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Big Brother, Ray Donovan, Power & The Ripa Rankings


Trivia Answer: Of course we all know that Michael J. Fox was in Family Ties but he was also in:
Palmerstown USA
Spin City
Boston Legal
Rescue Me
The Michael J. Fox Show
The Good WIfe  

First Fives:Ed Ziskind, Elke Raskob, Dan Realson, Monica Caraffa & Dani Jackel

Honorable Mention: Chuck Chiocco

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.9/6.0
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.5/7.2
President and the People-ABC 1.0/5.7
Greatest Hits-ABC .9/4.4
Spartan: Ultimate Challenge-NBC .9/3.0

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Premios Juventud-Univision 125,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 96,000 Tweets
President and the People-ABC 66,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-USA 42,000 Tweets
30 for 30-ESPN 18,000 Tweets  

Big Brother
  •  What was Snoutlet wearing at the eviction ceremony? That dress looked like Amish hand-me-downs 
  • Natalie was sooooo upset her buddy Bronte was leaving. Didn't stop her from getting in front of that mirror, checking the eyelashes, checking the hair etc. 
  • Bridgette's super stupid and super confused about everything and she's going to go all the way to the end
  • I like the idea of Tiffnessa and Frank from a game standpoint, but I really don't want either one of them to win.
  • Hard to take Paul seriously with the handlebar mustache. He looks like a circus dude.
  • Totally forgot Brigette has a bum ankle
  • Ocho Rios Your Dream Vacation sign...anyone see that? Why don't the houseguests notice it? Did I miss something
  • Who cried more Vanessa or Tiffany? 
  • Tiffnessa is a silly girl...silly, silly, silly
  • Have you noticed that Day's hair is always wrapped in something
  • Paulie nominated Tiffnessa and Natalie who we are now going to call Minnie Mouse. My husband thinks she would look perfect in those mouse ears.
  • Paulie was pretty honest with his speech, gotta give him credit.
  • GAS PAIN FOR AIR competition was pretty funny. Are the people who come up with these ideas high?
  • Of course Tiffnessa won the Roadkill competition. This is when things feel staged to me. She chose Crazy Eyes Cory, but that dude won't go home.
Ray Donovan
I hate writing about the best part of a show first, but come on we have to go there. Ray Donovan sang Karaoke. So wrong and yet soooo right. Can you name the song he sang? That scene was to awesome for words. See, even when Ray has a taste of regular life like walking his dog or singing Karaoke, it's never about just walking his dog or singing Karaoke. There's a payoff, a meeting, a deal it's never just a simple walk, there's never ANY fun for the guy. Dad's back in town, and now, their going partners to get the $4MM back from the Indians. How funny (and gross) was it when Lina was watching the DA clipping and smelling his toenails, taking a sh*t and using a bidet? Didn't see that last one coming. Did anyone hold fake baby Maria with more than one arm? How about Abby making out with the Cancer Doctor who not only pays house calls, she'll go to a strip joint too! Pretty sure that Theresa's got post partem but even if she didn't, she'd be pissed about Bunch's godfather and godmother choices. Would you want Ray and Abby to be your kids godparents? Remember, they're both killers now. Mickey and Diane Ladd in the Caddy...hilarious. Oh yeah and lets not forget Lisa Bonet and her brother but I have to end with a reminder of where I began this recap. Ray Donovan...Karaoke. 
I forgot how awesome this show is. I don't know how many of you guys are into this one. Super juicy, super hot and pretty violent. Rare to see a dog murdered these days, but unfortunately, Tommy's dog was sliced up in his kitchen. What's with all the dead bodies in the kitchen lately? Payback's a b*tch when you throw dudes off a building wrapped in bubble paper. They don't die from the fall, but they do feel the pain pretty badly. Jamie's trying to get rid of "Ghost" reallllly trying, but you know how it goes in the mob world. They just keep pulling you back in and lets face it, Angie's great but we love Jamie as "Ghost." If he isn't "Ghost" we'd get bored really fast with this show. It was only a matter of time before he'd get back in the game, right? Now that he knows Lobos is alive and Tommy's out of his mind, he'll be back moving "weight" within 3 episodes. I hope he realizes that Cantos wasn't the guy who sold him out and gets him back to run the clubs. He's going to need him. 

-Love that all the TV websites are tracking and ranking Kelly Ripa's co hosts during the audition process. There have been 20 people in the empty chair so far but not sure who actually WANTS the gig and who's just filling in. Take a look at where we are so far:
Jimmy Kimmel 3.3 - Not in the running, he's got that late night thing going on
Jussie Smollett 3.1 - I'd think he'd stick with Empire for now-timing's not right for him
Cedric the Entertainer 3.0 - I'm personally not a fan, but he could def be in the running
Mark Consuelos 2.9 - Prob not a great idea for the marriage AND if The Pitch becomes a hit on FOX this Fall, he'll be pretty busy with his own thing which could create a bunch of new issues for the couple
David Muir 2.9 - Pretty sure he's sticking with World News Tonight
Daniel Dae Kim 2.9 - He's got Hawaii Five O, right?
Seal 2.9 - He was TERRIBLE, no idea how he is ranked this high
Fred Savage 2.8 - He's a natural, he wants it and he's free at the moment...first real contender
Common 2.8 - Doubt he wants it

Kevin Hart 2.8 - He DEFINITELY doesn't need the job, he's one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Although he and Kelly are both so tiny that they could rename the show Live with the Pocket People...Kelly and Kevin. Does sound good, doesn't it. 
Andy Cohen 2.7  He's way too busy to take this job, plus I gotta think that he wakes up with a hangover most nights
Joel McHale 2.7 - He's very much available, and he's not bad but I'm just not that into him
Josh Groban 2.7 - I still don't get why he wants it, but he obviously does, don't know if we all want him though.
Jerry O'Connel 2.7 - he's def available but he's got a good day/bad day thing going in my opinion. He can look cute one day and not so cute the next. He can be hilarious one day and super awkward the next
Ryan Seacrest 2.7 - Now that American Idol's off the air, there's an opening in his schedule but he does have a morning radio show and the Kardashians and New Years Eve to worry about
Morris Chestnut 2.7 - Def available but I didn't think he was interesting at all
Anderson Cooper 2.6 - Kelly's BFF, but would he give up breaking news and CNN
D.L. Hughley 2.6 - He was pretty good actually and he is available
John Leguizamo 2.6 - I didn't love him, but he's available, he just always seem dirty to me like he needs 2 showers instead of one.
Alec Baldwin 2.5 - Totally available, surprised he didn't do better ratings wise, he was pretty good
Dwayne Wade-Ratings not in yet
Carrie Ann Inaba-Ratings not in yet
Jim Parsons-Ratings not in yet

-Not that Netflix needs more help, but there was room for improvement on the social front. Not anymore. Friday, Netflix launched the FLIXTAPE. Remember the Mixtape? Same thing, create a 6 title FLIXTAPE and send to friends and family to recommend Netflix titles. Netflix has a bunch of their own but if you remember correctly, the fun was making your own. I'm going to try it when I have a minute. I'll send your way

Monday's Trivia Question: What iconic primetime drama ended with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"

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