but I am baffled on a weekly basis. 

2 awesome things about Homeland. Saul lost it, big time, on Allison and thankfully, Quinn IS alive. Gotta give Carrie credit, she really can handle anything. She watched Quinn's video a few times which wasn't easy to do and then when she was looking for him, she really didn't seem scared to go into those creepy places, in the dark, to find him. Of course she did find him and again, HE IS ALIVE which means I'm still going to watch. If he dies, I'm out. I still wonder every week when I watch though, when and where does Carrie renew her prescription? Do her pill some in the mail? What address does she use? When does she take her pills? I take 5 vitamins every day and it's a pretty OCD kind of thing for me. Does Carrie have one of those MTWTFSS pill boxes? Where is it? I don't want her to go off the rails but I do enjoy when she does sometimes, just because Claire Danes plays crazy so well. Anyway, just a thought. Does CVS have stores outside the US? Don't think so.

Season 3 of The Great Christmas Light Fight was cool but here's the thing, it's now getting a bit out of control. Computerized light shows with fireworks, a castle built over an entire house. The prize money and bragging rights can't be worth it, can they? I didn't love the new hosts, but to be honest, I couldn't tell you the names of the old ones, so I'm sure I'll get used to them in the few weeks this show is on for. Don't you think they should have a Tournament of Champions at some point? Bring back all the winners and let America vote for the best in the country? Just a thought ABC! Also...maybe up the prize money so these people can afford their electric bills for these insane displays.


The Grammy Nominations were announced yesterday. I captured the bigger ones below. I'm thinking Taylor Swift and The Weekend will walk away with a boatload. I was just happy to see Sam Hunt and "Girl Crush" nominated. The show airs on 2/15. Don't worry, I won't take an arms class on Grammy night. Both arms will be in perfect working order  to cover the show with no problem. 
Record of the Year:
Really Love
Uptown Funk
Thinking Out Loud
Blank Space
I Can Feel My Face

Song of the Year
Blank Space
Girl Crush
See You Again
Thinking Out Loud

Best New Artist
Courtney Barnett
James Bay
Sam Hunt
Tori Kelly
Meghan Trainor

Best Pop Solo Performance
Heartbeat Song
Love Me Like You Do
Thinking Out Loud
Blank Space
Can't Feel My Face

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Ship to Wreck
Uptown Funk
Bad Blood
See You Again

Best Rock Performance
Don't Wanna Fight
What Kind of Man
Something From Nothing
Ex's & Oh's
Moaning Lisa Smile

Best Rap Performance
Back to Back
Trap Queen
Truffle Butter
All Day

Best Country Solo Performance
Burning House
Little Toy Guns
John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16
Chances Are

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
Stay a Little Longer
If I Needed You
The Driver
Girl Crush
Lonely Tonight

Best Country Song
Chances Are
Diamond Rings and Old Barstools
Girl Crush
Hold My Hand

-I think I only know one person who will care that the upcoming season of Mob Wives will be the last. Pretty sure this show is where Big Ang came from, right? 

Tuesday's Trivia Question: 2 Grammy trivia questions today:
1)  Who hosted last years Grammy Awards?
2) What is the song "I Can't Feel My Face" about? 

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