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Downton Abbey and the Critics Choice Awards. We're back to this Sunday insanity!

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Suzanne Somers played Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Nicole Zittman, Bobby Aguilera & James Gabriele

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.8/15.7
American Idol-FOX 2.2/8.7
Life in Pieces-CBS 2.0/9.1
Mom-CBS 1.7/8.3
Blacklist-NBC 1.6/.4

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Republican Debate-FOX Business 1.9/22.0
NBA Game 1-TNT 1.2/2.9
NBA Game 2-TNT 1.1/2.3
Lip Sync Battle-Spike 1.0/2.2
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.6

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Republican Debate-FOX Business Network 1,218,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-USA 45,000 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 36,000 Tweets
Lip Sync Battle-Spike 16,000 Tweets
Colony-USA 5,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.4/5.6
Masterchef Junior-FOX 1.4/4.5
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.3/7.1
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.3/10.4
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.3/9.3

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Republican Debate-FOX Business 1,218,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-USA 45,000 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 36,000 Tweets
Lip Sync Battle-Spike 16,000 Tweets
Colony-USA 5,000 Tweets

I'm working today, not sure how many of you guys are. If you're home you can catch up on all the shows from last night. There was SO much to choose from aside from football, and it's not going to get any easier in the next few weeks. I chose to watch Downton and The Critics Choice Awards. I'm going to binge all of Angie Tribeca in the next few days, if you're off today, I'd recommend you do the same and then we can discuss. TBS is running a commercial free marathon RIGHT NOW! I already saw the first episode of Billions.  I'll watch Galavant, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife and the new Real Housewives of the Potomac today. Of course I bagged the debate, that goes without saying for me. ( judging) 
Downton Abbey
At least we know that wedding drama comes in all shapes and sizes. Mrs. Hughes finally got her way and had the ceremony and reception at the schoolhouse we never knew existed, that was only only after Cora stepped in. Lady Mary was appalled but she and her entire family attended and they all wore lovely hats. Mrs. Hughes had nothing to wear for her big day and Mrs. Patmore tried to help but the dress she ordered was hideous, so Lady Mary told them to go take whatever they want out of Cora's closet. Unfortunately nobody told Cora this news and she came home from her hospital meeting in a really cranky mood. She freaked OUT when she walked in her room and saw the women going through her clothes. Of course 10 seconds later she not only apologized, but she gave Mrs. Hughes the coat to KEEP. Of course Mrs. Hughes waited 60 years to get married, not sure when she'll be able to wear that thing again, but it was a nice gesture. Big surprise at the wedding, Tom and Sibby are back to stay. Maybe Tom, ends up with Lady Mary? Edith met a dude in London, fired her annoying editor and put out a magazine all by herself. Pretty good for a WOMAN! I hate the whole hospital thing. Enough already with this hospital. Spratt's aiding and abetting his nephew and Danka found out so now she's waiting to use this info when it most benefits her.  Anna is preggers again. She's not going to tell Mr. Bates though, not until she has no choice. Only Lady Mary knows and guess what, Anna smiled, most of this episode. Things are changing at Downton! 

Critics Choice Awards
  • This is the 1st year the movie and tv categories were combined into one show. Probably because ratings wise the shows individually didn't generate enough ratings, but this show is done really well. Better than the Globes, actually.
  • The Silicon Valley guy was the host and he did the monologue wearing one of those things with 4 manicans on bars attached. Sounds horrible, but I felt the bit worked even though I hate that Silicon Valley guy. 
  • Anthony Anderson & Tracy Ellis Ross presented the first award and I know this is going to sound crazy, but her eye issue was non existent. She also wore no lipstick or lip gloss which was a miss, but for her, she looked pretty good 
  • Best Movie made for TV or Limited Series: Fargo
  • Friday Night Lights Alert: Landry up on the stage with the Fargo folks 
  • Warren Littlefield alert too. All I ever think about when I see him is the book/movie The Late Shift. If you've never read it, it's all about the late night wars when NBC was deciding what to do when Johnny Carson left. Great book and movie. 
  • Nice to see Hayden Panatiere and WHOA! nice to see her boobs. Did she get those done at the same place she went for Post Partum depression treatment? Ya never know, that could be a thing in Hollywood.
  • Best Acting Ensemble in a Movie: Spotlight
  • William Shatner was the MC for the night. He looked puffy to me.
  • Jen and Justin looking good in the audience. (Total camera shots of the couple: 7
  • Amy Schumer and Lily Tomlin took a cute selfie together
  • I think we were all lost with the tweet-a-celeb-a-drink thing. Was that even real? 
  • Mary J. Blige looked very strange with the blonde do and the arm cutouts with the tattoos
  • Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone for Creed 
  • Bryan Cranston with hair…STILL not used to it and it's been like what, 3 years? 
  • Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl. She's really a beautiful girl, even Jennifer Jason Leigh thought so, I'm an awesome celebrity lip reader. Super cool dress. 
  • Camera went to John Stamos while Alicia was speaking. Is the cameraman playing matchmaker because they would look amazing together and she's the right age for Stamos!
  • Best Action Movie: Mad Max:
  • Best Actress in an Action Movie: Charlize Theron for Mad Max
  • Best Actor in an Action Movie: Tom Hardy for Mad Max
  • Best Actor in a Movie made for TV or Limited Series: Idris Elba/Luther
  • Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series: Timothy Olyphant for The Grinder
  • Best Guess Actor/Actress in a Drama Series: Margo Martindale for The Good Wife
  • Constance Wu and Randall Park:  Name their show for bonus points. They presented Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory
  • Mayim Bialik's NEVER won any award ever. Cherry popped on screen and off this year. 2016's starting out pretty good for her.
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He wasn't in the houseeeeeee
  • Christian Bale seems to be a pretty close talker. 
  • Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler presented Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie. Is Liv Tyler pregnant? Does Justin dye his eyebrows?
  • Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie: Ex Machina
  • Fred Savage still looks exactly the same as he did when he was Kevin Arnold.  He must be using Rob Lowe's new Profile skin line.
  • Best Young Actor/Actress in a Movie: Jacob Tremblay for Room. They had a box for him to stand on and the microphone blocked his face, but the kid was pretty impressive
  • Best Cinematography: The Revenant
  • Best Visual Effects: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Hair & Make-Up: Mad Max:Fury Road
  • Best Costume Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Best Production Design: Mad Max Fury Road
  • Lots of great camera shots of the celebs…Golden Globes…pay attention! 
  • Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jeffery Tambor for Transparent which of course I need to remind you all AGAIN that the show is NOT a comedy. 
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series: Rachel Bloom for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She had to run pretty far to that stage. Her outfit looked too small. 
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Christian Slater for Mr. Robot. The forehead situation is pretty intense for poor Christian. 
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: YEAH!!!!  Constance Zimmer, the chick from UnReal. 
  • Silicon Valley dude read critics negative reviews of his performances, another funny bit even though I can't stand him.
  • Judd Apatow's beard needs some thinning, but he was pretty funny and his wife was cheering on his rant so things must be pretty good at home. Judd said the "F" word 3x
  • The MVP Award to Amy Schumer who still annoys me. A few minutes in, I had to fast forward…couldn't take her voice
  • Reggie Watts really needs to go man-bun. Never thought I'd want anyone to actually GO man-bun but in his case, he needs to. 
  • Will Arnett annoys me. I can't believe Amy Poehler was married to him. 
  • Best Actress in a Movie made for TV or a Limited Series: Kirsten Dunst for Fargo
  • Best Reality Show Competition: The Voice and there's Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. I'm sure she was doing some praying on the way over. Can't believe Survivor didn't win!
  • Best Talk Show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (YEAH!)
  • Best Unstructured Reality Show: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
  • Best Structured Reality Show: Shark Tank
  • Best Song: "See You Again" Fast & Furious
  • Best Score-The Hateful Eight
  • Best Animated Feature: In & Out
  • Best Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul
  • Colin Hanks looks and even sounds exactly like his Dad
  • Best Director: George Miller: Mad Max: Fury Road
  • J.J. Abrams presented an award to ILM. J.J.s hairline is slanting down on a pretty major angle. BB8 showed up to accept the award which was really pretty cool
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Movie made for TV or Limited Series: Jesse Plemons for Fargo (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Alert)
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Movie made for TV or Limited Series: Jean Smart for Fargo
  • Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short
  • Best Documentary: Amy
  • Best Animation Series-BoJack Horseman
  • Best Reality Show Host: James Lipton WHATTTTTT
  • Adam Devine and Ken Jeong presented Best Actress in a Comedy (MOVIE) to:  Amy Schumer for Trainwreck. Not sure why she was missing a shoe but she handed it off while she spoke AGAIN. So glad I recorded this thing.
  • Best Actor in a Comedy-Christian Bale for The Big Short which I would not classify as a comedy. I totally forgot that Christian is not American. He was amazing in The Big Short
  • Aziz Ansari presented Best Comedy MOVIE to: The Big Short which wasn't a comedy at all. 
  • Ball gown gun bit was a bust
  • John Stamos and Josh Peck looked good but I felt they were experiencing an awkward silence moment
  • Best Actress in a Drama: Carrie Coon from The Leftovers. A show too freaky for me to watch
  • If it wasn't for Howard Stern having a man crush on Orlando Bloom, I really wouldn't care anything at all about him.
  • Best Supporting Actress MOVIE-Brie Larson for Room
  • Best Actor TV-Romy Malik for Mr. Robot
  • Best Actor MOVIE-Leonardo DiCaprio (he was in Europe and sent a taped piece)
  • Best Drama Series-Mr. Robot
  • Yeah for James Cordon being there in person! 
  • Best Comedy Series-Master of None!!!!!!!! YEAH FOR AZIZ!!!
  • Sharon Stone looked pretty good. Where's SHE been?
  • Best Picture-Spotlight


-Set your DVR's if you have sny High School Musical fans in the house. Wednesday night Disney's celebrating the 10th anniversary with a reunion special. Of course Zac Efron's pulling a Matthew Perry and not showing up, but he did tape a segment for us all to enjoy. Hoping he makes it up to us by not wearing a shirt and letting his abs hypnotize us while he apologizes for not being able to make the reunion. 

-A few renewals to note, all 3 were no brainers: Scream Queens, Empire & Jessica Jones.

-Neil Patrick Harris decided to go back to work after his Summer variety show, Best Show Ever bombed. He's going to star in the Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events.

-RIP Grizzly Adams. A show I totally forgot I watched and loved. 

Monday's Trivia Question: These are all from my Trivia Cards...Who played an angel on probation in Highway to Heaven?

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